Two Christians, One of Them Bishop Beheaded by FSA Jihadists in Idlib

Two Christians, One of Them Bishop Beheaded by FSA Jihadists in Idlib

Match made in heaven. Sunni extremists hate Christians, and so do the Jews. The latter provides weapons, the former massacres the innocents they both hate for the sake of hating.

Under the rule of president Bashar al Assad, Christians were granted freedom to practise their religion freely within the predominantly Islamic country – the last such left in the Middle East. It is therefore understandable that this would irritate the shit out of the Zionists who are brought up hating Christians because that’s what the Talmud, the most hate filled book in existence teaches them.

While protecting and fighting for all people of Syria, regardless of their religion has been on the agenda of president Bashar al Assad ever since he took the office, murdering everyone who does not follow the Sunna offshoot of Islam has been the sole agenda of the Fake Syrian Army ever since the start of their fraudulent revolution.

Recently, the FSA jihadists captured two Christians in the city of Idlib – one was a devotee, the other a bishop. Since they’re paid to kill everyone who’s not a Sunni, the cutthroats proceeded to behead both men. And while they were at it, they chanted Allahu Akbar like mad. It’s so enlightening to know that Johnny Boy McCain supports them and Kenyan sends them weapons of mass destruction. It’s the wish of the Zionists and Shabbos Goy in the government compete with one another in how deep they can bury their not big enough noses up Jewish brown holes.

Props to Best Gore member Manofwar for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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184 thoughts on “Two Christians, One of Them Bishop Beheaded by FSA Jihadists in Idlib”

        1. I have been observing the members comments here for sometime, what i’ve noticed is, when muslims behead other muslims, and mexicans and so forth, the comments turn in to laughable jokes, that’s ok so some of you seem to think. How ever I noticed when it happens to your own kind, you’re all up in arms about it, and anyone that tries to make sarcasm or jokes you get very angry and upset. Welcome to the real world. What’s good for the goose is ggod for the ganda as we say.

          1. I have been observing all of these crazy ass people, too, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be the most normal / regular / sanest guy in the room.


          2. I don’t applauded the death of anyone who is innocent . I only pass a joke or a sarcastic comment when scum is destroyed! Thanks very much .

          3. we make jokes because better for these animals to behead each other, since they’re into that kind of kink, than doing it to a christian or non-sunni muslim. So fuck them and let them kill each other – but if they kill people just because they aren’t like themselves, fuck them twice over.

    1. 2:40 the sick fucks have brought their kids along to watch! there is no hope for these people, teaching children to dehumanize the ‘enemy’ that are the same people trying to help them against Assad. Thick fucking shithead bad butchers.

      1. I cannot get my head around theses fucked up Muslim states..i could understand if it was just a minority that was carrying out this inhuman behavior but its not… Millions are at it….This place we call home is fucked and it will only get worse,

    2. Muslims are sheep. Fuck Allah and his mother. Allah is the son of a dirty whore. Islam is a joke. Anyone who follows Islam is a stupid bastard. You bunch of stupid fucking towelheads. Why don’t all of you go and choke on some fucking sand. Let me repeat Allah is the son of a dirty whore and a cocksucker. Fuck Allah in the ass. There is one true GOD his name is Christ. Stupid Muslims there are no virgins waiting for you. You dumb bitches. Slack ass dirt eaters . Go fuck a camel. Allah is shit!

    1. I don’t know but there is definitely someone with Learning Difficulties wearing a brown Tea Cosie on his head who speaks to the crowd at the start, and Hagrid from Harry Potter appears when the chopping starts!

        1. The klingon is such an idiot, he cant get it right. I think hes the twat who tried headbutting Data. They are all idiots, any help they were going to get from other countries will go out the window if they keep this madness up. Not very bright these people. They are playing straight into Assads hands. Much more of this and The UN will start supplying chemical weapons to snuff these fucktards out simlar to how you would deal with other vermin.

  1. Amazing snackbar action in this vid. And since Assad is kicking their asses for the past two years, jew-puppet Obama will have to send his scumbag troops over there to fight for these animals.

    1. He definitely needs to get hold of some Head and Shoulders for that lank, greasy hair and beard.

      Almost a party atmosphere; do you suppose that they finished everything off with some barbecued goat and a few cold beers.

      It’s wonderful to see how tolerant the Islamists are of other religions; coming to your country and community, soon.

