Fundraiser Update plus Reopened Forum

Quote About Censorship by Kingsley Amis

Long time lurker, first time contributor, big time fan. Latest updates (based on my understanding)

– guy who set up the fundraiser wanted to keep 20%
– Mark opposed and insisted the monies be used only as promised
– guy remains in control of the fundraiser, replies to emails from members with negative comments about Mark and provides his personal Paypal address
– future of the fundraiser uncertain, Mark will try to contact Indie Gogo and set things right
– depending on their position, campaign will either resume under our control or each donor will receive full refund and as soon as Mark is able to use the internet, he will set it up himself without the involvement of “helpers”

I tried to reopen the forum but the platform is difficult to operate. Unfortunately, separate registration is necessary. Long time members with lots of comments should send an email to vasilykirov187 to become moderators.

Also forward links to petitions and support pages. People from Edmonton willing to help should also get in touch.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

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        1. I nominated Broke the day after the bail conditions were set. But I’d also be happy with Empty & about 3 others.
          Also, what the fuck about the guy running the fundraising?! There’s barely any decent/trustworthy people left out there!

          1. @MikeyGraves, I would make a piss poor moderator due to the fact that I work long hours and am often drunk and/or stoned most nights.

            As far as the fundraiser goes, well, that’s life sadly, most people in the world claim to want to fight against injustice and poverty until they themselves come into money and then they stop fighting and enjoy the trappings, the trappings of the system that they once despised.

            There’s a lesson in there folks, the poor wish to overthrow, the middle class wish to climb and the rich wish to rule and all three tend to hate each other, the lesson, regardless of peoples wealth and status they will always give in to greed, very few can abstain from such egocentric behaviour and those few are the ones who should be our leaders, sadly those without ego never feel the need to climb to power or to rule over others.

      1. Thanks guys but I don’t deserve that title. While many of my replies have come from the heart a lot of them were inappropriate and focused on my high sex drive. I tried to be funny when I could but my sense of humor was sometimes distasteful and was’nt always appreciated.
        There are others here that deserve the recognition and my vote goes to Empty soul. I think everyone here deserves a round of applause for making this place what it is and I wish we could get together for one big party. I’d love to meet just about everyone here and there’s a few female members I’d like to introduce to a close friend of mine.
        There I go again.

          1. @ThaDRIP and anyone else who does’nt know who I am or how I got here, search my screen name and read my story. I don’t expect everyone to like me but don’t pass judgement on me unless you’ve known what I’ve been through.

          2. @TheDRIP, I’ve been a registered member here since early 2012, long enough to know more than just”shit”. I speak with an open mind and I don’t hold back. I have never been rude or offensive towards anyone here and although I don’t expect everyone to like me, I don’t think I deserve to be spoken to in a hateful way.

          3. Seriously @DRIP wtf?? I dunno if it was your intention or not but you came off sounding jealous. Like “Why does no one vote for me?? Mom tells me all the time how special I am! Just today she said oh honey don’t you worry about that mean old Brokeback, he’s just a big ol’ jerky face mcgee!” @BB rock on my dude! You get too down on yourself sometimes but I hope you know there’s quite a few of us who love when you comment 馃檪

          4. @broke – Calm down homey, I wasn’t judging you. You have been here just as long as me. Now I think you may be a little too sensitive for the job, but I wasn’t pointing that comment towards you.

            Sarcasm doesn’t work well on the internet, and I’m sarcastic as fuck. #dealwithit

        1. I vote for Empty and Brokeback… you guys are truthful and thats hard to come by in this shitty little world. Empty you may be stoned and/or pissed when your free but you are intelligent and honest, broke your always dedicated to this site and you know people, and I’m sure lots of us trust you both. I don’t want this site to go 馃檨 I don’t know anyone IRL with my views and stances on life and politics and it pisses me off so much. Wish Mark wasn’t going through this shit. Makes me so angry. I know i hardly post so none of you will know me but this site means a hell of a lot to me and I want it back like the old days. Sorry for the little rant 馃槢

          1. If anything I am dedicated to this site and I don’t want it to go down either. People need to see what really goes on in this world and the people here are what make the site a pleasure to be a part of. I consider all of you my friends (with a few exceptions) and I’ll continue to be here and help out in any way possible.

          1. trooper would have been the guy to run this site but hes left,all due respect to broke and hes got style but hes relatively new ,the old stalwarts are tiger ,hung like a mouse ,the ugly fucker with the beavis avatar has been around for ages . i like empty soul hes got knowledge ,similar to what trooper had . i also like seth putnam because hes always stood his ground and not changed once even though most hate him on here ,and i think mark respects that ,that seth doesnt fold thats why he hasnt blocked him. im just glad that fucking disgrace pavement ape is gone what a joke that fucker was.

        1. Nastypersuasions, silenced, empty soul, wicked mama, brokeback, skull and duggery should all be moderators. The site is large enough that it would be far more efficient if these people, to name a few, donated just a few hours of time, rather than it falling on the shoulders of one person. It’s a ton of responsibility, and no one here is M, or you’d already have a site of your own, being that it’s his, no one will dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to it as he did. @nastypersuasions- I always enjoy the comments, as well as Being informative, this individual is knowledgable extensively in the medical field, which is helpful. Also, the proof is in the pudding- @nastypersuasions donated $500 dollars to the fund immediately, and never once bragged, although fat lot of good it does now, but still, the will was there, and the non-argumentative way of commenting also. IMHO

          1. nosoupforme

            Wow! That is truly an honour to be put forward.

            I’ve been trying to support MM since his ‘arrest’, you would think that the Canadian Police and Justice system would have more important people to go after but, MM, without significant assets and not being a criminal mastermind is a really easy target, a bit like a Chinese execution.

            It’s a bit like HMRC going after pensioners in the UK for 40 pence in unpaid tax whilst multinationals like Vodaphone pay nothing on ?84 billion.

            The system sucks and it’s approaching the time to change the system.

            MM, via, Vasily and Acneska know what I have offered, and that was put in place prior to MM’s ‘meeting with a detective’.

            I do have the time, I do have the patience and if you don’t adhere to the BestGore ‘rules’ goodbye.

            @pavementape, where are you now?; personally, I don’t give a flying **ck. I’m hoping that you’re under a lorry in Brazil.


            We’re looking forward to meeting you.

            Morton Bay Bugs

            When have you lined up your social event? I’m severely tempted to attend.


