Moped Rider Gets Scalped and Decapitated by Bus

One Scalp and Several Brain Fragments with a Blood Smear

Moped Rider Gets Scalped and Decapitated by Bus

No helmet, but it probably wouldn’t help much. May have prevented the scalping, but probably not the decapitation. Scooter itself didn’t take much beating which leads me to speculation that it may have been the gust of air created by bus passing too closely to the rider that dragged him/her under the bus wheels (not entirely sure whether it’s a boy or a girl that rode that moped). The force applied to the skull must have been significant to crack it open and let the brain fall out.

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26 thoughts on “Moped Rider Gets Scalped and Decapitated by Bus”

  1. I think the rider was a female from the shape of the buttocks and thighs. I have to concur as a biker myself that it probably was the “vortex” of air created by the air displacement of the bus that caused the accident, either that or she clipped the curb. Either way it’s pretty darn tragic to zone out in such a way!

  2. What ever happened that is a terrible way to go. Hope He/She passed out before they got to the bus. Can you imagine how it would feel to see that. The on lookers are the ones that have to take this to the grave not the poor victim.

  3. I Live in Juarez the most violent city of Mexico people get use to that shit killings so when u witness something like that u r like well is dead nothing can b done y worry I’m speaking for my self since I witness alots of killings by sicarios

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