      1. Head and Shoulders brought a new product line on the market with an extra brainwashing effect, plus a conditioner “Head without Shoulders” for the beheaded.
        Yes, I think they are celebrating a big feats afterwards, but replace the goat with the corpses and the beer with blood.
        You think they are coming soon to Germany? Hmm, few days after 9/11 I saw at least 20 people dressed up like OBL running trough my town and chanting AllahuSmackHer! I?d say this mission is accomplished.

    1. gosh, and all i could think was how incredibly inept they are at beheadings. yes this one was more efficient than most, but still rather amateurish. rapid sawing motion suggests they need me to sharpen their knives…..i am a master knife sharpener by profession and a jeweler by trade.

  2. Fuck hope they behead a UN people since they kill anyone without any reason at all. Shit there are children in the video meaning there are no reason to let them Allah Snackbar live they should be Nuke to prevent future Assholes!

  3. #Assassinisher
    I agree we should just nuke the fuckers and start again. Maybe the rest of these muzzy fuckers would think twice and calm the fuck down. I will hit the button. I don’t give a fuck. Women and children as well there all potential snack bars

    1. I agree! we should just kill them all. Men, women and their fucked up kids. The little bastards are just going to grow up to be big bastards. Take them out while their young. America has become far too passive. Lets just nuke these dumb towelheads. Fuck Allah!

  4. If I am not wrong, the head butcher is Doku Umarov the leader of the Chechen scum on the Caucasus caliphate or whatever they call it. He speaks Arabic with a strong accent and you can actually hear some Russian in the start of the video. Proof of just how lowlife the Chechens are, how they keep whining about freedom and oppression. Who the fuck are they greeting in Syria?

    1. Seems plausible, look at around 5:00 . He has the same forehead as Umarov has. I cannot see the wart on his lower lip but that might be caused due to the bad quality of the video.

  5. Fucking doo doo rag head faggots. They always moan and groan about being so fucking religious when they murder innocent people in such a brutal manner. Everyone knows these stinky ass box worshiping queers only kill people and film it to get attention because not even a dead squirrel will acknowledge their existence. Why don’t these fucking towel heads shove some of their homemade curry up their smelly asses and do something useful like feeding their camels or some shit.

  6. As a Christian, these islamic murderers truly make me hate my own species. Christianity is a peaceful religion with crazy followers. Islam is a disgusting vile religion with even worse followers. It makes me sick how that lying rat Mohammed claims he heard God’s word and all those gullible people believed him. He has used deception to trick generation after generation into believing he was the prophet of God. Well. Bullshit. He was like a Jew shouting holocaust. In Christianity, Jesus brought his kindness and teachings to the people of the holy land, and in turn died on the cross for people’s sins. In Islam, some old sack of shit comes right the fuck out of nowhere and claims God spoke to him. I find it seriously fucked up how millions upon millions can believe that. Although. There are millions upon millions of Christians who believe the Earth is 2813 years old. All religions have something wrong or fucked up about them. But we should be free to not believe something told to us by ancient men who did not know everything about existence.

    Islam is the devils work and an accomplice to the extinction of Christianity and the white race. As a great man once said. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. Wake up sheeple. Wake up and smell the ashes!

      1. Some are worse than others, Islam is easily the worse. Given the number of followers, the ingrained brutality and oppressive, the lack of freedoms, the quick-trigger finger of adherents, the inhumane treatment of non Muslims by Muslims and so forth.

        Easily the worst.

    1. Come on people, Darththork99 has a point in that a human being should be free to believe whatever they want as long as that belief doesn’t cause harm to others and it is not forced on others.

      Whilst I am not fond of organised religion and that includes Christianity, it is important to note some major differences between Christianity and Islam, first, Islamic books are written in the first person, that person being God, whilst Christianity is a somewhat third person experience, this means that Muslims believe their religious teachings to be absolute and you can’t argue with God can you.

      The Muslims are also a far greater threat at present, Christianity was once that threat but no more and the Muslims are parasitical, they are a fucking menace where ever they live and they usually live in everybody’s else’s fucking country instead of their own disgusting destitute shit holes.

      If I were to be asked who I would rather live near Christians or Muslims I would be able to answer instantly because Christians tend not to be walking crime statistics and blend in to a society and culture whereas the Muslims create filthy stinking ghettos and no go areas for non Muslims.