          1. Well what about the main site? Will you be doing all of that then @Acneska? I hope so, it seems, for me anyway, that after several long months of comments not posting for many members, I’m now able to comment again, and thrilled. I do hope you, or someone controls the main page, as the forums just aren’t even close to the set up of the main site, and it’s off-putting to some. Well. Either way, best wishes to whomever does whatever whenever, on ALL parts of the site.

          1. hmmmm.. seems the forums are not so active at night but I’ll keep a watch on since I’m like an owl I don’t sleep at night

    1. It is a little confusing, but I kind of like it

      Only thing I don’t like is it tells exactly what you’re doing/viewing. How are we supposed to snoop and be nosy anonymously now? Plus it tells how long you’ve been online. Now everyone is gonna see I have no life.

      1. Nexty, life is life. There is no “no” in life unless you want it that way. You seem to be way to intellectual to not have a life. What you may consider no life, others may consider it a privilege to have such. But I won’t preach to you like a parent. That’s not for me to do. Just thought I would interject a different point of view on that subject. And you are also right about the fact of privacy or lack of such. If that’s what your after anyone should be able to have regardless. By the way I like the avi but I must say your others are far better. 馃槈

        1. Well thanks @Rude. I value your opinion so feel free to give it to me. I guess not working lately is driving me insane. I like to stay busy busy, and lately I’m not busy in the least. Hopefully soon things will get back to normal and it’ll get better.

          And you mean you don’t like me without makeup? 馃檨 haha actually I changed it, but I’m on my phone and it takes forever to upload.

          1. @nexty. I wish you the best of luck sweetly. Jobs are hard to comeby these days. And also, you without make up or with is fine, just don’t eat my brain. 馃榾

      2. I agree. Nothing is sacred anymore with that feature! Lol. I have a feeling you’ll find me here in these parts mostly anyhow. I’m seriously jonesing for some bloody gore!! Like almost as bad as I occasionally crave rare red meat! I NEED to see a Mexican beheading, a Thai “suicide” and a really bad Brazilian car accident! I know we’re all feeling it, but with new moderators, can they also post content???!!! I NEED SOME GORE LIKE A VAMPIRE NEEDS SOME FRESH BLOOD!!! 馃檨 =/ =X

      3. Ok, second attempt! Lol. Nothing is sacred with that forum thing! Lol. I have a feeling I’ll be kickin it right here still. Lol. I’m so in need of gore though. I’m craving a good Mexican beheading (always gets my juices flowing), a Thai “suicide” and a REALLY bad Brazilian car accident!! I’m craving it almost as much as I crave rare red meat! I need some bloody gore- STAT!!! 馃檨

        1. Lmao.. really? You would?! That’s a nice gesture for sure!! Lol. The new forum feature on here allows you to send a private message. I just saw that this morning. @-Crass- I’m on my phone too. You can still use the feature in the forum at the top of the website here..

          1. @Thy- got your message. I’m so sorry sweetie- I didn’t see the credit card information… 馃槈

            On a serious note- I’m really not into exposing too much online. You’ll see a random slightly provocative avatar but in all honesty, I like to liked for what’s on the inside. Lol

  1. Just returned after a few weeks and this is what i FIND?!?!?!?!? If this man who tried to rob my GOREHOUNDS of helping MARK comes forward I will gladly introduce him to a knee to the sternum

  2. I’ve been a lurker here for a couple of years but just recently (a month before Mark got arrested) made an account. I really hope Mark can come back to us one day. That douchebag who wanted 20% needs to get his ass kicked for trying to take advantage of people just trying to help another human (rare enough these days right?). I wish you the best of luck Mark, you should use a person as a proxy so you can access the internet. It might be a technicality but I think that they can sit at a computer in front of you and type your words for you (you are technically not on the internet yourself)

  3. also been a lurker for quite a while. sad to see whats going on with Mark. 20% guy is a dick. id let him have 20% if everyone who donates can get some licks in on him. Goodluck Mark. hope to see BG back soon.

  4. Since I’ve been here for so long and I’m here checking out the replies so often I will send Vasily Kirov an email. I’ve got nothing but free time on my hands so we’ll see what happens. Thanks again for mentioning me, means a lot.

    1. If you get it broke take it easy on me if I bend the rules a little. 馃槢 I myself, like you do, am just here for fun, interactive entertainment, and learn some valuable knowledge from others.

  5. Even a king has to be cautious about his own castle. An enemy or thief can be extremely close to him in his own domain it seems among his friends and associates alike. It shouldn’t be this way but is unfortunately. Trusting one on honor is a dwindling commodity sadly. That too should not be so, and it’s a damn shame honestly. Pick your friends, and those who would represent you wisely, or this is the result ultimately. Chalk up one more learning experience for one and all.

    1. @Obliterator, how could I forget about Wicked Mama, she has been very proactive in keeping BG alive and as such deserves to be a moderator also, a BrokeMama team, maybe a threesome if someone else wants to be sandwiched between them.

      I do feel shitty because I have not had the necessary time to contribute to Wicked Mamas website even though she invited me, sorry Mama.

      1. I’d love to be the filling but wouldn’t ever want to moderate, etc. I’d rather stay on the enjoyment side. I’d stress myself out. However being sandwiched really got my attention. Sorry, I’m in one of THOSE moods at the moment. Lol 馃槈

    2. @Obli Hey man you may know of me, you may not but, I have read some of the comments about your journey and I just wanted to tell you that your one hell of a trooper for what I read you’ve been going though recently. My respect for your advancement during your dark times and everything you’ve been doing to get through it. Is it all going well I assume?

    3. Yeah Wicked Mama is another one I’d like but right now I’m really enjoying all the time & hard work she’s been putting into her site. Either way I’m sure whoever(s) it ends up being will be a-fuckin’-ok with me.

      1. I just hope whoever is selected has an unbiased opinion of the members because all it takes is the wrong person silencing people because they have personal preferences or issues with others. That would suck! With that being said, I think all that have been mentioned would make great moderators!! 馃檪

      2. Personally I think the ones that have been mentioned are great. I just hope that whoever ends up being selected will be able to keep personal differences, etc out of the way. It would suck if someone has a personal distaste for someone and takes away their posting rights. Basically I hope whoever gets chosen is unbiased.

          1. Exactly Juice & YNEG. If we’re all supposedly about free speech then we need someone who won’t ban people or delete their comments solely on the grounds that they disagreewwith them or prove their facts wrong ya know.

