Best Of What People Searched For to Land on Best Gore

Internet Censor Sheep

As Students of Best Gore, we get a glimpse of how dangerous and fucked in their heads the sheep really are on an ongoing basis. The sheep are responsible for more deaths per day than Mexican drug cartels, flip flops wearing Da Silva assassins on motorcycles and Sunni jihadists in the Middle East account for in a year. The world is a dangerous place because the sheep makes it dangerous. They are the single deadliest gang in the world.

Because Best Gore exposes the sheep for who they really are, the sheep use their combined bleeping force to discredit the website any way they can. On the pages of Best Gore I expose child rapists, cold blooded murderers, drunk drivers and the likes. It’s natural that child rapists, cold blooded murderers, drunk drivers and the likes would feel compelled to attack me and discredit the site.

People who support Best Gore are responsible citizens who don’t recklessly or intentionally put lives of others in danger. It’s natural that they wouldn’t join the ranks of the sheep who attack the website because like me, they are the victims of evildoing sheep and like me, they want them exposed for who they are.

As of July 2012, Best Gore is used by 4 Million people a month (4 Million+ unique IPs). About 50% access the site directly, either through bookmarks on their local machines or by typing into their browser. That’s 2 Million aware individuals who don’t live with rose colored shades on their faces. Sure, we’re a drop in the ocean against billions of sheep, but we have the advantage of living in reality.

The other 2 Million end up on Best Gore indirectly – either by following links on other websites (about 13%) or by being referred to Best Gore by the search engines. And thanks to the script which tracks what people searched for to land here, we can see how many of them were the sheep.

The sheep are dangerous, fucked in the heads hypocritical pieces of shit. They yap at Best Gore when other sheep are around, but when nobody’s watching, they let their true colors shine. And Best Gore being the undisputed front runner in sheep busting won’t stand idly by. On this page we’ll expose the sick fucks who are the sheep by publishing what they search for when they think we’re not watching.

It is easy to tell which search terms were used by the sheep because their search phrases are as sick and repulsive as the sheep themselves. If what people searched for to land here makes your stomach turn, it’s from the sheep. How can I say that? Easy – students of Best Gore come to the website directly as they have for years. They are well aware of the content the website provides and do not go out of their way to search for “7 year old vagina fingered” like the sheep do.

Let’s hear it S.O.B.’s. Post the “Best Of What People Searched For to Land on Best Gore” in the comments below. Here are a few which I picked up in just a few minutes of checking out the latest posts:

  • www child fucking mother pics on the post with dead children from Afghanistan
  • forced nude photography on the post of the execution of German spy by US firing squad
  • a 15 year old raped me porn and strangled xxx porn beauties on the JonBenet Ramsey post
  • MUTILATED NUDE WOMEN SYERIA and show dead women pussys on the post of pregnant woman being autopsied
  • naked child groin torture on the post of the guy shot in the groin on a COTA bus in Ohio

Props to √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ ™ for the Internet Censor-Sheep graphic.

Vincit omnia veritas – one day people will know that I was right!


180 thoughts on “Best Of What People Searched For to Land on Best Gore”

  1. Dead men with hard ons: free sexual asphyxiation.

    I know that Im new to this site and I plan on contributing as much as my time and of course mind will allow me. First of all I want to give Mark all the credit he deserves for opening not only mine, but countless others eyes to what is out there in out world. Your humor and wit has me constantly coming back and checking for more. I read your manafestoes to some of my friends and we just laugh our asses off, your truely a legend.
    As for this latest trend you have come out with, another peice of genious. Whats worse than someone brutalizing a small child? Nothing, but the next worse thing is searching for said related topics to end up here. These people are just as out of tune with realality as the rest of the censor happy general public.
    Free sexual asphicsiation to end up here? Go fucking take a knife slit your stomach open and strangle yourself with your small intestine you sick fuck.

