Suicide Bomber Fails His Mission, Ends Up Decapitated in the Street

Suicide Bomber Fails His Mission, Ends Up Decapitated in the Street

Suicide Bomber Fails His Mission, Ends Up Decapitated in the Street

Information about this video is rather sketchy because the FSA propaganda team posted it with a claim that a civilian was killed by indiscriminate shelling, but then they also posted it on a pro Islamic extremism board with rather incomplete information about why this fellow’s suicide mission failed.

What is pretty clear from the video is that the story they used for the sheep is absolutely fake. This could not have been done by an airborne shell. There would have been some kind of a crater in the street and some damage to the walls – perhaps even some collapsed walls based on the size of the shell.

The damage is very concentrated on the motorcyclist himself, the blast decapitated him and set his body and the motorcycle on fire. My theory is that this fellow is a martyr suicide bomber whose bomb he was carrying detonated prematurely, killing no one but himself. And in a spectacular fashion at that. I suspect the people filming the video may have been the bomb riggers who fucked him over. He probably barely got on his way and went boom.

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      1. Haha, if you ever feel like pissing muslims, go to their part, rather version of Youtube, and leave comments saying things such as: Allah sucks dick.

        I have a Gamertag which I regularly use named: AllahTheAss.

        I love it, sometimes I run into Western or Southern muslims…

  1. Ok, a few things on this one. I loved the blown-up dudes expression. That was classic! The long neck added to my liking. Almost like you could mount it on a wall- or mantel. Like those deers that people put up. Also, wtf was the guy doing with that murky puddle water?! Trying to extinguish the fire or washing his hands off?! Lmao. I would’ve paid to rent this movie! I wanted to keep watching!

    It would suck to be a kid over there, that’s for sure! They look highly unaffected by anything that’s even going down, which in itself is kinda scary for being that young!

  2. This looks like another scene from The Thing where the body of the alien/man was set on fire and the head tries to escape the flames by stretching the neck until the head comes off and away it goes.

    1. It happens, the nervous system is an amazing thing and even when someone is dead they can still move twitch. Check some vids on youtube showing some animals still moving when they have been slaughtered.

    1. My city is about 10-15% Muslim, so eventually you pick a bit up. “Allahu Ackbar” is a common phrase, but it’s used in all sorts of ways. It means “Allah is Greater/Greatest”, but it has a lot of contexts. it’s used in the call to prayer/prayer itself and during funerals. It’s a celebratory phrase but it’s also used in times of great distress. It’s also a battle cry in times of war. All Muslims use it in their prayer or when someone dies or something awesome has happened, but it’s a really, really popular war cry among terrorists/suicide bombers, etc. Those guys are pretty big fans of that one. I don’t speak enough Arabic to know in what context the guy was using it – I guess he could have just been really upset by weird long neck head guy, but frankly I can only guess what he meant by it. All of those uses could be accurate I guess, but he sure as heck wasn’t praying, that much I know. I’m sure we can all imagine what he meant by it.

  3. FSA can’t even get they’re own story straight.

    F’k me, I hate it when they promote allans snackbar because not only was it so loud but I must of counted a dozen promos in that 50 seconds of otherwise lovely gore.

    You can’t help thinking this was a set up, and of course they had to bring a child into the mix.

  4. Looks like the head was still alive. According to some studies the brain could stay alive up to 30 seconds, it all depends on the blood that has in it. Keep in mind that the head was in the mud and this could have blocked the veins in the brain.

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  5. Man how lame would it be thinking your going out to kill a bunch of people plus yourself, but then you end up just killing yourself. Well least he really was a suicide bomber hahaha

  6. in my opinion religion is formed by a whole bunch of weak minded people who need something to look forward to when they die. i truely believe that when u die, u cease to exsist. there is no magical soul in your body thay floats to heaven when you die, there is no god, but it does amaze me how someone so fictional can lead someone to kill themselves for someone like a “god” some peoples ignorance just baffle my mind. if you dont like my opinion then you should have stopped reading after there is no god.

  7. What a goatfuck senario. All those fucks running around like their heads are cut off… That dude sure grabbed the headless shithead’s head in a hurry. Was it full of arab pasta?

  8. can anyone explain why they snackbar at the death of one of their own? “god is great” he killed one of us. i understand when they make a kill but the other way around seems illogical.

  9. Ooo the eyes when the head gets picked up … creepy! But this almost gives me a case of the giggles, his expression is hilarious, and the fact he blew himself up for nothing is priceless xD

  10. I like how the firemen in Syria just use their hands to put the fire out, maybe they should watch “The Little Rascals” movie to learn how to make that more efficient.

  11. I cannot express how much rage I feel when I hear “allahu akbar”. I hate all religion but out of all the religions I hate, the one that takes the cake, the one to whom my hate spills over to their practitioners is Islam. I truly hate Muslims.

  12. hey checkout what im putting on my trophy wall:)
    hahaha.. fucking muslim scum always make me laugh..
    when they mean 72 virgins… they dont have to be human.. the look on his face says.. awww snakbar… THEYRE ALL DONKEYS…
    another dead muslim for the world maggot bus..

  13. In reply to what Mike wrote above:
    I don’t think this is a suicide bomber.
    You say there is no crater but that is not true, the crater is clearly apparent in the video, big clue >>> it’s resembles a big pond.
    Thirdly the guy didn’t have had to been killed from thee air, in fact i don’t think the Syrian air force have such a highly advanced military air technology to be able to surgically pick this guy out from the air without causing building destruction. So It could have been a tank shell or something fired from the ground.

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