      Therefore Darththork99 has a very good point, Christianity may be shitty but it could be worse, you could be living near Muslims or Jews.

      1. Much respect to you @empty soul, you hit the nail on the fucking head there. Islamists are a shower of gullible aggresive degenerate cunts. And they should all be sent back to the country they came from. If you look up the word “incompatible” in the dictionary these fuckers are the definition. Countries all over Europe including mine are sacrificing their identities and culture to accommodate these cunts, and they are gunman fucking ruin us all if we do nothing. If you come to a country and the culture offends you, FUCK OFF HOME. Go to their countries, you won’t even get the chance to complain about the place, you’ll open your mouth to talk and no words will come out cause there will be a blade cutting through your throat, just like the poor fuckers in the video. Where’s an Islamic holocaust when you need one for fuck sake?

        1. Which begs the question – Why get mad at Muslims when its our Government and Politicians fault they are here?

          We no longer defend our lands or Countries – we let our Governments do it. And all they do is lower the draw-bridges and allow them to walk right on in.

          It’s our own fault for allow ourselves to become so weak.

          Our grandfathers were weaker than our great grandfathers. Our fathers are weaker than our grandfathers. We are weaker than our fathers.

          We have grown fat, weak, passive, incapable, slow, pathetic, scared, and so on.

          1. Sounds like it’s time to reverse the trend, and you are absolutely right @silenced, they are being allowed to just walk into the countries of their choice, and the state/government walk on eggshells trying to please them. Build a mosque? Please, feel free! That will improve our country’s image of tolerance and multiculturalism, which is all the rage in Europe at the moment. If you speak your mind or voice your concern for the situation, you are racist and intolerant and disrespectful of their beliefs. Shame on us. Remind me again what they do if you draw a cartoon of “the prophet”? They justify violence, which apparently is cool with the powers that be. So they promote the type of violence that was around in biblical times, no one (sheep anyway) bats an eyelid, but if you speak out you are the problem and are labelled anti-Semitic. Hard to believe this is slipping by the eyes of billions. Does that make us the enlightened ones? I’d like to believe a breaking point will come where the common man will override the system and fight this scourge at street level, I for one won’t stand by and watch them massacre my heritage. While theirs goes from strength to strength. For now.

          2. great point. power is given, not taken. and we the people have given our govts too much power and we will never be able to take it back. so, yes, we are to blame…..but i dont vote anymore, protest, so i wont complain too much….besides, i hate all humans and wish them all to be exterminated so earth can live in peace…fuck humans

      2. Very true, Empty Soul, very fucking true. Personally, I’m not religious, I hate religion, but it’s very obvious that Islam is way worse than every other religion out there. It’s a religion of hate and death. No question about it. When it comes down to it, Jesus was just a pacifist, he never killed anyone, he never raped anyone, he didn’t lead an army. Muhammad was a very different man; he was a military leader, a warlord, a brute, he led many military campaigns throughout his life (when he wasn’t too busy having sex with his 9-year-old wife).

        Sam Harris makes a good analogy; he points out that the word “religion” is like the word “sport”. There are different kinds of sports and there are different kinds of religions. There are calm sports like golf and violent sports like boxing. Same deal with religion; there are peaceful religions like Buddhism and violent religions like Islam. Not all religions are the same, some are simply worse than others.

        “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those who follow him are harsh against the disbelievers, but merciful toward one another.” ? Quran 48:29

        Fuck Islam and fuck Muslims.

        1. That reads like “A beginner’s guide to the intentions of Islam”. You summed it up better than I could have. There is ultimately no future for this religion since if they can’t co-exist they must be eradicated for the safety of humanity

          1. THOSE MUSLIMS SHOULD BE BOILED ALIVE “MIDDLE AGE TORTURE”… I MEAN, KILLING ONE ANOTHER FINE, SHIT HAPPENS. BUT YOU DONT TOUCH ANOTHER RELIGIONS, PRIEST, OR WHATEVER. . . this alone. should be enough for the us and russia to nuke muslim countries and stop all the war in the world.

    2. for me, i dont think religion is the problem, i think it is what kind of race the religion are with. you know, mexico is also a christian majority, still behead each other, those arab races are an extreme and violent races , do you think if all middle east is christian, there would be peace? then there will be a video like this which arab catholic beheading arab S.D.A (seventh day Adventist). White christian from america killing women and children in iraq. Bhudda? you ever seen that post from thailand in BG? do you think if all jew convert to christian there will be no more zionism? o yeah, why dont you try to live with christian nigger neirbourhood?;)

      1. I’m sure there is truth to that. Not with Islam, though. Asian Muslims are just as bad as Arab Muslims who are just as bad as White Muslims who are just as bad as Black Muslims.