    From Canada

  2. I’ve not been a member of Best Gore for that long but I just want to say thank you to Mark and all the other contributors for making the effort to prove to people that this shit does happen and it’s never going to stop. For as long as the Earth still spins people will still continue to commit these acts of carnage. I have been in acceptance of this stuff since I was about 12, but there’s people out there that can’t stand the thought of dead children, or murdered families, or anything else to do with the reality of this world, but they need to open their eyes and realize that it happens. So, thanks for Best Gore and all that it stands for <3

    1. Did you hear that by 2023 the “Mars One” company plans on having people living on mars? They plan on landing 20 people between 2023 and 2036 or something to live on Mars for the rest of their lives, and to top it off they are going to make it a reality tv show. Just wait, the sheep will eat it up, then eventually there will be a point in time where one of the settlers snaps, goes ape shit, and then we will have a “One Lunatic on Mars” post on bestgore lol.

    2. Seriously? You see a few photos and videos on-line and you think that you have an iron stomach when it comes to the deaths of children? Perhaps if you actually saw a little 9 year old girl cut down by a car whilst crossing the zebra lines with her mother and seeing her blood splattered over 50 meters like I have, you would actually feel something. Until you have known death first hand like that, you’ve no right to talk.

  3. “Hairy dead asian pussy” Or something of the sort, is the one that has always stuck with me. Ugh. Anything to do with children and sex, and trying to get off, is so disgusting words can’t describe it, yet I see it tons on here.
    I just type “b” in my search bar and this site is the first one to come up, since I’m always here. I need to bookmark this site, been here….almost a year. lol. But I never use bookmarks anyways.
    I still love you Mark, even though I’ve been having internet problems past few months and haven’t been here as much I’d like to/am used to.

    You never disappoint me!

  4. Hi I’m Brako. Multiple time viewer, first time signer uppper. Ha!

    The only vids I won’t watch are the murder vids. Not into seeing an innocent being f**king tortured and then posting a stupid comment after watching.

    More into the suicide stuff, horrific accidents type of stuff. So thank you to Mark for putting this type of footage up for me to access.

    1. Agreed. I cant watch the beheading videos or anyother murder clips…it makes me feel dirty.
      Im new to the site as well.
      I got lured in by blue waffle and got hooked by the suicides and accidental deaths.
      Thanks BG

    2. Haha, I was the same first 3-4 months. Couldn’t bring my self to watch any of the torture/beheading videos but now I don’t have a problem watching them although I still watch them without sound but maybe that will change as well in a few months lol.

      Anyway welcome to BG!

      1. I decided to rush into the sound of a beheading video and I quickly regret it, but it’s sadly reality. I’m glad someone is getting this stuff out here so people know whats going on. I’ve been to places where they do stuff like beheading but, i’ve only seen the aftermath not the actual thing.

    3. I can watch all the murder vids if they’re people killing people. When that piece of shit Luka Magnotta posted the videos of the kittens i couldn’t even imagine wanting to watch it. The rest of the shit on here makes my dick hard. metaphorically speaking of course

      1. totally agree
        the thing that really disturbs me and gets me furious is when an animal is killed. For the people… well, shit happens.
        I am a newborn here but I follow regularly bestgore for about a year or more
        I always feel the need to see the twofaced reality

  5. “Burnt baby faces” “Gore abusing young girl’s naked bodies” Weird indeed,i mean i never look for a specific type of gore, By the way,can “Fat people jumping to death” be catalogued in here too? no? ok,i just wanted to show how fucking hilarious it sounds,sorry.

  6. The Sheep are a pack of nasty bastards (Nods to Master666)…

    Some of the shit they search for turns my stomach… Usually it is “DEAD NAKED GIRL TIT OF SOUTH AFRICA” or something totally fucking bizarre.

    Fuck ’em all.

    1. Here’s the thing… Most of them don’t know. They are blind because they can’t see. Their minds are shielded from reality. We’ve lost that ability to stand out and question. It has been raped from us. To see like this, in a new light, is a gift.

  7. The “What people searched for” segments make me laugh.

    This was from the JonBenet post on what people searched:
    “Murdur photos girl”
    “a 15 yr old raped me porn”
    “Iranian girl ass fuck”
    “Fake sex with dead body tube”

  8. Children pussi pictures …W.T.F. ? This was under what ( sheep ) searched for on the dead baby in pepsi bottle post. Obviously a fuckin sheep child molester. Too bad we could not trace those to find & destroy these cockroach , scum of the planet , chunks o vomit , degenerates ..

