Young Mother Decapitated in Horrible Car Accident

Decapitated Body of Young Mother Who Crashed Her Car in Spain

Young Mother Decapitated in Horrible Car Accident

Horrible car accident from Spain – young mother was driving a car with her child inside and crashed. The crash turned the car upside down and threw the mother into a guardrail the impact with which decapitated her. Her head along with one shoulder were violently torn off from the rest of her body. Little child appears to have survived the crash – I’m basing that assumption on a picture of the child inside an ambulance van with bandages and hydration tubes.

There is a photo of a seemingly smiling face trapped under the wreck – not sure if that’s the child or whether there was a third person in the car. It’s certainly not the decapitated mother as her severed head landed in dry grass off the road.

It was an incredibly violent tragedy – never underestimate the dangers of driving.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Is that her fucking heart in pic 6??? No post on this site has ever made me tear up… Mostly because I avoid the kid posts but shit… This may sound bad but if I get taken out I hope my son does too because there is no one in my life I would trust to raise my kid… Fuck all that shit… I’m shutting up now

    1. i dont avoid any posts…i take my full daily dose of reality and don;t bitch up over some dead kids or whatever…damn bitches are always against me no matter what i do, i’m fed up and full of hate and brutality and so i dont carwe about some fucktards that dont have shit to do with my life

      1. i don’t hide behind my keyboard, @devil…this is the only place i have to say what i want…i am bi-polar with borderline personality disorder and i am having a really bad day, i do and say what i feel like doing. the nature of this website and youre telling me that i still have to act a certain way?that i can only say things that meet the approval of the majority of members you look at dead people for fun…call it “looking at reality” or whatyever bullshit smokescreen you’ve created for yourself to make it ok to look at this shti…but i’m not going to be a part of a place like this and still pretend to be fucking human…i have to do that all day out THERE…i will respect the individual memebers as they respect me but i will say what i want…and who the fuck are you anyway?
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        1. @Obliterator, yes, I’m butting in, but I won’t apologize this time. I’m truly sorry you’re having a bad day! I know this’ll sound goofy, but don’t pay any attention to The Devil…..besides, he might have been referring to ole “Hail Satan” Metls, the “noob” never answered when I asked who he was talking to…jajaja me gustas Obliterator!! ๐Ÿ™‚ feisty!

          1. You’re right, I’m sure our views differ greatly, probably in alot of ways. But I still like and respect you very much, and enjoy hearing what you have to say on here!!

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          2. @It was me, I was’nt calling you a cry baby i was reffering that post to any one who has a problem with what I say….
            And besides i enjoy people talking trash cause it shows they’re weakness..
            Hail Satans might!

      1. Nah, here in Oklahoma the foster system is whack as hell. More kids die in foster care than from there fams. Sorry if my kid is the only reason I am alive today but things are visa versa as well, because if he was to die, I would definitely be the next post on here…

          1. Ugh, read it all, I know nothi.gis now it’s the what ifs that haunt me… When I was 5 I saw my baby brother die, stray bullet from some cheating husband next door, so yes, a child dying, especially mine is too much for me, props to those who it isnt too much for, I don’t give a fuck what y’all read or watch.But just like you I have thoughts and opinions that I am free to type about! Ya dig??

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