Nurse Decapitated by Faulty Hospital Elevator in Shenzhen, China

Nurse Decapitated by Faulty Hospital Elevator in Shenzhen, China

Nurse Decapitated by Faulty Hospital Elevator in Shenzhen, China

I tried my best to get uncensored version of this video but no luck, so here’s censored one.

A nurse in a hospital in Shenzhen, China was busy playing on her cell phone when she was taking an elevator ride and as she tried to get off, the faulty elevator doors suddenly closed, trapping the oblivious nurse in the middle and as the elevator moved, the woman was beheaded in front of other people still inside. The nurse was only 24 year old.

Shitty how your ordinary day can end in a decapitation in an instant due to a malfunction outside of your control.

Since we’re on the topic of censored Chinese videos, here’s another censored video of a woman talking a casual dump in front of some glass door in the same city of Shenzhen. When you got to go, you got to go:

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89 thoughts on “Nurse Decapitated by Faulty Hospital Elevator in Shenzhen, China”

    1. This happens all the time in London. Homeless people shitting in between parked cars. Drunks shitting in elevators of public car parks. Nothing new. Nothing shocking.

      1. Does it…..really????
        This happens all the time in London does it?
        No it dont people, I’m from London and I have not once seen some old granny squatting outside the local Sainsburys to have a dump.

        1. Riiiiiiight.

          Because London is such a clean and tidy city with no homeless people or drunks during the weekend.

          I leave people to decide which scenario is more plausible.

          1. I used to night-park my 7.5 tonner in the back streets of the Hamlets regular (about 50 yards from Brick Lane) and I used to shit between parked cars at 3am all the time, and I’m not even homeless! There are few public toilets anywhere round there except in the pubs :) The local population is 99.9 (recurring) percent foreign so no-one notices…

        2. We used to do it on someones door step, cover it with news paper set it on fire, knock and run and hide, and watch.. Kids can be naughty, but was a right fuckin laugh..

      2. happens here in Victoria BC Canada but even the homeless try to score something to wipe with, that bitch probably left a fresh nugget there to get crushed by cheeks. God knows they don’t shave. Nasty.

  1. Man. This was so M. Night Shyamalan’s “Devil”. Or Final Destination. People must have been thought that was the end for them all.

      1. I wouldn’t know whether to watch the decapitation or turn away. Nah, on second thought I’d watch it. I’ve never seen gore in real life. Always been a dream of mine <3

  2. I remember being really shocked in New York city how people just openly shit on the middle of the pavement as people walk by. Our bums have got nothing on yours.

        1. Oh sorry pumpkin,
          did you mean New York women? For some reason I thought you were talking about Russian women,Dont know why? Doh!
          New Yorkers all tend to be really rude but I always find them really funny.

    1. Hold up @Mama- people just SHIT on the pavement?! I’ve never done not seen this on my life!!!!! I myself have had to pee and hit a “cut” on the side of the road, but shit?! NO fucking way!

    1. But why the fuck did so many people squeeze into the lift? I’d rather take the stairs then be squashed in with all those other people and risk overloading it. Taking the stairs keeps you healthier anyway.

        1. wicked mama, I don’t know why they crammed in there like that, must be because their used to living like that, overcrowded! I don’t like elevators myself, and always use the stairs.

  3. About both videos: Heh… People are PEOPLE no matter where you go. Go figure. Slanted eyes mean shit. They certainly don’t mean exotic women, or tech support. Oh, well.

  4. Why is everything blurred? I wonder if they see something they’re not supposed to they see nothing but blur with their own squinty eyes

          1. Oh its,
            doesn’t that make you want Senor to pour you a glass of fine sherry while he educates you on the finer points of classical Russian literature and seduces you?

          2. Wicked mama, I have exchanged hearts with @Future Days. I keep his in a velvet lined, silver box… he keeps mine in his underwear drawer… 😉 I can’t get enough of the man!!

          3. @its,
            unfortunately no man wants to keep my heart in their underwear draw. Unless, it’s to take pics to send to BG.

            As for you senor, your suavity and sophistication makes me feel like swooning like a frail consumptive Victorian lady.

          4. @mama- not really sure what all that means but it sounds hawt! 😉 Senor is most definitely looking suave and scruptified in his new avatar! I almost think I’d allow a “dirty Sanchez”! 😉

          5. Haha, oh wicked mama, I’m teasing, my heart is in my chest, where it belongs! If I ever do give it to a man, he better not keep it with his underwear!! 😉

          6. @myjuice,
            I won’t let you walk down the ‘dirty Sanchez’ road. I’ll admit being regulars on here has turned us both into well seasoned perves but that is a road to far.
            But on a side note, Joluv has said she has given her ex the ‘dirty Sanchez’ and you expressed in interest in ‘interviewing’ someone who had done it. She could be ripe for asking the why’s and where’s about it.

          7. @its,
            I know you were teasing me, but for some reason I like it. I know, that probably makes me a lesbian.

  5. I’m wondering if they bothered to fix the elevator after this young woman lost her head.
    This is China so we might have a similar video pop up again, it’ll take more than one pretty head to get that shit fixed over there…

  6. With all those people stuffed in there, maybe someone accidently hit the *close door* button and that’s why she got trapped?

    Sure happened fast!

  7. Wow- what a freak accident! And as far as video number 2 (no pun intended)- height of disgusting! Who the fuck would do (again- no pun intended) that?! Let alone surrounded by windows?! And she did NOT wipe her ass properly!!! Now she’ll walk around scratching and picking and touching public door handles- etc! Yuck! Even in Cali we at least pick up our dog shit! She left a human pile (in no water) for someone else to collect?! They should track her down and feed it to her until she’s shit-faced! Gross!!! =X

      1. For some reason I thought she half-assed wiped! Even more nasty! I don’t care what the situation- I’d find SOMETHING to wipe my ass with! Be it my panties, socks, a random newspaper- whatever! I’d never crap like that but if I absolutely had to- best believe I’d have something ready to wipe with! How can she pull up her granny panties and just walk on off?! Juicy ass in that sense is just fucking knarley!

          1. Well it did look like she was proud of her work, she kinda looked like she had a smile on her face when she was done.

  8. I used to wonder why western countries needed all these govenment agencies to regulate safety. From watching videos of car crashes in South America and Russia, and now elevators in China, I see why. Without being regulated to do so, companies will not proactively produce items with safety in mind. This elevator accident would not have been possible in the US, Canada, or UK. Sensors which are required by law, and inspected for annually, would have stopped the elevator well before doing any physical harm.

  9. Can’t blame those chinks for shitting since they eat shit almost everything from cats, dogs, rats etc with the mix of sewer cooking oil and soy sauce made from human hair. They never learn even after the tainted milk scandal.

  10. Food in Shenzhen sucks! The second video isn’t really suprising. Even though Shenzhen is starting to rival its neighbor Hong Kong in terms of development, the people haven’t changed. Hong Kongers complain about the disgusting habits of the Mainlanders.

  11. so this is how they do it in china and japan pack into an Elevator like a freshly packed can of sardines but its always the first one out the Elevator that gets to be chum bait. uhmmm that reminds me sardines would be so awesome right now with some Garlic Bread.

  12. It’s kind of funny how everyone is like, OMG HELP HER! & they’re reaching for her body as it goes up, and then suddenly it’s like OMG EEEWW AHH BODY PARTS! & they all squish around the edges of the elevator car.

  13. Is it just me, or do these people look like they’re completely unimpressed? Why isn’t anyone freaking out, or even crying? They just casually step around the corpse on their way out. Weird.

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