Update on Mark and Notes on Growing Criminalization of Dissent

Update on Mark and Notes on Growing Criminalization of Dissent

Update on Mark and Notes on Growing Criminalization of Dissent

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

~Harry S. Truman in his Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950

It has come to our attention that the crown prosecutor who lead the prosecution of Mark Marek has been fired from the case and the case was given to a senior prosecutor with lots of experience. Writing on the wall has it that the reason the old prosecutor was fired (not from work, just from the case) was because Mark was granted bail and was released from prison. How utterly disturbing that?

In my recent post about the why the police are more dangerous to the public than criminals I have dedicated two paragraphs to the absurdity of prosecution in what I call “paper democracies” (tyrannical societies which despite being oppressive, are quite successful in masquerading themselves as democracies).

The assertion that the Canadian prosecutors don’t give a hoot about the innocence or guilt of civilians in their clutches, and only care about their conviction rate is further proven to be a fact by the alleged firing of prosecutor Julie Roy from Mark’s case. Mark was arbitrarily imprisoned, treated as guilty until proven innocent and had his fundamental human rights violated during the arrest under the fabricated breach of bail conditions, but none of that bothers anyone. All the authorities are bothered by is that Mark, despite having been unlawfully imprisoned, was eventually re-released on bail. That in their minds seems to be unacceptable, so the prosecutor who failed to ensure the unlawfully imprisoned man stays in prison, was fired from the case. Fuck justice. Fuck democracy. If the system of a down wants to silence a dissenting voice, they must make way to oppression and tyranny.

In my previous update on Mark I said that it remained to be seen just how fair and impartial judges were in Canada. Mark had another court date on October 10, 2013 during which his lawyer tried to vary his bail conditions which are intentionally so restrictive, as to ensure that he remains silenced, but they are also too restrictive to even allow him to look for accommodation.

In my opinion, it can be safely ascertained that Mark is not gonna get justice in Canada no matter what. In my opinion, based on this latest ruling, the judge had made up her mind long before Mark’s defence got a chance to present their case and picked the side accordingly. Afterall, she’s employed by the system and paid by the system, therefore I’m not sure why exactly I thought there could be true fairness and impartiality to be found in the courts, even when the accused is persecuted for political reasons.

Mark needs to totally go ahead with his suggestion to wear a kangaroo costume next time he goes to court. I mean – what does he have to lose? It’s not like he’s gonna get justice if he doesn’t…

The only thing that keeps the open season on Mark from going all out is the high media interest in his case. Even though this latest judge seemed to have known how she’s gonna rule beforehand, the bias would have been too blatant, with media representatives listening closely, if she also continued opposing Mark’s right to be allowed to access materials essential for his defence, so there was a tiny, but still very restrictive cave-in there.

All in all, with there being virtually no chance for Mark to get justice in Canada, we, the small but dedicated support team of Mark’s and Best Gore, lead by Vasily, Dr. Nasty and myself, with backing from The Anonymous (props to Cobra Commander from ARBCO Industries), and now a wave of support from our friends from Brazil, are gonna change our focus accordingly.

Report Finds Police Worldwide Criminalize Dissent, Assert New Powers in Crackdown on Protests

I also wanted to point out this recent report by the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations which details a global crackdown on peaceful protests through excessive police force and the criminalization of dissent – which we’re seeing a direct proof of here at Best Gore, especially in regards to the criminalization of dissent, cause that’s precisely what Mark’s persecution is about.

The report, “Take Back The Streets: Repression and Criminalization of Protest Around the World,” warns of a growing tendency to perceive individuals exercising a fundamental democratic right — the right to protest — as a threat requiring a forceful government response.

The case studies focused primarily on government’s reactions to peaceful protests in the United States, Canada, Israel, Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Hungary, South Africa and Britain.