          1. Yeah my comments don’t post so I write a new one and an hour later the old one pops up! Stupid internet!Tryin’ to make me look all foolish an shit

  6. the 20% dick should probably keep his thoughts to himself. talking shit behind someones back always deserves a good beating.

    as for the forums. i don’t give a fuck who the moderators are, just as long as they don’t ban people who disagree with almost everyone and back it up with logic and reason.

    and no offense to brokeback, i think you’re quite a funny dude. but, you don’t own tragedy.

    good luck, mark.

    1. Yeah Broke I own Tragedy! I found that bitch homeless & desperate on a street corner back in April and threw $20 at her and said “Bitch now I own you!!” 5 months later and I think I just might put a ring on it. Love…it’s ca-razy sometimes!

      1. Tragedy is when you’re so desperate for sex you decide to fuck a 300lb woman and then it takes you two hours to cum.
        Tragedy is also when you finally score with a hot chick and you cum in the first minute.
        If anyone knows tragedy it’s me.

          1. brokeback referred to his problems again in response to thadrip.

            that’s why i threw it in there.

            if you don’t want my opinion on something, then don’t post on an open forum.

            it’s that simple.

    2. Aside from getting divorced, breaking my spine and having three metal rods put in to hold it together, losing my career, losing my best friend to a drug overdose and living alone with addiction…I don’t know the meaning of tragedy.

      1. i wasn’t giving you shit. i was simply saying that everyone goes through hard times, but most of us don’t cry about it.

        by the way, it doesn’t sound like your life is that bad. self inflicted problems are nothing to be proud of and certainly don’t need to be announced to the world every two seconds.

        i can think of more than a few people now that shouldn’t be moderators.

        1. What’s self inflicted about breaking your spine? Or losing a best friend? Or career due to said broken spine? Or even the medication that allows him to love a somewhat but not really, “normal” life, that’s highly addictive, and will most likely be prescribed life-long? Ya know, due to the BROKEN SPINE. What am I missing? I can’t comment on the divorce, I wasn’t there, but the rest? Doesn’t seem self inflicted, and I think you’re trying to get his goat, or get him to snap back, take the bait, whatever, to prove he wouldn’t be a good moderator. Several of the members discuss their personal issues, tragedies, so to speak, and yet you’re not personally, “no offense” attacking them? Why? Just wondering, I truly am, and being this is an open forum, well, just my opinion you’re picking on him 馃槈 In my opinion.

        2. Who needs to get a life also? That wasn’t nice. See now everyone is wondering what’s got your hackles up. I know I am anyway. And why the semi-personal attacks? Instead of saying who shouldn’t be, just toss in your two cents about whom you’d personally like to see moderate. Or don’t. Or send a message yourself, to whomever it concerns, as to who and why this or that person should/shouldn’t be chosen? Doesn’t matter now, as @Jesus has been picked already, but if he hadn’t been, and it was @BB, would you be angry? I’m almost positive people wouldn’t be discussing their personal issues as moderator. But being as everyone is still just a commenting member, and people do ASK how one another are doing… Well why can’t they throw a pity party now and then? Some times are harder than others. Some people have trouble, or social anxiety, disallowing them to form normal friendships. Hence, they come here, where they’re USUALLY not judged. Some members DO have it a little tougher than others, and I hope that for your sake, @svarg26, that you never have the heartache of taking care of your mother, who may or may not recognize you that day due to illness and age. I hope you never struggle with addiction, self inflicted, or unintentional. I hope you never break your back or neck, wondering if you’ll ever walk again. I hope you never know the despair of divorce, or fighting to see your children, that you had with someone you once thought was your soulmate. I hope that you never lose your five year old child to cancer, and watch the light go out of their eyes, day by day… A child you raised, loved, and would die for. All of these things are tragedies, and while none of us own tragedy, we all certainly own a part of it. I don’t wish it on you or anyone. But it could always be round the corner. And if you find yourself in a situation? Rest assured that the BG family is always here, open minded, and with open arms.

          1. @Nosoup, I honestlyhave no idea how to respond to what you just wrote. Basically, amazingly poignan & well written. You’re a good person Erika and I think BG is lucky to have a memberlike you 馃檪

          2. @noSoup, superbly put, you are so right. I think that must have touched a lot of people in a very personal way, myself included. I identify with a lot of members on here, find strength from them as well as coping strategies. Unfortunately I can only remember @Svarg ever posting when he is having a pop at someone, I don’t recall him posting anything intelligent or interesting.
            Bless ya @NoSoup

          3. @bishop. I agree absolutely. Everything that needed to be said was addressed perfectly. You summed it all up in one well placed shot. I commend you. Fantastic job well done. I myself would had done the wrong thing and ripped them to shreads. You did it the way it needed to be done. Hopefully you incited a thought of wrongful practice of a certain members actions here.

          4. Thank you everyone, it’s just how I feel. And a lot of us come here to escape the depression that has taken over our lives, knowing that someone has an open ear, and will be supportive. So to everyone whom replied, I truly thank you 馃檪 and you may call me Erika, @YNEG, or whatever is more comfortable for everyone. Again, thanks for the kind words, brought a tear to know so many people read, and related. I do apologize if I put out anyone’s personal info, no harm was meant, it just was only to make a point, that those of us who care, well, were paying attention, because we ALL go thru rough patches, and this is a great outlet. I appreciate your acceptance, all of you. 馃檪

          5. brokebacks problems pale in comparison to mine, so save the sob story for someone who gives a shit. i don’t cry about it every day i just move on and live my life.

            english isn’t my native tongue and what i type often gets misconstrued, that’s not my problem and i make no apologies for that. nothing i have ever said is meant to attack someone personally. i reiterate that i said “no offense”.

            i also don’t give a fuck about making internet buddies. i come to this site to see gore and post comments on the dumb shit people do. you can read my comments that are on topic or fuck off. it’s that simple.

            brokeback told thadrip to go and read his life story, of which we are all very aware of. i simply pointed out that EVERYONE has problems.

            if you all hate me for that.

            who cares?

          6. @CoonJuicer

            “I don?t recall him posting anything intelligent or interesting.”

            with a name like yours, intelligence should be the furthest thing from your mind.

            cheers, dipshit.

            @Rude Monger

            go your hardest, pip squeak.

          7. if everyone pulled their heads out of their asses and actually read my words for what they are, then no one should have had a hissy fit.

            some people seem too willing to go on the attack, before thinking about it first.

            you are all doing, what you accuse me of doing. only difference is, i defend myself.

            i don’t need internet buddies gathering together, holding hands and singing coombaya my lord.

