Syrian Man Decapitated with a Single Chop to the Back of His Neck

Syrian Man Decapitated with a Single Chop to the Back of His Neck

Not much is known about this decapitation as the executioner did not mention the reason of the beheading. He was just reciting this Quranic verse:

Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people.

And remove the fury in the believers’ hearts. And Allah turns in forgiveness to whom He wills; and Allah is Knowing and Wise.

The condemned, with his head bent forward, was decapitated with a single chop to the back of his neck. Beheadings are always savage, but this certainly beats slow and agonizing beheadings by dull knife to the neck.

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373 thoughts on “Syrian Man Decapitated with a Single Chop to the Back of His Neck

  1. Either that was one sharp ass blade or that guy is just a pro. Didn’t even look like he swung with all his strength!
    I knew it’d pay to be up this early :)

  2. I wonder where something like this will happen first in the U.S. I hear there’s a large, growing Muslim population in Michigan and I suppose a lot of big cities are infested with them to some degree. They’ll eventually take over, triggering white flight, and the U.S. will become third world. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Efficiency is their goal….and they have it mastered. The dude holding the head had no worries , his hands are in capable hands. Cartel boys can’t say that…

  4. Now that is what I call getting the chop! , shit son ! , he hardly swung that blade , he must have done that a few times before ! Pfffft sure hope none of his family was there in the crowd awful mentality they have out there !

  5. Life is strange. One minute he’s talking crap next he’s headless. Lol. Could of waited after Christmas for him so he could open up his presents

          • Maybe scholar… But its been discovered that Noah’s ark the builders used iron nails( pre iron age) iron rivets and metal alloys! Crazy, no? I’ll post a link

          • There are approximately 8.7 million known species living on this planet. How does one get over 17 million animals on a single wooden canoe? And then manage to keep them all from eating each other since they literally make up the entire food chain. I’ll bet it was a Festivus miracle.

          • @amnyc. The animals of today obviously have adapted and changed to suit their environments since the flood , also making new subspecies I’d imagine. Plus you’re probably counting bugs and shit too right? Bugs are small dude. So are birds.

          • @amnyc did you even read the article? Besides the bible said God closed the door of the ark. If he can do that he can cause animals to be calm. Additionally when the animals are released God made it so animals would now fear man.

          • I’ll be honest @realitycheck, I clicked the link and saw it was written by a guy named Dan Eden, and I fell off my chair in a rage. I scanned it, and all I can say if we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m not trying to destroy your faith or mock your beliefs, you’re entitled to any and all of them. I just have to chime in with logic if I see or read something as being totally illogical to me. It always has and always will be to me. Even though I was raised the same as you, by god fearing Christian parents.

          • @amncy thank you for being mature. Not sure if you scanned this part, all the old and ancient texts citing the location of the ark. For all those old texts to be lying and fabricated seems very highly unlikely to me. O do also understand that most are blinded to the truth and can’t even choose Christ without the holy spirit first speaking to and softening their hearts but I have to share and try.

          • You must be a really dumb motherfucker peasant if you actually think that Noah and his ark existed….

          • @clownaids I don’t know what century or country you live in but here there are no peasants just rich medium and poor. No I’m not rich. Your nickname is suitable for you since you have an opportunity to examine the case but choose to be ignorant in light of new discoveries.

          • Be cool @clownaids, that’s not how we talk to each other around here no matter what the argument is.

          • I was waiting to see how many people acted like rude douchebags after you posted that link, @reality. You just keep bein’ how you are. <3

          • Really @clownaids? After reading the mature & intelligent conversation amnyc & realitycheck had, you somehow thought THAT would have been the right way to state your viewpoint? I think that’s how me & my sister argued…..when we were 7.

        • Oh I am sorry if I have been impolite and rude…but you see my dear realitycheck I think that you might be too hesitant (a bit childish?) to interpret the discovery of an impressive prehistoric ark as the absolute proof that the biblical story of Noah’s ark is accurate! Also,I am honestly confused about your decision to have this “mature” discussion with amnyc under a decapitation video in BG!!! Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and shit but abusing the comment section of a gore site with inane off-topic stuff is annoying.

          • @clownaids, how is that discussion off-topic? While you may simply see just a beheading plain & simple, there’s also in the video WHY they were beheading him which comes down to, ready for this, religion! How can something like that possibly evolve into a conversation about, here it comes, religion?

          • Oh I see! So we have to argue about an ark fitting 9 mio. species because people in Syria behead each other in the name of Allah. It makes perfect sense now…ready for this…NOT!

