Murder Parolee Almost Decapitated Woman with Sugar Cane Machete

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Murder Parolee Almost Decapitated Woman with Sugar Cane Machete

Great job parole board. That sure was the right murder convict to release from prison. It only took him 2 months to kill again and as before – he killed using the same tool – a type of machete modified for cutting sugar cane. His second murder was also committed in the same town as his first.

In May of 2011 – mere one and a half year ago – 30 year old Joel Mota Júnior was charged with murder of 31 year old Manoel da Silva Pereira whom he hacked up with a machete used for sugar cane harvesting. Parole board must not have considered him a threat to the public cause they let him go, only to have him kill again 2 months after the release.

Fast forward to November 21, 2012 and Joel Mota Júnior killed again using the same weapon. Likewise, his second murder was committed in the same town as his first – Medeiros Neto in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Perhaps the only difference between the two killings was the fact that this time around he killed a woman – his girlfriend, 46 year old Marinei Cruz Silva. Whatever she was thinking hooking up with a murderer.

Joel Mota Júnior delivered a single blow to the head of the victim, near decapitating the woman who died on the spot. When asked why he killed her, Joel Mota Júnior answered by saying this:

Ninguém mata à toa e que sempre existe um motivo para matar

Bing Translator says it means the following:

Nobody kills for nothing, that there is always a reason to kill

He further said that the woman acted jealous so he had himself a few drinks and killed her. He justified his first murder with an accusation that the man whom he had killed was also a murderer.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @SecretGoreLover, the cartel boy’s want to inflict a whole lot of pain upon their victims, and make it last as looong as possible! Now you will see them using machete’s to de-limb their enemies, but they’re probably dead already. Although, we can make suggestion’s with which we (Best Gore member’s) would like illustrated, perhaps using the machete to decapitate someone (while alive) will become more common. I for one would wait in line to see that video! I’m writing my Best Gore wish list as we “speak”. lol

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    1. Here, here! Stuff em with butane and light a match. Throw them into a tub full of angry eels. cut off their eye lids and squirt lime in their eyes. Anything is better than giving them shelter. after all prisons are universities for criminals. We pay their tuition so they can have buttsecks on weekends and perfect their “skills” on the week days. kill em.

  2. Damn, he must have a mean swing 😀
    On the side, she’s pretty hot for a 46 year old. A real MILF.

    But yeah, life ends just like that, in an instant. There is no god, no light at the end of the tunnel. Just death and darkness.

  3. I wonder if Brazil has the death penalty? Probably not, but I wish they did cause that guy definitely needs to be executed. Judging from the wound on the woman, it looks like the coward came up from behind her.

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