Edward Snowden Tweets in Support of Mark Marek

Edward Snowden Tweets in Support of Mark Marek

@EJosephSnowden Twitter account which claims to belong to the whistleblower responsible for leaking the existence of PRISM and XKeyscore spying programs recently posted a tweet in support of Mark Marek and Best Gore and shared the link to our online petition. The twitter account has more than 20,000 followers.

Thanks Edward Snowden or whoever it is behind the tweet. We are as strong as we are united and as week as we are divided. If we continue having each other’s back, none of the powerful nor their army of loud mouthed sheep stand a chance. Power to The Aware!

240 thoughts on “Edward Snowden Tweets in Support of Mark Marek

  1. It’s cool that he mentioned Mark’s fight, but in reality it won’t really help since Snowdon himself is being portrayed as a traitor and none of the sheep seem interested in what happens to either of these guys. For the average Joe, it’s just another soap opera playing out on the news to them as they come home from their daily grind and flick on the tv. The media will paint it as “one criminal praising another” or some other stupid shit. That said, I know the truth along with everyone here, but that’s the sad reality of things. As time passes, the benchmark for people being persecuted for showing reality seems to break new boundaries, and they are made to be scapegoats for all that is wrong in the world. What hope do we really have?

    • To say snowdens comments don’t help BG is ludicrous.

      Type best gore into jewgle and have a look at the numbers 馃榾

      What hope do we have ?…….. Plenty.

      • I mean the average people who don’t have an interest/care about Mark or Snowdon and what they are fighting for. I agree that it’s a good thing that he drew attention to Mark’s case, but on the flip side the government and media will be happy to use the link between them and twist it for their purposes. In hindsight, my “what hope” phrase is misplaced, I have hope but know the machine will do its best to stop people like Mark and Snowdon. Look at the “law” they used to detain and try Mark under, it’s all tailored for them to do what they want. I hope you are right @spiderman (don’t get to say that too often!)

      • Snowden doesn’t help Mark one bit. A accused traitor trying to help is not helping. Many see him as a criminal, so to the eyes we are trying to open will shut instantly at the mention of that Snowden guy.

        Mark might as well get Charles Manson on his side. In the eyes of the sheep anyway.

    • you know, i have to say that i havent met a person yet who hasnt described snowden as a ‘hero’ ‘badass’ or a ‘patriot’.
      more power to him.
      i pray that the corruption involved will soon come to light and be exposed for what it is.

  2. even if it isnt snowden ,maybe even the dumb sheep on social media are opening their eyes ,like mark said slowly but surely more eyes open ,then they tell others about their eyes opening . the snowball is getting bigger

  3. People watch “snuff” videos all the time without any “offence” or “corruption of morals” taking place.

    How many times do we watch the news as they show stand offs between cops and criminals which end in a fatal shooting, how many times do we watch the news as they show car crashes which end in fatalities, we get footage of war showing dead bodies, documentaries with death recorded etc.

    The public do not complain about the above and the police don’t have a problem with it, why then when a man called Mark decided to do the same was he hounded and prosecuted.

    On paper there is no difference between the media showing the above, and very often without family and/or authorities permission, and Mark doing the same.

    The “corrupting morals” law is rather amusing in that whilst Mark has, in their opinion, corrupted morals with his online content our governments with their wars, their abuses of power, their socially destructive policies, their mass uncontrolled immigration, their interfering in educational teaching standards, their social engineering programs such as jobs given to people based upon “quotas” and not ability, are not guilty of the same.

    The notion of “corrupting morals” is a religious concept to begin with and no longer stands the test of time, consumption of alcohol was once a corruption of morals, sex before marriage, masturbation was once viewed as self abuse and the devils work and still is in some religions, those who went against the “flat world” idea and those who argued heliocentrism as opposed to geocentrism were all guilty of corrupting morals in their day, many people were burned at the stake for corrupting morals, “arguing against tradition”.

    This “corrupting of morals” law is just like the religious beast that gave birth to it, full of holes, illogical, nonsensical, hypocritical, and the fact that it can be used in a court of law against somebody is sick and cruel, a court that is supposed to, on paper anyway, ascertain and deliberate facts using logic.

    The sad thing is that we are all guilty of corrupting morals because the law does not define what “corrupting morals” involves, it could be anything, it’s a law without lines and was designed to mean anything at anytime, in other words it is a law to get rid of people for whatever reason the lawmakers decide.

    “Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition” as Monty Python so rightly put it.

    • Lots of websites have gore, that’s not what got Mark in trouble. There are two key things that brought this down on him.

      1) The number of hits the website has/had.

      2) His well researched, referenced, and persistent probing of the holocaust.

      If he didn’t harp on Jews so much he wouldn’t be in this mess.