        I haven’t heard a lot of bad shit coming from Arab Christians.

        1. you will , if arab christian is the majority. black christian and black muslim are all the same, asian christian in Philippine just as scum , European medieval christian burn people for not being christian, i’d rather live with christian Kadazan (jewgle it) than live with christian other races ๐Ÿ˜‰ just sayin

          1. The Mexican cartels were actually influenced by the Islamic beheading videos. The Mexicans weren’t really into this beheading stuff until all that gruesome beheading footage started coming out of Iraq about a decade ago. Muslims have been beheading people for centuries, Mexicans are newcomers in the decapitation game. The violence in Mexico involves many economic factors, whereas Islamic violence is based on religious zeal, delusion and hatred.

            Sure, Christians used to be violent way back in the Middle Ages, no doubt about it. But it’s a lot harder to justify violence using the New Testament. Jesus didn’t endorse war or violence, he wasn’t a military man, he was meek and mild, he was a hippy. War isn’t part of the New Testament. Islam is a very different religion; it’s militant, it’s political, it has specific guidelines for war. It’s a fundamentally dangerous and volatile religion. It possesses all the ingredients for a perfect death cult.

            I’m an atheist btw.

          2. @Jizzakhjohn

            You know, aztec and mayan empire sacrificed their people by beheading, and also warring with each other tribe. it’s in their blood to behead people same with arab. For me, European also have this warring and conquest culture for power, it’s in thier blood, jew are thugs so still manipulating people until now, i live in a place where majority of religion is muslim and christian, no problem at all about religion, until that Philippine muslim extremist come to our land, Philippine and indonesian immigrant always a problem to my land, regardless if they are muslim or christian. damn im racist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. beheadings are becoming all too common. where is “the rack?” or the disembowelments? Hell, saw a mothermucker in half or go midevil on them…

    this is still FUBAR, but it doesn’t have the punch it used to…

  8. You know what? I can’t help but think the Christians could have prevented this somehow. If you are Christian, get the heck out of the middle east! That is it, just get out. Other Christians will help get you out!

    If you are a missionary and think Jesus will save these crazies, news flash, Jesus doesn’t want them. They don’t want you there. Get real, look at them… Being a Christian in the middle of these monsters is like laying down on a rail road track and believing Jesus will save you because he is almighty.

    being a maryter gets you what? a special extra gold crown in heaven? Just getting into heaven should be enough for you. You are not bringing glory to God or spreading the love of Jesus, you are being gawked at on BG!!

    People should know better, religion aside, don’t piss off the Muslims in their house.

    1. Well first of all, this isn’t their land. The ones doing the beheading are not even Syrian, and where can those people go? They can’t just leave their homes, and families. Its a tough situation anyway you look at it.

      1. I don’t care who’s land it actually is. It belongs to terrorists now! These terrorists hate Christians, and all sorts of other religions and cultures. When they hate you, they cut your head off! So, if you are on the crazy extremist hate list, then you need to get the heck out of dodge!

        Its like this, my childhood neighborhood “turned black,” crime went up, kids killed in the street for their shoes. It was no longer safe, so my dad moved us out of there to someplace that was safe. Do you think anyone cared that the whites were there first and that it was our hometown? No, it is now the land of the apes and belongs to them.

    2. Quoting Creole:

      “Christians could have prevented this somehow. If you are Christian, get the heck out of the middle east!”

      1 – you are blaming the victims here… Never forget it’s the fucking Islamist murdering vermin doing this…
      2- the middle east is the cradle of Christianity… Christians have every right to be there.

      Let these morons kill themselves… We should arm some jew hating nation like Iran with low yield nukes so Israel and Iran can wipe themselves – and everyone in the area… right off the map…

      Israel had some value to the US during the cold war… Not so any more. The faster we realize that fact, and start treating them as we would any other racist nation, the better off the US will be

      1. @ Rota

        I am not blaming the Christians! The bad guys in these situations are obvious and deserve the blame.

        I was frustrated when I submitted my rant and was expressing that the Christians could have done something to not find themselves in this situation.

