Truck vs Car Collision Leaves the Car and Two People Obliterated

Truck vs Car Collision Leaves the Car and Two People Obliterated

This has got to be the biggest write off of a car I’ve ever seen. Mother of all things obliterated. As if it was levelled by a fucking tank back and forth at least a dozen times. The two humans inside didn’t fare much better.

The accident happened on the BR-010 highway in Brazil, in front of a resort known as Bambú, near Paragominas in the state of Pará. The victims were one Josimar de Oliveira Silva, nicknamed “Pio” and his female companion Josane Silva Fonseca. Witnesses said that they were at loggerheads whole day long and remained in each other’s face before entering the vehicle and driving away. I guess this solves the argument for good for both of them.

I will be pulling a disappearance stunt again starting tomorrow so there will be no updates for a few days (unless by some magic I come across an unsecured WiFi in the most unlikely of places). I will be in transit and will be passing through ZOG territory so if you don’t hear from me again, then they finally got me. If that happens to be the case, tell everyone that in the last act of valor, I dove to shield my girlfriend 😉

Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Truck vs Car Collision Leaves the Car and Two People Obliterated

  1. I like the decapitated head with the bag hoodie, real modern art bro . At least he’s sheltered from the elements…..Looks like he or she has a bad case of leprosy!!!
    Ave Satanas!!!

  2. First of all , WOW! Brazil delivered mightily.
    I’m so interested in this gore but this accident made me feel different. Maybe because it had been caution taped off. The HD camera was great, viewing the whole thing. Then camera see’s plastic over body part, camera gets low low for a peek. Then I thought, “ahh, leave it alone, ok , you know what it is.” BUT, being Brazil and having zero respect for anything dead, it gets pulled up. They got a lot of gall. Oh well. Maybe the Jerky Boys were popping a wheelie in the moving truck.

  3. I love these car wrecks, each one is so unique, is like art. This one is hard to make out the bodies, though. The truck is amazing. Never seen a cab so torn up. Usually is just a small scratch or dent. Would be interesting to have the job of separating remains from the wreck, I think.

  4. Dear Santa for Christmas I want the girl in pink in the porn advert above please. I haven’t been naughty but I want to get naughty with her if it’s OK with you. Please Santa.

  5. Definitely need to see the carfax on this one. Bon Voyage Vincit. You deserve a break. It seems like we just hit 200 pages, and now we are already 3/5ths of the way to 300.

  6. Mark there’s easy ways to crack secured wifi’s though i’ve never done it because i have my own and pay for it as well but for those free-loaders who rather spend their money on food than wifi it would be helpful good luck hope no one gets you and if they do you better get rid of them the way they want to get rid of you 😉

    • Its just the stupidity of people when driving. The longer they drive, the more they feel they are experienced and the more they meet their fate. May be its the effect of 12/12/12 lol

  7. Ironic that before death they remained in each others faces as they died no doubt with their remains in each others faces.

    On a side note, does anybody like honey glazed ham sandwiches.

  8. Good travels Mark and yes if Zog kidnapps you I will take upon myself the personal burdon of telling the world that you was a hero. You dove in front of zog to save your girlfriend.. Good luck man wish I could romp around in the Canadian wilderness all fucked up on some good canadian weed.. anyway have fun

    • I sometimes wish that I lived in a city that didn’t require owning a car. It would save me a lot of money, but unfortunately, my city sucks like that. If you don’t have a car, then you’re walking everywhere, or god forbid, taking the bus… There’s no good public transportation around here. So it’s automotive slavery for me! Oh, and oil company slavery… For some reason that I don’t care to think about right now, those reasons I just mentioned make me feel way more angsty about cars more than the actual dangers of driving them.

  9. I dont trust machinery. There should be tightropes instead of roads, no need to drive just glide everywhere. head on collisions will just be a good way to make new friends like so.

  10. I tried to watch the vid but the chick to the right in pink kept grabbing my attention everytime she showed her backside. I swear that looks like a hamburger between her legs.

  11. Looks like instant death for these folks by the looks of this vehicle. I watched a couple leaving a casino a few years ago,excited with winning a few thousand dollars,enter the highway right in front of a big truck and get pushed 300 yards down the road. The impact sound was like a clap of thunder and the vehicle caught fire immediately and they were screaming as they burned to death. In the end their vehicle looked like a car but just burned up and you could still see two bodies but just burned really bad……but nothing like the vehicle in this video!

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