  9. A young man watched the chainsaw cartel beheading video and was making a video review of it right after. He was very upset and said he had vomited from it. His reaction was that “google needs to control what we see” because people should not be “allowed” to watch this shit. He also said that anyone who watches it for gore factor is a scumbag. He said that people should be able to go to youtube to watch happy things. No one made him watch the video. The young man failed to realize that not everyone watches things for entertainment or happy times. Reality is not always happy and I think people should be informed. Interesting that his immediate reaction was, “I don’t like it, so NO ONE should be able to watch it!” This the typical American way. I believe ALL CENSORSHIP IS WRONG! I agree people should be forewarned if a video is graphic or whatever, but people should be able to CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES what to watch.

    1. Woah woah woah, “typical American way”???
      You realize less than half of Americans actually support the government decisions right?

      I was enjoying your comment up until that point. Your argument is completely valid up until the point in which you became as ignorant as the ‘young man’ you’re bitching about.

      1. I was also enjoying his post , until i saw Americans being blamed again. As ,RAMMFAN says , most Canadians and Americans are pissed at their governments. I go camping in northern NY states , Westcott beach, near Watertown and i spent many of nights with these americans ,shooting the shit over tons of cocktails , after doing so for over ten years i noticed that they are a lot like us canadians ,good fuckin people ,that being said , i wish people would stop generalizing and blame only the individual assholes whether there canadian or american.

        1. One thing, actually two things that bother me about American politics/not the people, the politicians….one, there always seems to be an election going on, which doesn’t affect us all that much, and it is all over the english media/not so much in the french, we get more local news on french tv. But it’s splashed all over our media, and two, if, in two years time, the new president hasn’t cleaned up everything the former administration has left behind/the Iraq war was a colossal mess, based on WMD, which never were found, bullshit…so many lives lost based on a lie. They also expect the allied countries to jump in,if we don’t we’re cowards. Maybe one day we’ll need our military. And we’d like to keep our troops here, living until war is absolutely necessary. Obama is being called everything except but a black man for not cleaning up the mess the terms of both sr and jr bush/oil barons, hmmmm…wonder why the middle east….

          1. I really have to say.Are the Bush’s war mongers? Yes. Was Saddam and Osama evil dirty fucks that killed many innocent people? Yes. Honestly does anyone give a fuck about those “sand nigger’s” (seen this phrase on here) kill each other and use children to blow up their enemy? No. So stop hating on Bush because he’s the only one who stood up to this bullshit like all the Americans wanted right after 9/11. The oil? Well that’s a bonus! Further more, Canadian troops are not on the offensive, they are there to maintain borders and “peace keep” All those douche bags know that and attack them anyway. No kidding, If I was over there and one of these evil fucks sent a child walking up to me strapped with explosives, I’d blow the little fucker away too!! Just saying

          2. Everybody forgets that the U.N. made the U.S. give Iraq a 6 month warning before the inspection. Just saying. Also everyone was totally ready to go kick some rag head ass after 9/11 until everybody calmed the fuck down & it fell out of Vogue.

        2. You know I think I’ve made myself an alliance with Dre on this site.
          Obviously someone with similar views on most subjects.

          Also, Watertown? Thats only 3 hours from where I reside. I used to have family living there.
          I’d deffinitely throw back some drinks and horseshoes with ya Dre.

          1. You,re on @ Ramfan, Summer 2013. We will be travelling through Northern U.S. for many camping trips along the Great-Lakes shores. I would love to have some pints with a B-G bro !

    2. I’ll have you know that the $$$ that the Mexican cartel used to make that video came from American drug addicts. & as a long time member of this group, I am proud of my small contribution in the making of the gripping, intense, real life drama that is the Mexican Chainsaw Massacre.

      1. Ok this one is from the dead men with hardons, lol….
        dead men with hard ons photos
        women hanging to death
        biggest olympic penises
        olympic man penis 2012 nude
        real pictures of sexual disaster
        asphyxia porn hanging
        pict of penis
        asphyxia women videos
        real photo of murder cut of head
        gay asphyxiation contact, some of these are rather….odd….

  10. I m following BG from Jan what i enjoy most is the follow up story, it shows the ground reality which you won’t find in news. Most of the time we don’t see gore in real life which tends to alienate us from the reality that shit can happen to us too. In fact i m more careful now when i ride my bike thanks to u all. And the funny thing is that the witty comments of mark and all you fellow gorians totally changed my mind set toward death and all that shit happening around us.

