Old Man Stabbed to Death with Sickle in Caruaru, Brazil

Old Man Stabbed to Death with Sickle in Caruaru, Brazil

Poor old chap this guy, but he gave me a chuckle. His name is Mariano João da Silva, but when pasted into Google Translator, Jewgle translated his name as Mariano John Doe. I kid you not, try it yourself.

63 year old Mariano João da Silva nicknamed “Seu Madruga” or “Véi das Cobras” was a homeless drifter (a bum). He had no one to take care of him and no place to go, so he just roamed the Earth free man. But then he paid Caruaru a visit.

He asked a guy named Gilvan Noel who had a secluded, unoccupied brick shed on his land if he could use it as shelter for a few days which he was allowed to. But because there was no word of him since Sunday March 10, 2013, Gilvan’s son went to check how he was doing in the shed and found him dead with stab wounds all over his body. Inside the shed, the boy found empty alcohol bottles.

Investigators determined that John Doe had been stabbed to death with a sickle which had been left on the crime scene by the murderer. It is possible that alcohol binging was taking place and may have sparked an argument that lead to the murder. Bum or not, at 63 he’s lived long enough to deserve better death than being murdered by a drunk punk.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @Whitechapel, Your right. At 63 years old he must have been the oldest da Silva in the world, why was this man not in the Guinness world records.

      He almost made it the poor old coot, he almost became the first da Silva in the entire history of da Silvas to die of old age.

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