          • Lolz clownie….you made a funny..but just as you’re allowed your beliefs and voice here so is reality…it doesn’t really matter where he posts his opinions…just the fact that his opinion is seen is all that matters……we love debates and convos here but belittling and or “bullying” here isn’t really tolerated…i personally say fuck church and religions and whatever i feel..but i won’t put a believer down..who knows maybe they’re right and we’re fucked…

          • @realitycheck
            thank you sweet heart..i enjoyed reading that..
            looks like the most famed modern day archiologist who found the titanic and the bismarck is using high tech sonar mapping gear to investigate an anchient shoreline near the black sea that science believe levelled from the earth around the times written in genisis

          • There is much more proof than just the Noah’s ark thing too, if one does a little research.

    • i’m my own politic and in my domain i control the weak.
      i dont give a goddamn fuck about any groups, any fucking where or their pissant point of views
      *that bwe like picking up a fucking hitchhiker in my journey of LIFE

  6. Update: two British born Muslims found guilty of a failed beheading murder of British solider Lee Rigby.

    Now they’ll be of to max sercurity Belmarsh prison. Where they’ll get tv , games consoul , special diet food. Leave from cell to pray.
    Then they’ll become top dogs within the Muslim brotherhood and bully and lie to convert the young weakminded crims .
    Solider of Allah my sweet peach ass fools .

  7. @ Whurly I agree. They get treated like at home in this shithole of a country. All these scum fucktards walkin bout causing trouble, Robbing houses, all that shit. They get sent to prison but one year later they are out doing it again. Put them in US Prison they wouldn’t last a day without crying in a corner like pussies they are.

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  8. Although being beheaded this quickly looks rather appealing as opposed to a slow, agonizing beheading with that of a dull knife, I have to wonder if even for less than a second (possibly more I’m sure) that because this happened so quickly, your brain would take a small amount of time to disconnect from the body and you’d still slightly still be conscious regardless of how little of time that may be. Things I’m not sure if in that extremely minuscule amount you’d be able to feel any of the pain one would expect to endure if you were beheaded and somehow your head was able to live on after being detached from your body even if only for less than that of a second. Crazy to think about what one could feel or have conscious thoughts of if my theory is correct…

  9. Shitty camera work. That was a big heavy blade, no wonder he only needed one chop. He should chase his friends around with the head for fun. My advice to people in countries at war….leave.

  10. IF the guy was consious before bejeadng i can assure you he still alive for another 3-8 minutes till the oxygen depleted from brain and all cells eventually die.

    If the cam was still focusing probably we could see his eyes focusing.

    • Due to immediate loss of blood pressure, he wouldn’t even be capable of that.

      If his eyes did move it would be in a similar way a daddy long legs leg moves when it is pulled off. It’s just residual electrical activity.

      • There is a video surfing here of a woman who beheaded by a drug cartel.
        The really scary thing is after the beheading took place here eye was moving in a such way which hardly anyone can say its random.

        Also that topic, how long the brain still functioning and about how much conscious the unlucky is counts many many years, and in one case there WAS a such experiment with an inmate.

    • Ah! That’s what I was getting at, that’s fuckin’ rad!! I wonder if during those moments they’re able to form and have coherent, conscious thoughts as well as whether or not they’re able to feel any amount of the pain due to what just happened. It’s too bad ya can’t have a conversation with a person who has a detached head

      • The brain doesnt shut down, thats for “sure”, maybe or may not there is much oxygen for muscle moves but my bet goes with the subject CAN form conscious thoughts

        • When the brain is in jeopardy of dying, as an effort to keep itself alive, it will shut down other lesser important organs.

          Well, If your head is cut off there really isn’t much for it to choose from. You immediately go into shock and fall unconscious from the trauma.

          Now, if he saw a light at the end of a tunnel or was having a psychedelic experience is anyone’s guess.

  11. If everyone had to watch a video like this the whole world would see these “people” for the savages they are. My hatred and rage for these uneducated delusional uncivilized incompatible cunts grows exponentially with every video I see of them participating in their favourite hobby. If I ever decide to kill myself, I’m going over there to kill as many of these extremists as I can first. They all need to be sterilized and segregated from the rest of the local society so kids won’t see it and be indoctrinated and desensitized to it and become the next generation of snackbar cunts.

      • especially if its a one way ticket. Dont even need luggage, ill acquire an ak47 over there, and a rag for my head. When in rome and all that shit…

          • No synagogues round these parts. A bagel just seems so…Jewish. Im not circumcise d, it just wouldnt feel right. Either would the bagel.

    • I like the way you think Johny..that’s awesome..i think i might rethink my death plan now…and you’re so correct hun..the public needs to open their eyes to these videos..pop their unicorn bubbles…this would definitely scalp some wool huh…

      • People would be wise to study the sociology of these absolute cunts before they suck the dick of “political correctness” by accepting them into a society that the snackbars would brand as infidels. I’d walk around shooting them in a t-shirt that says “Mohamed says relax”. And of course there would be an illustration of him in the form of a dakka dakka doing poppers while getting fucked from behind by a tranny dakka dakka, just to wind the cunts up before i sent them to a virginless paradise.