        I think like this… If I were to go into Jackson’s ghetto at 1:00am alone I would get mugged or rapped. Everyone would say oh you poor dear! I would have technically been the victim. Except they would all be thinking… What was a white woman doing in the ghetto alone at 1:00 in the morning? She had it coming, she should have known better.

        Get me?

    3. Hey it’s not about religion, it’s about loving your country, these people were safe in their home years ago before this so called revolution happened.

      I’m not muslim, I’m an atheist from Tunisia, and I really intend to return to my country after I finish my studies in France right now, I won’t let muslims rule it, if any non muslim will leave his country just because he “doesn’t want to piss them off” we’ll give them the opportunity to instore their stupud sharia theocracy.

      It’s definitely not their house just because they form a majority, and we won’t just leave our home to a foreign country because of them.

      1. ahh france…wish I was there right now *sigh*

        oopps sorry! I got off topic bigtime – the mention of france does that to me.

        all I know is I have one of these skull cap creeps just move in across the street from me and he has a flurry of ragheads visiting day and night but yet he wont acknowledge anyone in the neighbourhood….my dad built the house I am living in right now after WWII so having these slimebuckets come into our neighbourhood makes me ill……currently im just trying to keep my head attached to my shoulders….creepy bastards

        ahh france….

          1. Shhhhh @silenced, don’t ruin my happy place for me – I shan’t ever get there so let me at least have my sweet, although misguided, fantasy…

  9. holy toledo, that’s gotta up the difficulty factor with 150 people pushing and shoving around you. also, wonder what that smells like, i mean, being that close when the blood supply empties?

    1. being that close to hundreds of muslims……hygiene isnt exactly priority. funny, though, how they are so obsessed with cleanliness before allah, yet fail to identify soap next to a piece of camel shit correctly and use camel shit to bathe….or just dont bathe at all…but dammit better use the left hand to wipe shit with, dont wanna be unclean….fuck the oxymoronic, paradoxical faith they follow.

  10. I had my doubts that this was in Syria cause i heard Old arabic only, then some of them started speaking in Syrian dialogue , the ones doing the beheading are not Syrian. What a fucking mess. I wish i was super human, unable to get hurt or die, i would go down there and cut their heads off, one by one until they fucking leave those people alone. I am getting seriously tired of this fucked up religion .

      1. I thought the exact same thing. I was like “holy shit, is that Umarov?” It really looks like him. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that place was full of Chechens or Avars, I could hear some languages in there that sounded very Chechen/Eastern European. There’s an Islamist group in Syria at the moment called Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, it was founded by a Chechen.

  11. More disturbing is that there are at least 100 cheering this murderous thug on…. Yep, make no mistake.. In Islamist countries… such murdering vermin are heros and their activities community sport to be cheered on.

    The Jews and the fucking mozzies deserve one another

  12. Islam (maybe in a wrong way by its followers) as a religion like other ones tries to make people to live peacefully and respectfully. I don’t think these terrorists to be real Muslims. They are only terrorists with mental deficiency (saying only Allah Akbar is not enough to be Muslim – believe me).

    I don’t want to over sell Islam but there are more than 20 Muslim (maybe only named not real) countries in the world that non of these scenes takes place there. If you look at the terrorist’s mid-east supporters, you’ll see that they are savage countries with non democratic governments.

    BTW, I think the time of religions has ended and the predominant paradigm in the world is to make people to think instead of following dummy and fake laws in the name of religion for satisfaction like children do.

    I am thinker not the follower of any other thinker (name it GOD, prophet or whatever). I think beheading is the best and disgusting trick for making people to hate Islam. Maybe you have forgotten churches’ actions in the past.

    So don’t worry ladies. Islam like others will be faded away soon in the near future.

    1. Name one. Wherever Islam is, it causes problems, regardless of the people it’s coming into contact with, or their Religion.

      Asia: Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, China, India etc. all have issues with this Religion – some of it is Islam on Christianity (Philippines), some of it is Islam on Buddhism (Burma, Thailand, China), some of it is Islam on Atheism, Taoism, Folkism (China) some of it is Islam on Hinduism, Sikhism (India), some it is Islam on Islam (Indonesia).

      Africa has a problem with this Religion – The North African Berbers/Arabs and the sub-Saharan Black Africans in places like Nigeria, Mali and so on.

