Woman Beheaded by Narco Sicarios, Pictures Used to Create Facebook Profile

Naked TIt of Woman with Hands Tied Behind Her Back Hangs Loose as Sicario Cuts Her Throat

Mexican Narcos are keeping up with modern trends and incorporate them into the terror tactics spread among the population. In this case, the captured woman was stripped naked and had her throat slit with a knife while she was being held down on the floor with hands tied behind her back. Her real life name was used to create a Facebook profile with gallery of images of her execution and narcomensaje warning as profile description. But maybe it was all not as it seems.

The Facebook profile the alleged sicarios created bore the name Lucy Herrera Aleman Valdes aka La Sedosa (Google Translate tells me it means The Silky). The profile’s location was set to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

The main profile photo was a mugshot image of the woman with duct tape over her mouth. The profile contained all of her personal information and the description explained the reason why she was executed:

Soy la cochina de El Granjero pero m llamaron LA SEDOSA. Fui degollado en junio de 2012. Esto le va a pasar a los cochinos curiosos en el territorio de MM. Atte. LA SEDOSA MUERTA

Google Translate says it means:

I’m the whore of El Granjero (The Farmer) called La Sedosa (The Silky). I was beheaded in June of 2012. This will happen to the pigs who stick their noses into the territory of MM. Attention: THE DEAD SILKY

The profile was removed from Facebook shortly after it was created. It was first speculated that the woman was a corrupt police officer who worked for Los Zetas in Chihuahua but the claim that she was with the police was later debunked. The speculation that she was with Los Zetas has not been debunked yet so even though it was not made clear in the narcomensaje, I’m gonna assume she was one of them. I have no info on who the sicarios were, but clearly it would have been one of their adversaries – the Sinaloa Cartel, the Gulf Cartel or The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (formerly known as Los Mata Zetas). Los Zetas have been under a lot of pressure lately, especially with El Chapo Guzman himself wowing to eliminate them and with Mata Zetas growing rapidly in power and influence (the fastest growing new drug cartel in Mexico). While none of the cartels are the saints, it was Los Zetas who started involving the public in narco violence. El Chapo made claims that the cartels are drug traffickers and should do just that, not mess with lives of innocent people.


Another Best Gore member maintains that these are not genuine photos but rather leaked screenshots from a Brazilian amateur horror film. Mexican newspapers reported on the photos being posted on the Facebook page but it doesn’t necessarily mean the photos are from Mexico and are genuine. What do you guys think – real or fake?

Many thanks to chang182 for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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113 thoughts on “Woman Beheaded by Narco Sicarios, Pictures Used to Create Facebook Profile”

    1. I commented on one of the photos. Thatdue to the bruising on her backside. That would probably be the result of a vicious rape.

      Pity their is no video/ more pics.

      She has a nice enough body. Lovely nipnips with curves in all the right places.

      Your thoughts?

          1. True, True.

            Extreme porn only for me really.

            Vanilla just doesn’t taste the same once you have seen a man choke a woman with his willy… Made her chuck up her dinner… And then forced her to drink it.

        1. I have to say I think you have fallen for the classic trick where fat women try to convince themselves and everone else that they aren’t fat thier curvy. For a lot of races women actually loose whatever curves they had when they get fat due to it all going round the middle and all the other places where a women isn’t supposed to have curves. It’s not deposited where they should have fat. The women in this pic has no tits, no arse just loads of undulating fat around her middle and on her back. Personally I don;t think it’s a good look. Combined with the short neck, short stubby arms and legs and wide square back also consistent with some races, well, do I need to say more?

          1. I have no standards @Razor. And I don’t discriminate.

            An ‘equal opportunities’ lover I be.

            End result being I am not allowed to show my face around several pubs in town.

          2. hahahaha, thats how I once was, just don’t get as bad as I did. I once jumped out a two story house a night, her husband came home. hahaha

          3. On a conventional measuring scale of beauty (society’s take on beauty… Not my own take on beauty (two very different measures)).

            I can go for anyone inbetween a ‘2’ and an ‘7.5’

            ‘0’-‘1’ is too ugly.
            ‘8’-’10’ is way out of my league.

            Plus the ‘8+’s are usually so far up their own arses they dont think sex should be a filthy, sweaty act. So I wouldn’t get with one as a couple even if I was offered.

          4. I could have sex with anyone given enough of the old ‘social lubricant’ (another reason why I rarely drink anymore).

            The scale I posted is my limits whilst sober.

          5. Your right Tom about the 8 and 10’s, I can’t help myself anymore by swallowing their bullshit, maybe I’m an asshole, butt everybodies shit stinks. I’ll just get up and leave there ass there, I have no time for fake people. There’s nothing wrong with being who you are.

  1. umm…. why hello guys i just made this account to day but ive been lurking around this site for about 3 months now after i found a pic with the best gore tag on facebook (not this one)
    but umm… hopefully i can be part of this fleshy virus family?
    -alucard 😀

      1. ya i have a few of them
        i once saw a old black and white British film of 1984 and the actor was peter cushing the guy that plays Dr.vanhellsing
        the names is from an anime called hellsing btw 😀

          1. ya i just picked up a 4 film favorites dvd from the wal-mart and it had horror of Dracula, Dracula has risen again, Dracula A.D 1972, and the satanic rites of Dracula

            that’s all i have … but i have too this ashe from evil dead …. nice

          2. Christopher Lee…

            The Bees… Bloody… Knees.

            He was a commando during the war. The shit he got up to will be classified till 2095.

            Plus I can do a cracking impression.

  2. More of a throat slitting than a beheading just like one would do to a pig which is what they call her. The woman was probably the wife or girlfriend of “El Granjero.” This was a VERY personal execution. I don’t think this was meant for wider audiences like other narco execution media.

    1. Australian murderer John Travers (killed Anita Cobby) did that to sheep, (raped them, and cut their throat at his point of orgasm, he did it front of people – some fabulous BBQ trick!?) I guess after a while sheep just don’t ‘cut’ it?

  3. I think it’s fake. Notice that they put a soft cloth over the upper part of her face, leaving plenty of space for her nose, and only use duct tape on the lower half of her face which would be easier to remove with not much discomfort!!!

  4. could possibly be a fake, the lack of blood on the blade is what caught my attention, also you can’t see them actually cut her throat. as we all know our narco friends always like to show off with their cruelty.

  5. This town Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican border town is KNOWN for its murders of women, something like 300+ in the last 10 years? authorities say its a combination of Americans sneaking over the border just to “kill a girl”, gangs/cartels and the possibility of 1 or 2 serial killers operating in town. A lot of them are just ‘stolen off the street, there are books on the subject. I’m a crime book affictionardo – they usually DESCRIBE how people were murdered, probably why I like ‘looking’ at gore?

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