          8. the sad reality is, that brokebacks so called friends only feed his depression, whereas i actually tried to do something constructive about it and point out that he is not alone in his problems and to take charge of his life.

            wow, how dare i.

          9. @nosoup , don’t worry if you did put anyone’s personal in that , what I just read shows that you read everyone’s comments and you think of everyone here and feel for everyone and you remember all our pains and all our joys ! my god you said that perfect !

          10. @svarg26: I 100% thought that if you responded it would’vebeen decent, possibly even classy. Way to let me down. BTW, who told you that Simply saying “no offense” was some kind of shield? Going by your logic, you’re a total douche-bag….nooffense…..

          11. @svarge26. You couldn’t handle my hardest you infantile little prick. And besides what do I get out of it? A butt plug to mount on my wall? You ass ain’t worth my time. Judging from what I’ve read you digging yourself perfectly. So piss off mate.

          12. @svarg26 If everyone else’s problems pale in comparison to yours then you sound like you would need a friend more than any of us. So why mock having “internet buddies”? I am more than sure if you would’ve acted respectfully, as everyone should, that there would’ve been more than a few people immediately ready to listen and give you a few kind words of support. Not to tell you that “my problems are worst than yours so suck it up”. We are all here to watch gore and know whats really going on in this fucked up world, but those “internet buddies” can help you out a lot more than you realize.

          13. if i offended brokeback i am yet to hear about it. that i offended his internet buddies is just too bad.

            i have never mocked suicide on april fools day, and then cried about a friends suicide to garner pity from the opposite sex.

            save your grandstanding for someone who didn’t notice the double standards.

            i don’t need internet buddies to solve my problems for me. i just deal with them like a normal human being.

            i appreciated hearing brokebacks story and thought the pics were brutal. i have never had an issue with him. i was genuinely trying to offer advice. sorry that my forum etiquette upset his friends. jumping the gun and condemning me for being honest, solved nothing.

            @Rude Monger, your hardest was piss weak. but i already knew that. cheers.

            @MikeyGraves, going by the amount of times that you have sucked up everyone’s asses, i expected no less from you on this occasion. well done. how about you mock child molestation next april fools day and then cry the next day about you getting molested as a child to cover it up.

          14. @svarge. Fuck you. Typing out of an orifice that most people use to expel waste from is your only stock in trade. If that’s all your good at you need to pay your human card forward. Because you forfeited that right you puke piece of shit.

          15. @Rude Do you have an account on the forum thing that you can receive an email or something at? I have a private question for you. If not, it’s okay. I just wanted to ask something.

          16. “and no offense to brokeback, i think you?re quite a funny dude. but, you don?t own tragedy.”

            i see nothing offensive in that at all. if you do, you are a fucktard. that’s just my opinion.

            when someone rambles on about “niggers” taking over their neighborhoods. i say stop crying and man up.

            when someone says that pics of women who have had their tits removed to prevent cancer are beautiful. i say they have been mutilated by the cancer cartel and it is far from beautiful.

            and so on.

            i am never rude to anyone until provoked. prove me wrong.

            @Rude Monger, you don’t seem that bright. have you ever posted on topic? threatening me on the internet makes you the number one contender for cock sucker of the year. you’ve got my vote. go get em, champ.

          17. Oooh gawd. You HAD to bring up April Fools! Now you involved me and wtf did I ever do to you?! 馃槈 Bwahaha. I don’t care. Some people can NEVER let shit go! It was an April Fools day joke. Nothing more. Some thought it was funny- some didn’t. Can’t ever please everyone all of the time but seriously- that’s old news. Better material please..

          18. @svarg. I threatened you? Not at all. Insulted you yes, and I did so with great relish. Get your facts straight. And you where not provoked moron. You started this little war all yourself. That’s painfully obvious. You did nothing here positive whatsoever. You did try to master flaming everyone that came to brokes aide when you just couldn’t resist. Playing innocent to a multitude of negatives. And yes fishing I have started threads here and was very successful at staying on topic. In conclusion you are the bug in an unwanted place that needs to be squashed for trespassing where your unwanted. If you got problems in life, solve them elsewhere. And take you fucked up advice with it dickhead.

          19. My Ferrari is in the shop until next Thursday and my private jet has a doohickie on its whatchamacallit, but no one fucking cares about me. : , (((

          20. @Rude Monger,
            you said, “If that?s all your good at you need to pay your human card forward. Because you forfeited that right you puke piece of shit.”

            sorry, pip squeak but i don’t speak retard. i took that as meaning that you wanted me dead and that i forfeited my right to live.

            did i misconstrue your intent?

            it seems pretty easy to do when you can’t see the intent from words typed on a fucking plastic screen.

            i don’t give a fuck if you or anyone else fail to see how many times i said i didn’t mean to offend. it proves you are all a bunch of asswipes. not friend material in my book. just jump on the bandwagon and bash someone if it makes you feel better.


          21. @svarg. I disagree. You speak fluent retardese. And as far as just speaking it, your thinking like it too. With your sub par intellect twisting my statement of paying your human card forward as my wishing you were dead. Get over yourself. I just made that statement to give sequay, a light if you will, to your present life. A cockroach. So now that the lights are on go scurry to the dark hole you belong and stay out of the light. If you should die there it’s not on me because I never publicly said anything to that effect. Nor will I for your benefit. But that doesn’t mean that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. So again you’ve got nothing on me of course, just like you didn’t before. You never had anything on me ever. Flunky.

          22. @Rude Monger,

            i owned your ass, pip squeak. what you intended and i interpreted seem to be two different things.

            i could care less if you think you didn’t threaten me, that’s how i took it.

            you are piss weak and as your name suggests, a rude cock sucker.

            ” If that?s all your good at you need to pay your human card forward. Because you forfeited that right you puke piece of shit.”

            i would be surprised if anyone could understand what that moronic shit meant.

            you are a very angry little thing and would do well to pick fights with someone you can handle. in a debate on any topic i would wipe the floor with you.

            take my advice and fuck off. you impress no one and i clearly don’t give a fuck.

          23. You don’t give a fuck. Nobody gives a fuck. This shit needs to be dropped already.

            We need to all kiss and make up. Or at least stop arguing and be respectful towards one another.

          24. @nextex
            no kidding!! everyone shut up already!! mark would have stopped this shit ages ago – lets give him some respect and not crowd his boards with all of this bs!