      Europe has a problem with Islam – Western Europe experiencing self-inflicted terrorist attacks, large-scale spread in rape, violent attacks on non-Muslims, Muslim no go areas – the main Countries being: England, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and so on. Eastern Europe has a problem with that Religion – most notably, Russia with it’s Southern problem areas of Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and so on.

      North America has a problem with it – mainly in the United States and Canada, both self-inflicted due to massive immigration, giving birth to places like Dearborn, Michigan, or various places in Toronto, Canada; Montreal, Canada and other places scattered throughout the Canadian Country.

      Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Atheism, Islam – some of the biggest Religions, have a problem with Islam. Yes, I included Islam as having a problem with itself, we see it daily on here. Whether it is Sunni on Shia violence and murder, or Sunni on Sunni violence and murder.

      You can sit here and cast stones all day at Christianity to excuse the brutal, incompatible, murderous advent of Islam all you want – it doesn’t change that fact that right now, in this era that we are living in, Islam is the single worst Religion bar-none on the planet, and it has always been that way.

      And people in Europe, people in North America, people living in areas with a low Muslim demographic will come to understand this when their Muslim demographic rises, and they aren’t watching some stranger in some strange land getting beheaded – but they are watching one of their own people, in their own Country getting behead just down the street, as it was in England. Or their daughter is raped by a pack of them, or their son brutally and savagely beaten.

      Islam has 1.7 billion follows. The damage this ‘Religion’ will continue to do, and continue to spread will be unmeasurable.

      1. i’ll name one, Malaysia in the region of sabah (borneo), the recent intrusion from Philippine is not about religion at all, it’s about, say like suddenly a chief of american indian want to take back america. Dont believe me , come here then ๐Ÿ™‚ , But races / ethnic do make a problem, you see, i work as a musician, in a club, so this club has never seen any brawling, until it was full of white people, then come one of them arrogantly saying he don’t like our singer sang the song Black Dog (Led zeppelin) and started throwing stool to our singer (which is muslim) so all of our band member(which is mix religion) kicking that guy ass good (i do hope he is Jewish) and told him never to come to the club again, but it is also a blessing that white people are not the majority extremist muslim, if it is, then i imagine they will nuke the whole world in the name of islam:)

    2. Sorry foster911, but that’s a load of fucking shit. These terrorists are very much real Muslims. They’re following their religion. Killing is a very important element of Islamic doctrine, Muhammad was a warlord and the Islamic texts openly encourage violence…

      “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties, and in exchange they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.” ? Quran 9:111

      Muhammad himself said “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Sahih Muslim, Book 1, Number 33).

      Islam is not peaceful or respectful. It is pure hate and violence. These terrorists are just doing what their filthy religion tells them to do. They think they’re going to be rewarded with limitless virgins in paradise for committing these sickening atrocities.

    3. I completely agree with Silenced and JizzakhJohn, but I must add my experience:
      I had Muslim friends in high school, they were all pretty cool and down to earth- none of that high school drama bullshit.
      After 4 years I realized that they weren’t “real” Muslims, they were Americanized. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. When I finally came back from studying aboard, I found out that most of them would party out, drink alcohol, and some of them even married non-Muslims.

      1. @TheJewMinator ? Same here, I went to a school that was mostly Muslim. My school was over 95% Muslim. I was surrounded by these scum-bags for years. The Muslims I grew up with weren’t amiable at all, they were pricks. I’m still friends with quite a lot of Muslims, but like you said, many Muslims are westernized; they drink alcohol and have pre-marital sex, they don’t truly believe in Islam. They’re what we could call “cultural Muslims” ? Muslims purely by birth.

  13. I own a sandwich shop. One day one of my friends came in and told me my sandwiches suck and asked if I even “make any income from it?”

    I got pretty upset, stabbed him stomach and then beheaded him right there in my shop.

    Allah Snackbar!

    That asshole, I will kill anyone that insults my profit!

    *disclaimer* this is a variation on a joke and apologies if something similar was posted on any other beheading link.