      • It’s a good conformation that Jews really do control our governments, courts, banks, media, and police. The only people it’s illegal to criticize are our rulers…The Jews. It’s tough shit for them now anyway, the truth about the Jews is all over the net, the cat’s out of the bag, the genie is out of the bottle and there is no way they can put it back in. Now we’ll just have to wait until enough people get sick of their lies and murders. Most people don’t want to be ruled by the Jews.

    • I hear you Brokeback.

      Empty Soul and Future Days etc…. should continue with descriptions of our general thoughts because I couldn’t be bothered doing it.

      They’re elaboration of points of view is good education for some 馃榾

  4. Freedom of the press is fundamental to a free society. Cops using questionable reasons for arrest & harassment in disregard for Constitutional rights will lose in the high courts which is where this will end up. If not -then there’s no hope for us from the sheep.

  5. That’s great. In other news I just lived out my ultimate fantasy by shooting off my balcony.
    Never realized how far I could shoot. Those pellets can really fly.

  6. We should hear somethin’ tomorrow, it’s his court date. Hopefully good news for my b-day on friday the 13th! Friday the 13 in the year 20 “13” I love it.

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  8. Hope ya feel better @broke, I’m currently off my head on painkillers for my back, two exploded discs and my legs feel like they are plugged into a fucking generator. Doesn’t really come close to your injury, but after a year I don’t know what’s worse, my injury or the effect the drugs are having on me. My stomach has had enough anyway. But we shall march on. There’s too many laughs to be had. What other site would have people talk about balcony ejaculation and not be viewed as weirdos? Love this site, I’m only awake two hours and I’ve laughed like a motherfucker already

      • I’ve some for everyone in the audience, if we were all in the same room I’d be administering them to anyone interested! Share the wealth and all that jazz. I’m stockpiled with the fucking things!

      • They really do fuck with your head too, pain + drugs + idleness= slow descent into madness, for me anyway. Life becomes a game of decisions; take the painkillers and feel fucked up from them mentally and physically, or go without and have the physical pain. Both get old real fucking fast. Best of luck with your abstinence @broke, when I try the same I’ll come looking for tips off ya!

    • Mines a tad different and recently dead and not before time.

      She was feral and nasty and not worth a pinch of shit.

      If I’v got you wrong I’m sorry.

      What a lot of people don’t realize is that just because they’re family doesn’t always mean they are good people.

      RIP at 65 mum……. your better off because nobody else could stand you

  9. What a fucked up world we live in. For a while now my gay midget neighbor has wanted to shake my hand every time I ran into him. Today I realized he’s been reaching for my dick the whole time.

  10. I’m taking the opportunity to demand that Alicatt never change her avatar from this point onward. My mind has successfully associated the attractive girl in the image with the user and should thus be maintained as a pioneer example for the rest of my brain.

    That may or may not have been an elaborate excuse to keep a pretty face on screen.

    • lol @skinticket

      well thank you! so you wouldn’t like any of my other ‘poses’? apart from fingers I do a vegetable medley that’s to die for! lol

      thanks again sweetie 馃槈

        • @skin

          anytime…i can show you anytime 馃槈 lol (that was me being pervy…lol)

          hmmm…well just let me know when you need a change….I have a fantastic one where I am eating a banana…it simply puts the fingers to shame

          • ahaha Now that I’d like to see. You can expect to hold my attention for some days with such a piece.

            Perhaps the enticement will even lead me to my second granduous BestGore meet up. 馃槈

  11. I like how all of the girls on bestgore are down as shit to see people getting blown the fuck up and beheaded and not have nightmares lol I love this site to death :) and kiss my as if you hate lmfao

    • Not a hero.

      Just another fleshy virus who saw ‘stuff’ and thought the rest of the world should know that governments try to hide information from us.

  12. EJosephSnowden is not Edward Snowden. It was created and is run by a satirist. I’m sure the real Snowden has a bit too much going on to be tweeting (God I hate that fucking word).
    That said, as others have mentioned already, I agree that any publicity is good publicity. Anything that can bring awareness to someones cause can’t be all bad.

  13. A few days ago a BG member made a comment that I shouldn’t be using ‘phrases’ that were ‘coined’ by a long term BG member ‘Rotten Stench’.

    I’v always known and have since clarified that Rotten Stench is indeed responsible for sayings like………. ” Fleshy Virus ” and ” Shit Rivet ”

    Now…….. Can I move on shit rivets 馃槅

    Mark was actually one of the first to embrace these terminologies and is indeed appropriate for us fleshy viruses.

      • I remember EXACTLY where I was here in Australia.

        I had a ‘meltdown’ not taking my eyes off the TV for 5 days ( and recording ) and believing that shit like that was not happening.

