Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Twin Brothers Discovered in Shallow Grave

Two Severed Heads with Obvious Machete Blows

Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Twin Brothers Discovered in Shallow Grave

Remains of twin brothers, both decapitated and dismembered were discovered in a shallow grave on the banks of a reservoir known as “Açude do Estado” in Mari, state of Paraiba, Brazil. The remains were discovered after one body was partially uncovered following heavy downpour and started to give off smell of a rotten flesh.

Slaughtered men had no identification on them but locals recognized them as twin brothers known as “Wai” and “Ab” from the favela São Luis. Although the authorities have not confirmed the brother’s involvement with drug trafficking, residents of Mari believe they must have been involved given the nature of their execution.

Brazil is slowly but surely taking the Narco Mexico route to self destruction. Here’s a brief video of the shallow grave with unearthed remains:

And a gallery of photos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Twin Brothers Discovered in Shallow Grave”

    1. Maybe the murderers liked one twin and hated the other, tied ribbons around their arms to identify the one they liked, realised they accidentaly tied blue ribbons on both and said “fuck it, cut ’em both up”. They knew it would turn into that awkward “no, I’m the good one, he’s the one you hate” shouting match that goes nowhere and the killers had a long list of da Silvas to take care of.

    2. maybe they won the blue ribbon in a pie making contest………yeeeeah…im sure thats it…just some down home waltons sort of goodness…then as they skipped home sporting their prized ribbon…SLASH…machete man!! Im sure it went down that way…

  1. I always have a fantasy about being identical triplets or quadroplets. You could commit all sorts of criminal acts and get away with it. If you were smart then you couldn’t be convicted because no one would know which one commited the crime.

  2. I wonder if Brailian Mom’s warn their kids to put on clean underwear before they go out so they won’t be embarressed when they inevitably end up on BG? Then again, this may have been Mom’s version of late term abortion.

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