  14. Hello Akkkkkqqkqkqmuhde! These motherfuckers are crazy. Though there are educational points in this video. Just goes to show that the simple minded moral fixation on “right & wrong” are nothing but a delusion and are completely subjective to the individual, or, much more often, conformity to the mass belief in the group of individuals whoever the individual happens to be raised around. What a joke

  15. The only good kind of a religious person is one whose box is labeled “Some assembly required”. But, at least they have one thing right; 1:20, filming horizontally. Even the smartphone obsessed west is still struggling with that technique

  16. The persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Egypt has been going on for decades. Muslims in general are a primitive backwards idiots. They refuse to move forward with the times (as the Jews do). Anyone who lives their life in such a primative manner will never evolve. They need to be wiped out! They will never change nor do they want too. They know no better because they choose not too. Islam and Judaism are the most oppressive religions out there (that I know of anyway). Nuk the lot of them!

    1. Rather than trying to wipe out Islam, or even slow the spread of it – European leaders, and leaders in the United States, Canada, Australia and so on are allowing it into their Countries by the city-load, regardless of their citizens wishes. Why? Because they are weak, spineless, cowardly, controlled and powerless.

      Despite the fact numerous ex and current leaders coming out saying, in so many words, it’s incompatible, or the idea of multiculturalism is a failure, they continue hammering away at it.

      Tony Blair for example, recently came out and said Islam is not compatible with the West or Britain – despite the fact he did nothing to stop its spread into his Country while he was Prime Minister.

      It really begs the question – if the idea of a ‘Country’ or a ‘Government’ no longer fits the need of a large enough group of people, indeed, if it does things that are completely incompatible with the people of said ‘Country’, why then do we have to put up with it? Why do we then accept these people as our ‘leaders’?

      What is stopping States in the United States from breaking free from the Union and becoming their own Countries, governed by their own people? What’s stopping the same thing happening in the UK and other places in Europe?

      It’s beyond clear the current crop of politicians we are saddled with no longer represent the people of our Countries, they represent an ideal, or ideology that is completely at odds with the people – but more than that, they are imposing and allowing things and policies that are so incompatible with us we cannot live with them.

      Ask yourself – do you want to live around Muslims, or even in an area with a lot of Muslims? Do you want to live around Africans or an area with a lot of Africans?

      At what point does this massive immigration/multiculturalism/diversity nonsense be challenged not by words, but by actions?

      1. I totally agree with your point of view. In Australia we receive a lot of boat people. So what does the current government do ? We allow them on our land place them in so called detention centres ( which mind you is like a resort compaired to where they came from I’m sure) to go through a “process” to see whether of not they are a refugee . So what happens is these scum bags stay there for years and then when it becomes over crowded they let some live in public housing. The previous government had a policy in place to turn the boats around. The navy was not allowed to place anyone on their ships because it was considered government property. So what happened ? There wAs a decline in illegal boats coming to our shores! Many many years ago Muslims wanted to build a mosque not too far from the Vatican . The pope said fine, as long as we can build a church near Mecca ! Did it ever happen? NO . I could go on forever having a father who is a Christian born in Egypt but has been here for 50 off years. The best choice my grandfather made was to leave as he refused to change his name to a Muslim name just to get a job! Multicultrism only works if those who have immigrated chose to simulate with the rest of society!

  17. Uneducated people seriously trouble me and this was a video filled with them. The reason people have the “mob” mentality is because of stupidity and lack of mental awareness. Stupid people from anywhere tend to be stupid everywhere.

  18. I’ve watched more than 100+ innocent Syrians either beheaded, executed and or stabbed, chopped up or maimed. And that’s not counting the Syrian soldiers, I often wonder if all these fucking ppl calling to arm the Rebels watch these videos?? Cuz if they are they’ve surely got one sick and twisted view of who the “good guys” are! Friends of Syria, and all these other lapdogs claiming Bashar is using chemical weapons, killing his own ppl, I’ve yet to see a video of Syria troops eating hearts, cutting 1,000’s of innocent Syrian citizens heads off!! When 70% of Americans disagree with arming the rebels, the president should listen!!

      1. Not directed towards you Silenced….i just thought id comment on this line of thought.
        if we are reasoning that the first religions and people have rights to land…..shouldnt the pagans rule the earth, since it did come first?

    1. I couldn’t agree more, tlvomit324. Maybe something in an Oxygen/Acetylene torch. That way, it would cauterize the blood flow, and bring back tomorrow, for some more entertainment, provided the Staff infection stays away for a while.

  19. Call me dumb, uneducated, moronic, etc if I’m wrong. But I read something on Wiki saying that the FSA never attacks innocent people, their main target is more of the Syrian government because of what they do to their civilians.
    I may be mis informed but this information doesn’t seem to be true… Could anyone give me some more information?

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