        • Yessir’re so correct..the background on these fucking cuntlicks is fucking ridiculous…fuck em i say…i loved sociology and psychology in college!!

          • Hey lady, I just wanted to point out to you the reason the American military was sent to the middle east in the first place. Israel did 9/11 and then blamed it on Arabs. All of the American soldiers who have been killed or injured can blame the Jews, because they used them to do their dirty work. If it wasn’t for the Jews, your family member would be alive. The Jews are the root of the problem. They used Americans to attak enemies of Israel. Jews are the main enemy of the white race. Many whites have died because of them.

        • The theory behind that idea is good, but you know what people are like, they would rather give you shit for posting something so disgusting, than actually look at the material and have an informed opinion on it. And i bet facebook would have it gone quick enough too, the censoring cunts. But for the most part , people i talk to seem relatively informed on the muslim threat, they hate that they are expected to accomodate their religious “sesitivties” by changing the traditions and values of their own country. Im awaiting the day i become embroiled in an argument with one in MY country, ill do time to stand up for my principals by smashing their ignorant fucking faces in. Rant over.

          • Actually a couple months ago FaceBook ruled that they would allow certain types of beheading videos. Ones like this that show what happensin war and not just like a guy chopping off his wifes’ head or something.

          • @mikey, and yet mark marek is on trial for showing it, what a fucked up hypocritical world…

          • Yeah they might close my account… I saw a page called gore, the word gore was cut from this webpages banner “bestgore” wasn’t much vids I just scanned through it. Anyone else see such a page?

          • @realitycheck
            if you get “CUT from here” ScHoLaR’s gonna bail out and find a bew playround

  12. nobody lobbed heads better than the chicken muckin suckin wife orgy fuckin henry Vlll…
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          • Hey I figured she passed down some technique on throwing a knife. I’ve always been into throwing knives, or axes. as far as playing games.. Sure why not. I don’t think your cylinder walls can handle my compression ratio ;)

      • @reality
        ScHoLaR fuckin luvs viking meta!..vikings lived in newfoundland. you ever seen how fucking big newfoundlanders are, make skinheads look like fuckin anorexics lol
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          • I dont think the Roman populace was ever of a blonde/blue eyed majority. They were from modern day Italy, after all.. The only Roman emperor that is known to have been blonde and blue eyed was Commodus, son of Marcus Aurelius.

        • I think its awesome how vikings got here to canada before other white men. Wish I knew what happened , did they just intermingle and seem to disappear or did they fuck off? I doubt it was the climate and all that cause these people were hard as fuck and used to cold and wind and arctic type conditions.

          • Cool portugesebdude. I had heard of Amerigo Vespucci and jeovanni caboto ( often called john Cabot) what was the Portuguese explorers name? I know about columbus but he landed in the carribean. The two I mentioned landed in Newfoundland if my gr7 history serves me lol.

          • @realitycheck.
            the vikings landed in newfoundland LONG before the french or english got here…they landed in newfoundland madegood with the indians and named it vineland (after wine)

          • @realitycheck.
            vikings clashed with the anglosaxon AFTER setting newfoundland too!
            *jones hegg fucking looks viking too LoL

          • @shcolar the vikings were great traders so that makes sense about the natives. I think Hegg is Viking descended. Huge motherfucker!

          • You really need to fuck a Jewish chick and get it out of your system.

            You won’t regret it…..

  13. Anybody would be a pro beheader with a blade like that.

    While my family was cutting turkey for Thanksgiving this year, they were using an electric knife, and I just happen to mention how much easier that would be to cut someone’s head off than the butter knives the Mexicans use. I don’t think I’m invited to Christmas dinner anymore.

    • Not a man for premature decapitation? The craziest one ive seen here is where they start at the back of the neck and cut around the spine to the front so he has time to enjoy it. That dude wasnt happy with it at all.

  14. Why they don’t give the fucking camera to someone who is not muslim, so we would get it right instead of going ape after sending another alah’s suckers to the hell with muhammad?

    • If they werent muslim they would be lined up to get their head chopped off. They might let Spielberg show them a few tricks, he might even sign their knife

  15. Well damn, thanks you guys for being mature and allowing me to rant on my beliefs . I enjoy our discussions and debates on all issues and also like hearing your perspectives on things. That to me is what truly set bestgore apart. Cheers to you who defended me. Everyone has freedom of speech as long as they don’t silence others ,,if they do then they themselves deserve to be silenced.

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  17. I’m glad they can afford machetes, now. They’ll be more efficient like the Mexican Cartels and that’s great news for us! Take that, you skeptics who said, “They can’t learn anything”! You can’t argue with this progress versus their ridiculous butter knives!

    Maybe in another thousand years or so, they will advance enough to employ crucifixion or impaling.

    I can be a glass half-full guy when I try.

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