In police state Canada, within a span of 36 hours, more than 1,000 people — peaceful protesters, journalists, human rights activists and downtown residents — were arrested and placed in detention during the nonviolently G20 Summit protest in Toronto.

Canada sure does a great job positioning itself as the world’s most tyrannical police state.

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    1. heck yeah Alaska….i just want to move there so i can smoke pot in peace, maybe smoke a vaporizer with a grizzly or somethin…..only thing is…its the exact opposite climate that i live in now(i live in the DEEP DEEP South…im pretty sure FD could relate)

  1. It’s such a bullshit case. Canada must be the most boring country on the face of the Earth if the authorities up there are so worried about giving somebody a hard time for “corrupting” morals.

    Our morals get corrupted down here in the U.S. every day by garbage like Hollywood, and rap music, and no one ever says a damn thing. (Because there’s money involved, of course.) If BG made money for Canada, not a word would be said.

    I don’t always agree with “M” on everything, but I think it sucks to see a guy being harassed by a government over some stupid shit like a murder video of a faggot killing a chink.

    1. Fuck sakes eh? Agree with your whole post FD. Especially the media turning our kids into wannabe sluts and gangbangers. I hate living in this time period(cept for video games) and my disdain is almost getting the better of me …lol

      1. I’m not trying to derail this post, but I’ll just say this, and let this be the end of it…because this post isn’t about nigger culture: I hope every piece of shit rapper out there is happy. They’re “livin’ large” at the cost of an entire generation. Fucking cultural thieves. Death to them all.

  2. Thanks for the update. Makes me feel shame as a Canadian. Recently there was a big flood in Calgary Alberta and nearby high river Alberta. Lots of damage but the point is the RCMP went in to the evacuateds LOCKED homes busted in and ransacked for firearms. No warrants , no warning. These are law abiding , tax paying citizens going through major shit already then the rcmp , claiming they were protecting from looters getting guns… ( they were the looters, and guarding the residential areas would have been fine) so they did b and e’s, property damage and theft!! On another note, the OPP ( Ontario cops) have a campaign of trading guns for a cheap olyimpia camera. In the press the cop said we aren’t targeting criminals ! They are simply trying to take away legallly owned guns not just pistols but hunting rifles and such , not to mention they will run ballistics on all turned in guns. What a crock of shit this is. This in no way deters criminals just makes regular folks easier to rob.

    1. Holy crap, RC07! Dumb question, but I have to ask: did those people who had their guns taken by the RCMP during the flooding get them back? If the RCMP gave their guns back, I could ALMOST believe their excuse for taking them. But I guess I know the answer…

        1. Oh yeah I forgot part of their excuse was looking for stranded people when everyone was already evacuated and nobody was allowed to return. In one of the temporary shelter camps they were banning people from having booze ! What are they, kids? Let em have some likker, they been through some shit losing their homes and shit.

          1. Wow, that sucks. Sorry it happened. (Makes me angry too, and I live in the States.) I bet it will cause people to be more creative about where they keep their guns.

    1. I wish that wouldn’t have seized his passport before he got away. I’m not sure if he was actually “running” at that point but he had scheduled a trip to his home country of Slovakia to visit family and if he wouldn’t of been caught before leaving, he’d be perfectly safe in Slovakia with his family and would probably have already gotten a new computer and we’d have him back while the Canadian government wouldn’t be able to do shit about it. Fuck them. I just want Mark back here so badly.

  3. In poultry farming the farmer will choose whether to use battery cages or whether to use the free range method, the end result is still the same, the livestock are still confined, controlled and consumed.

    Humanity farming is very much the same, the farmer will choose whether to use a dictatorship or the democratic method, again, the end result is the same, we are still confined, controlled and consumed.

    In farming there are times when individual livestock can cause problems for the farmer and the farmer has to separate them from the rest in order to keep control, the same goes for Humanity farming and Mark is a prime example.