        • I was 10 years old. It was around 1o’clock in the afternoon. my mom was making a hype about two buildings that were up in flames in Amerika and I couldn’t care less. I lived in The Netherlands back then. It took me a coupla days to figure out what it all meant and what the implications could be.

    • I had surgery on my spine on this day…shiiit 12yrs…..amazing – that was an awful time….but I do remember how beautiful a day it was …it was almost unreal how gorgeous a day it was…rather ironic I guess…

      • I remember it vividly, I was in midtown Manhattan when the first plane hit and about 20 blocks away when the first tower came down. I remember standing in the middle of the 59th Street Bridge later that evening, in a daze, and thinking there must be tens of thousands of bodies in that tangled mess. Two cops came up to me after awhile and told me that they had been watching me for the last 2 hours thinking I was gonna jump. I can’t help but think a lot of what I saw that day is what brought me here. RIP to all those we lost, and a special RIP for my cousin Christopher Pickford, who was a firefighter from Queens who did not make it out. I will be listening to your tribute CD when I get home tonight Chris, and thinking of the sacrifices you made that day. Gone, but never forgotten.

        • I’m sorry about your cousin, @amnyc. :(

          I was living in Chelsea with my mom when it happened. I was scared to sleep that night thinking we were all going to die.

          • @amnyc I’m sorry to hear about your cousin,RIP Chris! My dad was in the north tower that day and thankfully managed to get out alive. Was he from the Queens Blvd fire station?

            @girlnextdoor what part in Chelsea? If you don’t mind me asking…

          • Thanks @yneg, wow, we were probably no more than 1 or 2 miles from each other that day, small world.
            Thanks @citygirl, glad to hear your dad got out. Sorry I wasn’t clear, he lived in Queens but his station was in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They lost 5 that day. He actually has a street in Queens where he lived dedicated to him.

          • @amnyc oh I see, I’ll look for his name when I’m in the memorial tomorrow.

            @yournextexgirl I’m sorry I keep calling you girlnextdoor, idk why I do that.

    • Yeah, 12 years since those Jewish cocksuckers slaughtered almost 3000 people in New York. Then the dirty rotten stinking bastards blamed it on another totally innocent group, the Arabs. Everybody needs to watch 911missing links on jewtube. I heard some people say that 911 is punch a Jew in the face day. I’m not sure who started that holiday but he sure has a sense of humor. He/she must be a racisssst 馃榾

  14. I miss mark dammit..I’ve been alurker of this site for yrs but i finally signed up.. fuck Canadian cops yo i can’t waitfor mark to Be back..thank god for ate and bringing back some Gore..ugh i needed my fix..hurry up and free mark..

  15. A few days ago a BG member made a comment that I shouldn鈥檛 be using 鈥榩hrases鈥 that were 鈥榗oined鈥 by a long term BG member 鈥楻otten Stench鈥.

    I鈥檝 always known and have since clarified that Rotten Stench is indeed responsible for sayings like鈥 鈥 Fleshy Virus 鈥 and 鈥 Shit Rivet 鈥

    The owner of BG is actually one of the first to embrace these terminologies and is indeed appropriate for us fleshy viruses.

    Can I move on shit rivets 馃槅

  16. Sorry to post off topic but while I was reading I just had this humongous huntsman spider walk across my keyboard and near shit myself 馃槅

    It was a fucking monster and now I’m freaked like where is it 馃槅

  17. God I’ve missed you SOBs. First my phone gets stolen, then my computer crashes at work so I have been in some major withdrawals. I hate fucking theives. Anyway, glad to be back home with my fellow SOBs and hopefully just in time for some good news tomorrow!!

  18. To believe our friend Mark is being charged with this rediculous … for letting us see the world for how it has become. Shadowed, disfigured, disgustingly dark. Tucked away in a blanket, by leaders and figure heads around the world; in Yemen a child died, horribly. She was 8 yrs old, given away by her parents to an arranged marriage. To a man over 4+ times older. This man defiled her, ruined her helpless life, and yet this atrostity was legal do to marriage… Where the fuck is justice now…. A man who makes a living by showing us the truth, is unjustly charge with a crime that Charles Manson would have faced… Then on the other hand some fucking child pedder ass. Is not only aloud to run free but still the sick fuck could leave his country…… Mark justice will favor you. You are now a maryter, a leader, a real human

  19. Hey guys, I’m really Hulk Hogan, and the Hulkster says say your prayers, take your vitamins, and watch out cause I’m gonna take these 24 inch pythons and squeeeeze the neck of the douchenozels that arrested Mark! What you gonna do brother!!! Holy fuck , that was so fucking gay. I think I’m going homo.

  20. I can’t believe that Assad has agreed to the world wide chemical weapons mandate……..

    There is something I don’t trust about that fucker.

    Can someone educate me ?

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