            OK lets try this…the next one that starts this shit up again has a mini dick and has to prove his manhood by fighting on a freakin internet site……soooo…who is gonna speak up next?? Will we zip it now?? lol Sorry I know its juvenile but sometimes that’s all people will listen to. Now lets just agree to disagree and move on…pretty please?

          25. @svarg. Here is the bottom line. You have managed to do everything I hoped for. You shot yourself in the foot and you didn’t even realize it. It’s perfect. And I’ll tell you why. One thing you owned is yourself by eliminating any credibility you may have had publicly on an open forum. Brilliant. You owned being a narcissistic egotistical fool by trying to gain homage of others for nothing valuable. You owed at being insulting, not caring for any ones thoughts or feelings here in this community making you inhuman. And finally, you owned at being manipulated into a position by me to be set straight. Way to go bright boy. You’ve dug your own grave which is clearly documented, and I’ve sealed your coffin on a dead issue. Rot in peace. 馃榾

        3. @Rude Monger

          my first comment,
          “and no offense to brokeback, i think you?re quite a funny dude. but, you don?t own tragedy.”

          your first comment,
          “I myself would had done the wrong thing and ripped them to shreads”

          YOU were the aggressor.

          i congratulate you on achieving goals that you set for yourself. i am also happy to discontinue responding to you.

          you are a winner!

          keep up the good work, buddy.

  7. Lets try to define what would make a good moderator because at the moment there is a lot of input without much direction.

    1) Does the candidate have the necessary timeframe to do the job,
    2) Is the candidate a respected member in terms of time served and public opinion,
    3) Does the candidate themselves wish to do the job,
    4) Does the candidate possess the fair and reasonable disposition necessary to moderate a group of very distinct, open and differing personalities and identities,

    To conclude, the ideal candidate would be someone who, even though they may possess their own distinct opinions, takes a middle ground approach, free from emotion, because to moderate is to manage people and to manage people is to understand people and to understand people is to realise that we are all different.

      1. Hi Juicy, My absence was not self imposed, I just found myself unable to post any comment due to lack of moderation of BG for obvious reasons and unfortunately due to being a drunken fool and working full time I am not in the best position to represent BG on a regular basis.

    1. Well props to you @svarg26- for handling your problems on your own, I’m sorry, but it seems to have made you bitter. you’re not here to make friends, no one was at first, it just happens. If you choose not to discuss your issues that’s totally fine. Don’t want to make friends? Then don’t. Just continue to be a contributing member to the site, and let everyone else’s probs roll off your back 馃檪 . Just ignore their comments, rather than make snide remarks. We are supposed to all be on the same team here. I remain neutral, as I don’t want to upset anyone, or be ostracized, so ill just post my opinions, and that’s all they are, hot air, no one has to agree. No one has to argue and gang up or attack either. I’m sorry what I said upset you so much. It seems you also own your own piece of tragedy. Best wishes to you. It’s just much more refreshing to not have tension on the page, that’s all I was trying to convey. No hard feelings, ok? We can agree to disagree.

      1. @nosoup4me

        and best wishes to you. i never meant to offend and do not apologize for being misunderstood. i am a brutally honest person and don’t blow smoke up someone’s ass to make them feel better, just to maintain the status quo. it seems that some people on here need to have someone to attack. i am that person this week. maybe it will be someone else next week.

        when the next person is attacked i will be there to point it out.

        i am happy to let Let bygones be bygones. cheers for seeing through the shit and agreeing to let it all go.

        no hard feelings, dude.

        1. Thank you @svarg26 馃檪 *battle terminated* that makes me happy. Now, lets all get back to business, and what we are all here for; GORE!

          Yes, team gore had a minor setback due to stress among members, which is to be expected, from time to time, especially as we’re on our own here, waiting for our webmaster, and frustration will build, as it sometimes does.

          Thank you all for dropping the matter at hand, and oh BTW, @svarg- I’m a girl 馃槈 but dude works too, lol.

  8. Damn comment didn’t post I guess? Anyway I agree with Juice & YNEG and said we need someone who won’t ban people or delete their comments just because they don’t agree with their views or prove any of their “facts” wrong ya know.

    1. wait……are these the old posts back from when there was a forum…ahhhhhhhhhhhh I get it now….

      I don’t know…I like how bg is set up now…with the forums and all that other mish mash its just like any other site…its becoming about socializing as opposed to the gore/story…*sigh* its too bad we cant just get ppl submitting stories with full background like mark did as opposed to adding all this other seems much simpler to have a few ppl who submit instead of turning the whole site upside down again

      just my opinion…feel free to disagree 馃槢

      1. Totally agree Ali! I don’t go to other sites just because I need to see gore. I come hear because I actually learn something from each post. Personally I could give a shit about just seeing a guy with a hole in his head (I’ve worked for my dad’s funeral home for 7 years and have been around it most my life because of that) I want to know how & why he has a hole in his head. But that’s just me.

      2. Agree. But if this is what keeps it going for now… I saw on another old post of Ms from 2009, a cyst post I believe, with hair in it, anyway, he said if we stop hearing from him to keep the site up. And that was years before the nonsense. Everyone seems to be doing their part in trying to stick together, till this blows over. Hopefully.

        1. true…but what I don’t understand is…isn’t it easier to keep the style of this site the way it is as opposed to changing everything? That’s leaving me kinda scratching my head…that and the dandruff 馃槢

          1. Yes, @ali- as people already are familiar with the layout and comfortable with how things work, I do think it would be ideal to try, as much as humanly possible, to keep it the way it is. I just hope that it IS possible, but if not, then we can make do, for a short time, if necessary. A very short time. Or we may lose a lot of valued members, and as I am relatively new, I’m just not ready to give this up, I need it, I lurked a while before joining, I feel like I know a lot of you, it would be a tremendous loss to lose the intelligent, well spoken people that exist only here. *sigh*

  9. This whole thing about fundraising sounds like complete bullshit..I would be so angry if I had put money towards anything .Half the people on the forum could just be Mark or whoever it is trying to make money..

  10. actually I think the moderators should be ppl that are more not involved with chating and whatnot but come to the site regularly – they would be more unbiased and ‘feelings’ wouldn’t get involved…im envisioning a big soap
    im thinking ppl like reikoko

    1. Agreed and can’t trust any fucker these days……. Especially with money.

      I personally have been here for 3 years or so and have no interest in moderating.

      For mods I will nominate…………. PALE RIDER and Obliterator and Empty Soul and not necessarily in that order.