    He was not satisfied with the farm for which he found himself in nor did he want to be commodified and so he sought to show up the perverse cruelty for which the farmed had grown accustomed to and the consumers had grown blind to.

    The conclusion, Mark will not get fair treatment in court because the courts are an instrument of those he admonishes and the law is developed by those he despises.

    The only form of support Mark should expect is from his fellow slaves but alas the slaves have long since developed Stockholm syndrome.

  4. Fucking sucks! I already knew he wouldn’t/won’t get the justice he deserves but like FD said above- Canada is lame in my book for the whole “corrupting morals” BS! Here in the states, my morals are “corrupted” on the daily! I know he can’t just flee- they’re watching him and on his back waiting for him to attempt a fuck up in any possible way. I seriously hope there’s some loop-hole he’s able to slip thru and get away from this and when and if so- run far the fuck away from Canada and don’t ever look back love!!! :/

  5. I joined this site a little over a year ago as a heartless bastard. I expected that this site would completely desensitize me to the human condition altogether. However, it seems that the opposite has happened. I actually feel more human since joining this site. I mean, I’m still a sick fuck and all but it seems there is more of a classiness to my misanthropy now rather than the redneck brutality I first appeared with. Thank you, M.

    1. I feel the same @Obli, when i discovered this site, all i cared about was watching the blood spurt, I thought the part of me that could feel empathy was fading and I would end up acting on my urge to see more. But over time, reading the comments from this community have made me see the world from a different perspective. The experiences people share have helped more than i ever thought. And even though ive only commented for the last month, I still feel this tremendous sense of family among everyone, and it is definitely humanizing! It was almost 2 years ago I first discovered this site, and since then I’ve become a better person. So definitely, Thank you M ! And thank you to the rest of you that make this site what it is!

        1. I don’t know where you hail from but yes, we could very well see are rights taken away even more. eventually I fear American government wont even bother to hide their oppression behind the curtain of democracy and just do “what’s best for us”.

    2. Well, I started out thinking of violence like they show in the movies, and this site actually helped me realize how organic it all really is. Dunno if that’s better for my fellow man or not, but who cares. I feel yah on the whole redneck violence mindset, I was raised around a whole melting pot of angry and violent white people. Thank you Texas.

  6. in Wadiya all protest and dissent is immediately CRUSHED by the iron fist of Aladeen. what is there to protest? Wadiya is paradise on Earth. we have the most beautiful cows, goats, pigs, dogs. our men are sexually satisfied. our women? well don’t ask about them.

  7. This is very worrying, in the UK draconian laws are already being used to stop potential protest organisers, using social media to try and organise a protest is a sure-fire way to find yourself incarcerated. Even if you do manage to get a protest going the public will not hear about it because the corrupt media will either completely ignore you or villainize you. Remember though, it’s not over till the fat lady sings so don’t right-off mark yet, positive vibes.

  8. earth is one huge entire fucking human farm ,whether we like it or not in some capacity we are all prisoners and bow fucking down . the biggest ruler of this earth is money/currency . its the ultimate ruler of mankind it dominates the entire fucking globe and dominates every single persons life ,whether someone likes it or not they are a slave to money. and they will remain a slave till they die. humans are sad and obedient creatures

  9. The things that could be accomplished with a time machine… Even though I know for a fact that our species will never be able to even come close to making one. You could take care of both this kind of shit and even personal issues in a very short period of time. Blame Canada, it’s not even a real country anyways.

    Whatever happens to Mark, I am sure there will be a resolution. Whether he “disappears” from the face of the Earth and everyone loses their shit. Or he is able to get away from Canada. Either way, something will change. Even slightly.

  10. Thanks for the update @Acneska, and thanks to all those responsible for helping keep the site up and running. I had a positive outlook on things going into this, but am starting to realize how fucked up Canadian law is. I find solace in the fact that M has the truth on his side. Just hope that’s enough since he seems to be playing against a stacked deck.