    1. Well I was lucky my dad served as a sniper for the 22 regiment if there is any canadians/french canadians thwy would would know what I am talking about but when I wanted to join the military he didnt sugar coat shit all. and that helped me. I think that everyone needs to see this type of stuff cause we only improve when we are scared shitless and its nwhy when I saw my best friend lose his arm I went into prostetics know only if the mass produced carbon nano tubes shit would be much easier

  11. Necrophilia was one which caught my attention a while back because I didn’t actually know what the word meant. The dictionary informs me that it’s a sexual act with a dead body. Whatever floats your boat I suppose, just be careful some rotten cunt doesn’t split on you because I doubt that it’s legal.
    But here’s the thing, this site opens your eyes to all sorts of depravities/corruption that you won’t find mentioned by our democratically elected governments or our so called free press and media. I come here not just for the gore, but to see how dishonest and underhand politicians can be and how low some so called members of the human race can sink. It’s called real life and it stinks. Unfortunatly the sheep can’t handle real life and would rather have this site removed from the internet than face the truth.
    Let me quote to you word for word a comment I’ve come across from a lady who has signed a petition hoping to have Best Gore shut down.
    “It is sick : / I’m not a prude but there are abused animals and people on this site…it’s HORRIFIC…I think people who get off on it should be in mental institutions…they should make special ones for sadistic freaks. I am scarred for life after watching some compilation of some crazy men chopping up their genitals…I didn’t mean to watch it, it was accidental…I AM DISGUSTED…AGHH : (some people I swear to god : /)”
    So you accidentally didn’t read the home page and accidentally didn’t click on the puppy. You accidentally didn’t read Marks introduction to the clip which would have told you what you were about to view. And you accidentally clicked the play button.
    You hypocritical bitch.
    Let’s be honest here, you were curious (a natural human instinct), but you couldn’t handle what some men freely do to their three-piece suite and for that you want this site removed.
    Just fuck off and stick your head back in the sand where it belongs, and leave others who can accept the real world for the shit hole it actually is alone!

      1. Reminds me of a video blog by some Canadian DJ I saw about a week ago. She was ranting on about how Mark should be arrested (since Canada was threatening to arrest him over the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video). She didn’t just belittle Mark, she belittled the people who actually support this site. We’re all idiots! Or so she said. It’s a shame we can’t be as closed minded and ignorant as most of the morons that are “scarred” by this site. It’s sick how we laugh or make sarcastic comments about some of the dumb shit people do to end up dead. You’re damn right I laughed at the Houdini wannabe chick that drowned herself in the bath tub or the dude who tried to commit suicide with the end result of blowing his forehead off. You do something stupid + You end up dead = Funny shit. That’s what you get for being a moron. From the great words for The Joker, “Why so serious?” Apparently, we made Luke Magnotta kill Lin Jun all for the fame b/c we supported him killing cats. Mark being the one held responsible because he created this site. I support him 100%, because he doesn’t cover shit up. What you get from Best Gore is 100% raw. It happens EVERYDAY, what is the point of covering it up? Not seeing it going to make the world a better place? I don’t fuckin’ think so! Folks are in for a rude awakening. I log onto this site everyday, several times a day. I refuse to be closed minded to what really goes on in this fucked up world. If this makes me a sadistic sick fuck, so be it.

        1. I doubt that Mark would face charges, the way the video was posted, and a lot of people believing it was fake. Newspaper article, clearly states that the police were informed of a “possible” videotaped homocide, viewed the video themselves and chalked it up as a phony, four days before the arrival of package number one arriving a Tory headquarters. The cops are the ones who look stupid here, they didn’t act on a tip. They saw it with their own eyes and didn’t bother to investigate. They want that one brushed under the carpet quick. If they arrest him, both montreal and toronto police open themselves up to serious scrutiny. Think about it.

          1. Oh, I’m fully aware and agree with you completely. The lady’s rant is what got to me. Her argument was biased and stupid. My S/O doesn’t even care for Best Gore, but he knows I’m into it. When the video was playing, I got up to go do something real quick, and I could hear him say.. “SHUTUP!” and closed the video out. Made me chuckle.