      I also nominate Trooper72 but ain’t seen him for yonks.

      Tiger ( who’s a chick ) would be on my list as well but hav’nt seen her for ages as well.

      Current chicks these days ?……….. I’ll sleep on it but we do need one right.

          1. actually trooper left because he was fed up with being censored…he was finding all his comments were going to that special place where socks from the dryer go and it really cheezed him off (as it would do)

          2. he may very well had said that as I know he was working towards that goal but he left because of all the censorship …I kept in contact with him for sometime afterwards

          3. I miss reading @troopers comments, as well as @tiger, and @fiend, and @medex, so may people dropped away, during the time of my lengthy lurk before feeling at ease enough to comment. I can’t help to wonder what happened to @tiger, and why @fiend was banned by the GoreFather, after paying for several months of server costs. There are a few others too, M called them 6monthers, but I still enjoyed reading their comments. It was just time for me to interact, after feeling the place out for a while, and I was nervous not to be accepted, like when you’re the new kid in school, cause your parents are military, and you move every time they say “jump”. Kids are rotten to the new kid. I was a little intimidated, but people like @juicy, @YNEG, @alicatt, and several more, came across as non- confrontational, so I gave it a shot, and I’m so glad I did. Swerved off topic there, lol, I just hope the oldies are ok… Maybe just busy, maybe just lurking, who knows? It’d be nice to see them back. 馃檪

    2. Trooper72 didn’t leave for any particular reason and yeah, tiger, fiend and medex have gone quiet as well.

      Not to mention HLAM’s mate…… Can’t for the life of me think of his username……. Chime in here Mouse 馃槈

      1. BTW folks……….. It was Hawk who said goodbye to join the army and would chime in here on the odd occasion.

        He’s a smart lad and should lead the invasion into Syria to help free the oppressed citizens by making Assad accountable for his actions.

      2. @spidey
        not to argue with the spiderman or…butttt..trooper did leave for a very specific reason and was quite pieved…and im pretty sure he left with an explanation…it was during all that penis crap when everyone was posting their dicks…and a lot of peoples comments were going buh bye…I am only adamant about it cos I know he was very cheezed off…..and I think he would want someone to speak up for him…
        now perhaps I dreamt all of this..perhaps my years of smoking the herb have caught up to me…perhaps im delusional..perhaps im getting dementia like my mum…who knows its all possible..but im pretttttty sure I remember the countless emails we shared…

        anyhoo…have I ever told you I secretly have a thing for spiderman??? his webbing capabilities give me naughty ideas 馃槈

  11. One of the few things I believe in and donate to and I get an email today saying it has been refunded. Hope the signed petition helps…
    I miss the old days *sigh*
    Hang in there Mark. We won’t give up!

  12. An important concept for you lot to digest, we BG members found some solace in BG, we, for the most part, found Mark’s worldly views agreeable, we found that his words resonated with our own self experienced views, we were all of the opinion that his, at times, self important, candid, egocentric views were of greater importance than that of our impotent, self fulfilled political giants.

    The question is, why are we sloth like in our approach to self expression, why do we all look towards others for help, why do we seek out heroes and saviours to protect and promote us.

    Mark is but one man, why must we all put our hope in others, its the same for everyone, most people believe that they need not act for themselves because there are people and channels to act for us, childish nonsense, we are, as a working class group of units, a far larger majority than the few rich elites who would command us, why then are we subservient when we have strength of numbers.

    Voltaire once said “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices”.

    We are our own worst enemies, we allow our individuality to become infected by the poison of political discourse, we should band together, to become unison in our shared hopes and dreams, a majority led world is far better than a elitist paradise, at the moment we are merely sheep to the slaughter.

    If we all became a “mark Marek” and stood firm in our ways, voiced our opinion, expressed ourselves without burden, would we be so easy to corrupt and influence, would we allow a perverse elite to govern us or would we stand as a blockade to their dammed acts of greed filled aggression.

    I fear that the time is quickly coming where we will have to stand and fight or lay down and die, are we really prepared for this choice, do we possess the necessary mindset or will we continue to be farmed animals for those who would feast upon our flesh in hedonistic fashion.

    1. Correct………. I rarely if ever look towards other fleshy virus for help.

      Let’s face it, asking others usually comes with certain conditions and asking me to give up BG is well, you know, not negotiable :mrgreen:.

      Seriously tho………… Agreeing to conditions and asking me to adhere/sign to them is not easy 馃榾

  13. WoW 20% ???
    Has anyone looked into the online donation setup sites?
    Looked around a bit and saw most were real time deposit with 2% to 5% fee on each donation. Some take that from the donation balance and others add the fee to the donators when they send the money.

    I think straight to paypale is 2%.

  14. It’s nice to see a section in the forum just for venting and letting out your frustrations.
    I think I’ll be spending a lot of time in there as will most people here. Be nice if there was a section for sex talk but I guess the same section will do. It will take a little getting used to but at least nobody will be accused of being off topic. I did’nt notice anywhere to post pics…shame.

  15. If Brokeback will be the next moderator of the site, we won’t be able to write Brokeback any more (you understand me, dont play silly) but to write Brookie, BB or some shit like this.
    But I have to say: Marc (epa!) there is only one.

    1. Here’s a thought…………..

      Moderators could be PALE RIDER or Obliterator or Empty Soul.

      Trooper72 ( gone ) is smart and Tiger ( who was a chick from here in Australia and gone ).

      I’d vote for a chick on the ‘panel’.

  16. I just hope whoever the new moderator is will stay true to M’s ways and not put their own ego into the equation. That would be the right thing to do. On the contrary, skimming 20% off the top of a fundraiser for doing what amounts to a few hours of work is the fucking wrong thing to do. I personally was waiting out making a donation until the last week before the trial in hopes that these bogus charges would get thrown out. Can we please find someone with some modicum of honesty to run a legitimate fundraiser?

      1. Yeah he seems to be. I am glad he is doing well.

        BTW…I have to tell everyone when I asked about batman or superman I said that it was for a very important reason. Well I had a choice between 2 pendants, and I wanted to send mark one to kinda give him strength in a way. So he got the batman necklace and he says he ‘wears it all the time as a talisman of strength and endurance’

          1. I remember that back when you asked. I answered batman. That’s awesome Ali! I commend you on a fantastic idea and warm gift to Mark. Great job.

