Suicide by Train at the Malviya Nagar Metro Station in Delhi, India

Suicide by Train at the Malviya Nagar Metro Station in Delhi, India

CCTV cameras at the Malviya Nagar Metro Station which is located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro recorded a suicide committed by a woman who waited for a train to come close and jumped in front of it, laying her head on one of the rails, allowing for the train to decapitated her.

The woman who is seen in the video wearing a blue Indian dress gave train driver no chance to stop. It was a very fast and effective way to commit suicide. Very sad video – I wonder what drew her to that point. She really wanted to die.

Props to Best Gore member @creephead for the video:

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124 thoughts on “Suicide by Train at the Malviya Nagar Metro Station in Delhi, India”

  1. props to her gotta admit this is one of the best successful suicides by train she knew how to get the job done judging from the video i think she got her head cut off or torso doesn’t matter as long as she’s dead which she accomplished haha 😛

  2. From what I have heard, a large percentage of Indian house wives who are adjusting to the western lifestyle are not happy with their lives. A lot of it is from being stuck at home either alone or with her husbands family while the husband is out working and meeting new people. The wife becomes jealous of him and feels trapped with no other option than to lay infront of a moving train, possibly one that her huband may be the conductor of…imagine that?

  3. That really blows. I could feel myself get nervous watching her. It always happens with me and suicide videos, but moreso this one. What really gets me the most is that this was the mode I was going to dispatch myself once a while back. It was’nt on a metro sort station, just a backwoods Texas railroad track. I had lain my neck across the track a few minutes before the train came just to get a feel for it (seems odd now), but burnt it quite nicely. Man, did that hurt. I was’nt in my right mind, but that sort of jolted me back a bit to a bit of sanity to get myself help. I feel for the woman in this video.

    1. I dated an Indian woman once (see Mark’s editorial on “Multi-Culturism”). Half the time -she’s all Modern Western Girl and very happy a/her life. Then -she starts watching Bollywood movies (or something) and goes straight into a deep depression over wether she’s doing anything right in her life. I loved her very much and would do whatever I could to bring out of it. I reminded her also that people moving West wasn’t just for economic opportunities; it’s also done to live a more open and free lifestyle where (ostensibly) other citizens won’t waste their time telling you that your not being (insert ethnicity/religiosity/national originity here) enough. She ended up going to one of her Aunts for an arranged marriage. I was able to speak w/her only a couple times after -and while she was Committed, she was miserable too.

          1. And who decides what the “limits & what is required”?
            You? Antivirus? Thank you, but NO THANK YOU. Most of us have to walk around day to day acting like we are well adjusted and “sheepish” just to not be judged. Here i feel like i can say and think what i want without people like you telling me my reaction to something is wrong

        1. Let’s talk about what would keep a fv from commiting suicide. SEX SEX SEX! After I bust the last thing Aladeen will do is kill himself. I look forward to busting again. Orgasms are that powerful. All I said was that the female fv was not being properly sexually serviced. If she felt she was truly loved she would not have offed herself. Lack of regular busting leads to despair in both fv sexes. Biological fact. Thx for the love gorians .

      1. ToWhomItMayConcern: I had posted a very personal experience & mistook @HLAM’s comment as a reaction to it. I was wrong to get upset by it & I apologize to you all. PS: that woman I wrote of turned up in my life again by the end of that week. After 10+ years??? Too weird…

    1. If I knew before she committed suicide I could have given her a citizenship in my Undemocratic Republic of Niggerland. I could have further appointed her as Secretary Ignorance and Monkey Affairs. Too bad for her.

      How is wadiya kingdom doing?

    2. I’m gonna say fuck the poster below me and agree with Mouse…. A proper pipe laying from a man which the woman can respect is more than enough to keep her on this earth.

      This lady must have had many a social issue to commit to such sure sudden death,, None of us know exactly what she had been through,,therefor I wish her leave,, and if at all possible much time spent in beautiful Wadiyah with people who will complete her. :0)

      1. I have to agree. Women seem happier when they are getting it regular. But it’s gotta be a real good hard pounding. Where she is screaming and scaring your pets and neighbors. Further proof of the Admiral General’s wisdom is the setting. A train going thru a tunnel? What further proof do you need. She was submitting and sacrificing herself to the biggest most powerful cock she could find Alahua ackbar! 20x’s.

        1. Yes I was,, from Pulp Fiction (Rad Movie)

          And I was just giving the Frenchie a hard time 😀

          I think like dre…. He most likely speaks some English but is shy to do so…. Open up gore brother, we only ridicule out of love!

  4. Hindus & Sikhs are very strong in their belief of reincarnation. It is highly probable that she knows this is only the end of life in this current ‘vehicle’. Belief in eternal universal conciousness versus God the creator who will judge and persecute.

    1. Reason: Person using a camera to film the footage which is being played on a Hp monitor. Also notice it says archive on the screen, which they are filming.

      CCTV films women –> Man filming footage of CCTV –> Us watching what Man filmed

  5. Woman in a blue dress, for the win! But seriously, I have to sit here and wonder what she was thinking while she paced the platform just before she committed a very well executed suicide. I also wonder if she left a note.

  6. Being an Indian, I can understand the language they’re speaking in the background (Hindi). Believe me, it’s hilarious! Hard to translate because they’re intercutting each other, but they’re like your typical opinionated Indians: criticizing and ridiculing everything even slightly out of the ordinary!

  7. Two reasons come to mind, first she either did something or something bad had happen to her that was against her belief and felt that she is no longer worthy to the family and/or community. The other she is the kind to girlfriend/wife that is so devoted to her partner and that the break up was too much for her to handle and found that death was the only solution. My condolences to the family.

  8. Damn!…Just watching this,…showed to me a strong powerful female… She made sure that her jump was timed and looks like she even attempted to stretch out her neck on the rail to be sure of a flawless victory!….The eerie thing is a strange wind begins to blow her blue dress a second before her choice of death as a human on this planet…

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