Video of Soldiers Kicking Severed Head in Iraq

Video of Soldiers Kicking Severed Head in Iraq

Another video from the old gore classic collection shows soldiers in Iraq kicking a severed head of what they claim was a suicide bomber. Going football on a decapitated victim is not a surprising showcase of behavior. It goes well with murdering civilians and raping little children – traits all too common among occupying forces.

Many thanks to babitcake for the video again:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Video of Soldiers Kicking Severed Head in Iraq”

    1. Notice how the description says “occupying forces” to make sound as though it was American or any other coalition force was behind it… It was the damn Iraqi Army that was doing it lol. So hate to break it too you but these “occupying forces” were there own people lol. Come on now…

      1. I’m not offended one bit by this. I wish it didn’t happen but oh well. If Iraq or any other middle eastern country invaded someone they be kicking everyones heads around everyday . Those motherfuckers stone, hang, and mutilate their own people for fuck sake.

  1. Oh shit..These motherfuckers killed Iraq’s Eddie Monster…… If you wanna show your soccer skills don’t just hold the head dribble with it a little like the Da Silvas do in Brazil….Oops.. Why is it that every murder post even the non brazilians ones has to have a Da silva connection somewhere???….weird…lol

  2. Yo, is it just me or did it look like the eyes opened up at the end like the head was still alive.LMFAO I think I need to get some sleep.Mark keeps posting shit and I keep checkin’ back every 15 to 30 min..I love it!!!

    1. It’s new to me. Who knows who those “cunts” were (seems like a funny time to use that term, usally calling someone a cunt is a DRASTIC insult to a female, only to be used out of pure spite and hatered)
      Anyway, kick that thing!

    1. I was thinking .more like sticking the head on the barrel of my AR and scare some of my buddies with it…kinda like simple jack did to the directors head in “Tropic Thunder” funny movie…you ma ma ma make me happy

  3. America will one day get their payback… maybe not now but who knows in 2075 or 2091 or whatever… some big superpower country will invade America and start killing American civilians .. only then will I get the last laugh … funny thing is I hate America but I’m living here in America with food stamps and welfare lol take that America! lol

    1. It’s people like you who make it hard for disabled people or people who really need it, to get assistance. I hope you get caught and have to pay back every cent given to you. Your probably more than capable of working but just to damn lazy to do so.

  4. If this guy’s head is any indication of his intellectual value and or contribution to society than I think we’re fine. And to classify a suicide bomberas a victim of any sort is just fallable nonsense. And are soldiers really raping children and murdering civilians? I might buy that if I see undeniable proof, but until then, I’m not going to give a shit about pieces of scum that want to blow themselves up. Fuck ’em.

  5. our troops dont agree w/ the war they are just following orders. but after daniel pearl, the four american engineers i have no ill will for soldiers who level a matocum of revenge. so to the people condeming our soldiers fuck u chicken shits. suddeim deserved death, this dudes head deserved to be kicked around pele style and all sunni should be tortured.

  6. Are so you think the U.S. are decapitating people, killing for no reason and raping children?

    Seriously WTF is your deal? I’ve seen my fair share of anti-American scum but wow.. Talking shit like this to drum up hate for Americans makes you a fucking scum bag.

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