  17. I effing hate my life. I truly do…I feel like such a loser 馃檨 Life really sucks ass…and don’t believe anything different…this is Hell…right here on earth.

    Sorry for the rant – im having a bad day. Be well everyone.

        1. i dont think youre a mistake ,maybe a bit misguided in your own thoughts but i want to know you better if you let me,believe me we all get them black clouds but someday the sky will break through ,thats if you want it to ,sometimes it has to be you that makes the change . alicatt im here to help youre on of the sob’s and we stick together

        2. @Ali. You got a good man there looking out for you. And besides, all the good things you’ve done here and elsewhere outweigh the heinousness out there that’s hounding you now. It’ll be ok I promise you. Your a good soul and good souls don’t go down without a fight. So whatever is giving you the worst show em’ you best! 馃榾

        3. @alicatt, I have on many occasions tried to analyse why I so hate being alive whilst at the same time I do my best to keep on surviving and I often consider it to be a natural phenomenon in that whilst our external reality is not what we wish it to be we still have life and therefore we must live and since death is unknown to us we can only use our external reality to overcome our despair of our external reality.

          That being said, have a few more beers, smoke an herbal friend and get a well endowed hunk to smash your front door in, its the best advice I can give you.

    1. I feel like I can’t really say anything to make you feel better. you can’t help how you feel. and I don’t know, but you might feel better just letting everything out? just vent. give us an idea of what’s wrong so we as a whole can give you some advice or at least share similar stories/experiences to show you that you aren’t as alone as you feel.
      I know we’re separated by many miles so we can’t be a literal shoulder to cry on and maybe some just think that we are only online personalities and are just here for entertainment or aren’t really who we say we are….and that may be true of some, but not this guy. I assure you that I am very real and very willing to help if you’ll let me. you’re cool as shit so keep that head up.

        1. Oh @alicatt, I wish we were closer. I would give you a nice foot massage, draw you a bubble bath, then make you your favorite dinner, penis filet a la pan fry.
          Afterwards, without getting to graphic, you would pass out exhausted and satisfied after several intense orgasms. Sorry you had a bad day, but tomorrow is gonna be fucking awesome. ; ))

          1. @alicatt.
            Thanks for the update on Mark. That was a nice touch sending him that Batman pendant. I’m sure he appreciates it and the fact that people are pulling for him during these shit times.
            So here’s one for you ali, form your many mates on BG while you go through your own shit time.
            < o
            0 )
            < o

          2. That’s a smiling cat @diy? I thought it was a coded message to storm the castle. I was sharpening up my battle ax and polishing my armor in preparation.

          3. thanks everyone – you all are very kind and I can see you have big hearts..i appreciate the support

            thank you again and I apologise for flipping my lid on here…im usually able to control it but today was bad
            …anyways tomorrow is a new day right

  18. I was going through my thoughts the other day whilst trying to make sense of the world around me, contemplating the various essential truths that nature has bestowed upon us and its relation to my existence when it finally occurred to me that I don’t like eating broccoli, why then has it been a part of my staple diet for the last fifteen years?, the world and its many mysteries will have to take a back seat for now whilst I ponder this mind boggling issue.

    1. Do not force feed. It’s not a recommendation I deem necessary. Eating something, whatever the case may be for the sake of eating it because it’s there, I don’t understand. Other wholesome vegetables contain the same nutrient rich criteria as broccoli and taste great. But I am sure you already know this fact. I on the other hand like broccoli. Raw or cooked it’s all the same to me. And the funny thing is I never grew ridiculous amounts of hair as the rumor suggests for eating it. Now green English peas on one note I hate. Hate them with capital P passion. I can’t even stand the smell of those little green devils while their cooking. Turns my stomach upside down. Thinking about it gets me nauseous. 馃槢

      1. the crazy thing is if you want to live longer than your life expectancy youre supposed to consume very small amount of calories using vitamin enriched fruit packages ,such as nibbling on berries ,apples ,strawberrys and blueberries etc. there was a documentary about it and this guy did it for 20 years and he became superfit,but when you look at the human structure we are quite lightly built compared to other creatures ,were not meant to eat meat and high fatty foods and tons of veg ,we are forgers and scurrying animals that have evolved for thousands of years eating grass and berries and maybe meat was a treat when an an imal was caught with a spear,but seriuosly if you want optimum health with no cancer or mental illness or disease or old age fucking you up then consume tiny calories using natural fruits ,nibble on apples for the rest of your life ,maybe all this junk food is fucking us up mentally and physically,in fact its been proven it does,and dont gimme this shit about ‘yeah but id rather live happy and eat shitall my life cos il die someday anyway’ i know all this shit ,im just pointing out thatif you live like a forger on fruits you will live to see more gore cos youl be around much longer 馃檪

          1. @Ali. Them little rodents may have something going on there. I’ve never seen a obese squirrel. Slightly tubbed for winter maybe but not fat. Squirrels the size of basketballs? Never. lol

        1. @Skull. Not all of us follow the three letter rule. RDA. But I see where your going with the healthier diet route. It’s a good route to travel instead of fast food and sugared up treats in mass quantity path.

          1. Hey @alibabe, how are you doing today shorty? Jewgle paleolithic diet, its also known as the caveman diet and hunter-gatherer diet and basically means eat like our ancestors did.

          2. pffft obviously you ‘re not because I have a major case of bed head going….so I know you are fibbin!
            but thanks for the compliment…

          3. @Ali- what @amnyc said! I would like to tell you that I go out and spear my own pig for the bacon, but I don’t. Lol. Seriously though, this is the best way to eat that I’ve ever tried! They say it cures anything disease wise too! I start with a personal trainer on Tuesday and I can’t wait to start lifting weights and getting strong!! 馃檪

          4. @juice

            really? im gonna have to check it out – thanks for the info! And I wish you all the best with your trainer…hopefully, if its a he, he will be a cutie pie!

          5. @Ali- She’s a she- but she’s cute too! Lol. We’re meeting 4X a week to start and she’s a tough chick! Lol. Thank you and @Rude- I promise to post myself in fur (faux of course) just as soon as I’m able!! 馃槈

          6. @Juicy. I’m all a flutter in anticipation, peein’ down my leg and everything. Can you tell I’m excited? Ok well, aside from the peeing part that is. Just a funny figure of speech thing. 馃槢

      1. Ok. I’m gonna buy rosetta stone and learn to speak fluent espanol. Go to Mexico. Then get my black executioner outfit on. Get established with the “right” people. Get a perfect victim prepared. And do em’ before a live audience and high definition video camera (since they never do that shit with a decent camera). Then find a way to get it posted here anonymously some how. Will that make you happy Juicy Juicy? 馃槢 It’s a tall order though. I may need some help. 馃榾

          1. @Juicy. Alright then we’ll both go down there, you hold the camera for me, and I’ll do the choppin’. So you’ll get to see it first had and on video. 馃槢
            Are ya chompin’ at the bit yet?