  11. I have a question I hope somebody in here can answer, would there be a chance for me to be targeted and watched because I’m on this website? im new to posting and I think some of the shit I say on here would get them watching me… Somebody let me know…please

      1. Your right. fuck ’em I’m supposed to have free speech so I will say whatever I want. I was worried because of a affiliation I have with a certain group and my recent purchase of a firearm. I bet they label me a “homegrown” terrorist because I got the “dreaded” Ar 15.

  12. By now, most people know that the Jews are our common enemy. But do you know who is even worse than the Jews? The Freemasons. The reason the Freemasons are worse is because it is our own people who join and willingly serve the Jew. So, all these cops, judges, and lawyers who are persecuting Mark, are members of our own race who are attacking Mark on behalf of the Jews who control Freemasonry. All you white European men out there who are members of freemasonry are pathetic. You are betraying your own race and brothers, and have sided with the evil antichrist Jews, the people who are destroying your own culture and brainwashing your race through their control of the media. That also applies to all of you white women who have joined the Eastern Star. Whites that join Masonry are the most dangerous enemy we have. Our own people are betraying us for money and power.

  13. Here’s something I don’t understand: The post mentions the “high media interest” in Mark’s case. Yet, when I do a search for news articles on Mark Marek,, I find nothing in the media since the reports of his arrest and re-arrest arrest in August and getting bail thereafter. Does anyone else find it strange the lack of news coverage of his case? Or am I just not looking in the right place?

    1. Maybe it was one of the desperate guys you were commenting on earlier trying to silence you. LOL

      Seriously, people are bitches, and if someone really did try to hack an account of a user on here, why not just be a Man about it and make a statement with words instead of cowardly tactics?

  14. Frankly it seems to me that canadas case agInst mark is weak though he was basically found guilty and is being forced to prove his innocence i feel like in the end mark will prevail these are just jew stateist tactics to punish him before they fail and lose the case…14 to all my brothers and mark!

  15. I don’t know much about Canadian court but I wouldn’t worry about this too terribly much. If Mark has a good enough lawyer he won’t serve much prison time, if any at all. I think what I’m worried about is Best Gore going away. I was going to send a donation but am hesitant because I don’t wanna donate and the site get taken down.

    1. ladywicked, This is a Canadian based web site, even though the server is in the U.S., so it’s subject to Candian laws. The other gore sites must not be Canadian, or they’d be having legal problems too.
      Last year, Quebec Special Effects artist and film maker, Remy Couture, was arrested for the same charges . He beat them and was found Not Guilty, which is what gives me hope in this situation. There’s a post about Remy somewhere on here.

  16. This sucks for mark i hope he has a good lawyer if not he should find one when shit gets deep like this gotta fight law with law im sure there a loophole somewhere i wish him luck and hope to see him back on the net soon .we still got your back mark all the way

  17. This is all very interesting, but it is just a huge red herring.

    Mr. Marek’s problems stem not from the authorities, but from Zionists.

    Once a person is on the Zionist list of individuals to take note of, he is doomed.

    1. Unfortunately, no more gore here, just political bullshit. I’ve been here for many years for gore only, not for this political paranoia. RIP Bestgore. Going back to The YNC, the only worth mentioning gore site left. Best luck to Marckk.

  18. This kind of shit has been going on with increasing frequency here in the U.S.. As socialism encroaches upon our once free and prosperous country, the left has decided to start reclassifying citizens as “potential terrorists” and “dissidents” simply for their choosing not to agree with the corrupt powers in charge. We need another bloody and violent revolt in this country, just like our forefathers did against the oppression of England. It’s sad to know that this crap is going on in Canada, as I always felt they were basically like the stoners of world, always chill and laid back.

    1. I’m with you on fomenting a national revolt in the U.S. We need it badly. Everyone is corrupt and it’s all about me, me, me. Greed is rampant. My comments haven’t been getting posted and I don’t know why.

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