Narco Killings Mexico – Decapitated Bodies Arranged in a Pile

Narco Killings Mexico - Decapitated Bodies Arranged in a Pile

Narco Killings Mexico - Decapitated Bodies Arranged in a Pile

There is a narco related killing somewhere in Mexico every single day. The cartels have been trying to outdo one another in brutality and viciousness of their killings. Beheadings and mutilation preceded by endless torture are a common end for many Mexican narcos and it was no different with this “pile”.

This photo would almost seem heartwarming. The decapitated bodies were arranged in a nice little pile to keep one another warm and the killers even threw a blanket on top of the pile to keep them from freezing up during a cold Mexican night (sarcasm). How considerate.

Bodies were discovered on August 29, 2008 in the mountains of Chichi Suarez on Yucatan Peninsula by a motorcyclist who was passing by. Hands of the beheaded victims were handcuffed behind their backs, though there was no information on whether and where the heads were found.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. My main action right now would be to put LSD in everyone dope and female sex hormones like the ones I take for fun…I feel more relaxed and in control.
    im guilty of buying sex hormones…dont know if that funds narco terror?

    Still…i await the day to unleash operation ladyboy…which actually happened in Haiti , as I recall.

    Reminds me of “rack the man” a pile on game we play in the states.

    didnt the Aztecs engage in this sort of thing in a hypothetical soccor match?
    With the winners executed?

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