        1. Yep. Gotta be. I don’t care to much for Foster though. No matter how much spunk you put on that face it makes no difference to me how unattractive I find her. Even done up in Hollywood style make up I see no change. My eyes are good to me. They don’t lie even when I’ve been drinkin’. lol

    1. @Broke. Chances are high with above average accuracy with any object. There are specific jobs for people with that talent. Boot to the groin cigarette to the eye in one fluid motion. 馃榾

  19. i thought the paypal account was to a girl, one of Mark’s friends. I guess I got hoodwinked. I was just trying to help Mark out, and some douchebag is taking profit on it? Fuck him! He’s going to end up with slashed tires soon.

      1. @amnyc. That would be pretty fucked up completely. That murdering ass nozzle getting internet access, and Mark being indirectly involved in murder doesn’t have any access whatsoever! WTF 馃槢 I am assuming that Hernandez has no access though given the circumstances of his crime on our nation.

  20. If i was aaron i would have uploaded my murders for you guys already. Plus i dont follow sports like every one else in downtown boston. I was just a few blocks away from the marathon bombings, say, is there ne video footage of that on here?

  21. I thought I would ask, just out of sheer curiosity, about all the censoring of comments that a few members have spoken about.

    I personally used to disagree with Mark on many issues and never had any comment censored, sure Mark would comment back with a counter argument and sometimes a well aimed insult, but that was just part of debate among differing view points and I often seen these interactions amongst others too.

    Sometimes my comments would just not appear or remain in moderation for a very long time but these comments were not always argumentative, a lot were statements of agreement and therefore I cannot conclude that these disappearances were an act of censorship otherwise all of my comments in agreement should have, following the logic of censorship, appeared.

    I know Mark was against death threats and personal attacks without any stated argument and therefore comments of that nature might have been removed and taking into account that one man ran this website and as such could not moderate and fix bandwidth induced errors in comment recording with timely action, nether could he censor 24 hours either.

    My point is not to take any sides on this matter as I don’t know anyone well enough to do that, nor do I feel the need to do so, I thought I would just try and gain an understanding of why some members feel the way they do on this matter.

      1. That is true of course. But what stops a determined troll from spawning an alternate account to keep on doing it again. Can there be a way to block their ISP address so they can’t continue their actions here? Or another way perhaps? I always wondered that about this site on a deterrent standpoint.

      2. but not all that @Empty refers to are trolls. I think what he’s getting at is…what are the protocols used in determining someone who will be put into the moderation pull or straight-up banned if they do not fit the definition of an authentic troll?

      3. Obliterator is right, my point was to clarify the reasons for peoples view points on this matter and maybe a better understanding of how comments are processed and sometimes lost as a matter of technical fault.

        I also think it’s a bit unfair and presumptuous to refer to those who would favour the “censored comments” argument as trolls, it also sets a dangerous precedent in that those who disagree with a stated proposition can be demonised and subject to character assassination as a means of terminating free thought without engaging in reasoned debate, kind of like what is happening to Mark right now.

        It may be a lack of computer related knowledge that has helped form some peoples perceptions on this matter, they may also have a genuine reason to believe that they have been censored, or it could be that they are just assholes, either way the key to finding out the truth and creating understanding and group cohesiveness is to allow debate and reasoned argument to take place.

        1. @Empty&Obli. I understand some of the members may be in the line of fire when it comes to disagreements. I totally understand this. And I’m sure it’s not going to be an easy task for moderation is concerned. But I was referring to the members that never contribute viable conversations about the topic or sub topic at hand. I.e. pavement ape to name one I can’t stand on this site and a couple of others I had the misfortune of attracting, with their lack of proper skills of conversation to one of my posts. And others just like these worthless tools that need to be either gone from here permanently, or given one chance to buck up and contribute properly. As far as the other members that can’t respond because of a technical fault, I can’t offer any insight into the problem except to hope for those members sake it gets resolved soon.

      4. @Empty and Obli. I understand all your points guy’s. I do. But my posts to Acneska was about the undesirables we have here from time to time. As for the other issues. I can’t know what to do about them. What can we offer as a solution?

        1. @Rude Monger, Sorry for not explaining myself better as I was drunk last night, my response was more directed at the blanket term of troll that is often used by many people on many websites to define those who are against a stated argument and to stop debate, it was not a personal attack on yourself.

          You are right though that there are certain individuals who would post comments only to annoy and cause friction because they derive fun from this kind of thing, but there are a few members who would come close to the above description as well without being the same, I think the best way to deal with them, for the most part, as skull_and_duggery said, is to ignore them.

      1. I think any comments rating system would be nice (thumbs up, thumbs down type) but that wont happen until Mark is back on the web. Anyone with too many thumb downs would get on a blacklist…

        1. That may work but it’s not fool proof. That type of system can still be abused. Plus if you are prone to disagree with others on the site because of a strong view point you may get thumbed down without proper reason. Unless there is something else that can make sure it’s not being used to defame one’s character simply because of their stance on an debate or other issue.

          1. Or if someone just plain doesn’t like someone. Seriously I think it should just stay the way it is! The min we have someone playing “God”- shit will get all crazy. We just need Papa back!

    1. Forget about the thumbs nonsense and as said, it’s too easy to click ‘stuff’.

      BG members are very astute and quickly pick up on bullshit from fuckwits who soon get pointed out and if need be, deleted.

    1. @skull. Don’t feel let out. I myself and I’m sure that dozens of others are having the same issue. I have lost track of many beautiful writings that no one will see, ever, because they teleported to the neitherworld never to be admired again. But God sakes, stopping now is not the answer man! 馃槢 Not now damn it. Besides the majority of those times I’ve either saw you go off or make a funny, I always got a good belly laugh out of it. Plus you do also make valid points on topics as well. So please don’t quit this place and continue your voice here. 馃檪

  22. Kick that guy to the curb. It doesn’t fit the real tone of this site, all it does is show he’s greedy. Let’s find a better person to handle the fund raising issue. The only thing to go out of that funding is the fees for sending it paypal.

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