Syrian Soldier Beheaded by ISIS, Others Chased and Run Over by Tank

Syrian Soldier Beheaded by ISIS, Others Chased and Run Over by Tank

A newly released ISIS shows the beheading of a captured Syrian soldier. Then at the end of the video, after some typical Islamic propaganda, the video concludes with what looks like two escaping soldiers being chased after with a tank, or a similar military vehicle. One appears to be run over, the other is shot.

The video was reportedly filmed in Wilāyat al-Khayr, which is what the Islamic State calls the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Syrian Soldier Beheaded by ISIS, Others Chased and Run Over by Tank”

    1. Oh I’ll think they’ll do it for us if we made a deal for bic razors and shaving cream!!! Can’t ya tell it’s desperately needed for years
      If not I think their own kids might do themselves knowing they came incest and brutally forced rape!!

      What a shame there is no Dr. Phill in Syria, Iraq,

    1. Their Army is going thru sequestration lack of funds for everyday needs and troop level cuts just like Obama did the U.S. Military…. ummm since retiring here in America maybe he has took over as commander in chief for ISIS???!!! LoL

      Ya never know

  1. Mohamed had a bad day letting his ISIS buddy Allah trim his beard before the video shoot!!!!
    Allah’s muscle memory kicked in and began trying to cut his friends neck “he’s so used to cutting heads off everything” so since there were no doctors or medics in the military unit he felt obligated to finish it so he didn’t suffer. What a nice guy for not letting him suffer right?!?!
    If this professional organization keeps this up they will fix the worlds needs “by killing themselves off”, keep it going guys. What a bunch of winners. Oh and for seconds they were teaching a junior ranking Soldier drive a stolen tank, but everything was in English on the instruments ooops so he ended up running over his instructors “give him a hand for trying, make sure it’s the correct hand cause they wipe their shit with their hands” wow we better watch out for these geniuses!!!

    Good job fellas good job!

  2. Oh my god that looks like an amazing place to live, that nice bearded man was even cleaning that mans neck with pomegranate and mango moisture beads and then they all partied after they got super clean. What nice fellows. They even finished the day with an invigorating run on the beach with their 4WD limousine. Wow sign me up.

    -Should have gone to spec savers-

  3. america have conceded they will never clear the taliban out of afghanistan. the taliban will now reclaim that country. a big waste of 16 years. they were even attacking the taliban a few weeks back from helicopters yet they were informed that isis were pretty close but they made no move whatsoever and carried on attacking the small band of taliban soldiers, even though they also knew many civilians was in that vicinity. america do NOT attack isis because it goes against why they are there in the first place. i think what america have done in war and especially the middle east will come back to haunt them in fact i think it will be the end of america, its already started, no one likes america any more (the gov not the people) and your culture is mocked now not admired like it was when it was known as the ‘american dream’. unfortunately 9 11 and the wars you have waged now represent america and this is coming from the uk where we are your supposed biggest friends on the geopolitical map.

    1. Go listen to president Trump’s speech from last night.
      I don’t know who the fuck you are, but I do know that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Also, I don’t give a fuck about what you think is going to happen to America.

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    2. its america who created taliban its america who created isis
      ask your government they will tell you who this men are fake muslims
      killing muslims but oneday the true black flags from afghanistan with the name
      khurasan they will destroy this fake wanna be muslims and no army will stop them
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  4. Jenny Wahabi: Run, Forrest Muhammed Gump! Run!

    Forrest Muhammed Gump: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t out run a tank, you stupid bitch.

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  5. It’s kind of weird that they’re filming these “spontaneous” beheadings now. Usually they’d set it up nice and dandy to put on a show and talk about the Kaffir killing the muslim children and blabla. Just goes to show how much land they’re losing right now.

  6. The Jews are at it again. After all ISIS means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. ISIS is Jewish, and the Jews know that they will soon be annihilated, so they are going to try to kill as many as they can, and bring them down to the Lake of fire with them.

  7. The problem is that they’re not getting enough pussy. We should send about a thousand Detroit & Chicago crackhead sluts over there. Let Isis supply the coke and when these whores are done with them, these bedbugs will have no desire to fight!

  8. Is it me…but I’m thinking that Isis has shit the bed with just about everyone. I think the caliphate shit is really starting to get boring and pointless. I do think they should all die for destroying the monuments, etc. Fuck that, they should just die.

  9. Thanks to the fat ass muricunts whithout whom none of this would’ve ever happened.
    Obongo and Dump orchestrated a nice job to please their joo masters from IsraHell. You fucking redneck wankers can be proud of the mess your govts created in Middle East.
    Did Donald Dump sent any of his retard sons in Irak or Afghanistan? Nope. Only young average american were.
    All I want now is to watch a gay “marine” or an israeli girly soldier getting his throat slowly, very slowly cut with a spoon in the desert just as these poor SAA when daesh air support is provided by the US.

    1. take a chill pill, you’re worked up over nothing. these faggots ain’t got shit against anyone. it might surprise you if I said that the US attacked preemptively. the plan to destroy the world has always been in Islam. it would have happened eventually. think about it, islam hates the world, the practices of islam preach to conquer the world either through destruction or politics.

  10. just more of the same shit, kill kill kill kill. they don’t want people to know that they’re getting fucked in the ass. they can kill people in whatever fashion they want, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t bother me one bit. hopefully each of their victims go to heaven and look back at this as a complete joke on ISIS. ISIS wont win this war, they’re gonna break because if you put the whole world against them, they can’t defeat the sea with their numbers. we’ve gotta go to them, and break them like the little toothpicks they really are.

    as a matter of fact, none of their propaganda holds water. soldiers die in war, nothing to be excited about, you smelly fucking butt munchers.

  11. let them have their fun while they’re still around, it is all just one big false sense of security. oh and especially these propaganda films, it is like I am watching boy scouts kill a few injured animals with a stone. i can’t imagine the looks on their faces when the world actually decides to fuck them up. they’re fighting poor people, not rich people. sure, they can do their terrorist shit in our countries, but they wont have a home before it is over. there will be no leadership or hierarchy for them, they’re all gonna scurry like cockroaches once they realize their end is near. the rest of the world won’t even notice it, probably the only headline of ISIS being defeated will be in a rollingstones’ news article. so who gives a fuck what they do at this point, they’re doomed.

  12. Having your throat slashed in the sand, surrounded by yelling, subhumans aka Akbars with nothing but imminent death is living the life!

    Even if Pisslam is finally removed, there will always be a lingering stench that collects.

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