  12. To the sheep from your little Nazi…

    I despise all flocks of SHEEP! Mindless bleeping following a shepherd they are actually clueless about because they lack individual thought. Following a fictional thought inspired by someone else’s.

    Someone says one fabricated statement and there they are flocking together, mindlessly bleeping among each other.

    What do elephants use when they are on their period?


    Mit deutschem GruB (I don’t know how to make the squiggly B)
    Heil Hitler
    Sieg heil!!!

    Stupid sheep need to just bend over and let their shepherd fuck them so they would SHUT UP!

  13. ??? ????? ??? was in what people searched for to land on “The Miracle of Birth ? Woman Delivers Alone in a Hot Tub”.

    I went on Google Translate. From Arabic to English is was “Photos and birth sex”.

    What in the… My goodness.

        1. I had Russian hamsters that did that.

          The mammy hamster was giving birth and the daddy hamster was trying to get some furry fucky… sick bastard.

          I felt so sorry for the mammy hamster. It was the first time I ever punched a hamster.

  14. I first got into BEST GORE while searching for a hi res version of Gustave Moreau’s painting “The Apparition” .At that time I believed it was named after it’s theme (the beheading of John the Baptist), so I was googleing something like “Moreau John the Baptist BEHEADING”……I ended up finding lots of BEHEADINGS that weren’t precisely John the Baptist’s, but of other equally reelevant cultural icons like Manuel Mendez Leyva, Barnabas Gamez Castro…..

  15. It does amaze me people even type these searches in, I mean best gore is my favourite site, I found it trying to find info for an article on el chapo :), but anyway even if I was looking for “birth sex” ” big olypmic or penises ” or “child raped/porn” I wouldn’t even have the balls to type it into any search engine for fear of some alert going off to some agency, and I/we are meant to be the sick ones.

  16. Thank you for acknowledging the creepy things people search for, As it’s always more disturbing than the posts. It’s funny, and by funny I mean sick/sad, how they try to cover up how fucked up they are by misspelling words like “child pussi diks” or rearrange the words out of order. “prepubescent pussy has”. This world has some pretty weird ass people…

  17. I am just glad you explained the “what people search for” section bc it never made sense
    I found this site while reading scary stories & googled the story to see if it were true or an urban legend & here I am months later!
    I tell myself since I’m a nurse I should be able to stomach most of what I see but it’s hard to believe so manu do not value life like I do

  18. I came across this site when a friend of mine sent me the picture of the fellow with the tattoo “hard to kill” sitting up with a knife 3″ into his face. Stunning! As an old fan of Ogerish and (when I was a wee lad of 18-19) I was thoroughly excited to find this outlet for REAL reality. Thanks, Mark. You’ve reminded me just how delicate human life is and just how monstrous the sheep can be.

    1. wow that rings back some memories. BG is much more informal thanks to Mark. I love the fact that there is a story behind each photo or video.. And now I finally know what the “sheep search” is all about? More disgusting perverts and chomos out there than I thought. Time to round up ye’ ol’ posse. Do a reverse search on these faggots. And kick some fuckin ass like the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Absolutely disgusting. The fact that sheep are out there searching for these things is exponentially more disturbing than any reality we’ve seen here. And It’s 50-50? Half BG members half sheep?

  19. I just have to type “underdevelope labia ” and it takes me directly to you Mark . You are the best !!! please don’t ever get married … this site will get boring if you start having fun with pussy .

  20. “Man Sucks Childs Dick”
    “Animal Testicles Photos”
    “A 15 Year Old Raped Me”

    Those are just a few I have seen on the “What people searched for to land here” thing on videos. I once saw a search that said something along the lines of “Fucking 2yr Old Pussy”

    This shit is sick. You should upload videos of Child Molesters being murdered.

  21. Thanks for the post, I was wondering what sick fucks were searching that shit. Some made me laugh but others not so much. I can watch anything out there but WILL NOT EVER search for that shit or ever be into it. I love anatomy and this site has brought me the best, freshest out there. Fucking sheep are making us look like sick fucks; they’re one of the biggest reasons sites like this are rare and must be fought for. The squeamish and those trying to censor reality are just waiting for it to hit them square in the gonads.

  22. I just saw some sick searches, such as:

    Baby pussy gore
    www child pussy photo
    Best gore child pussy
    videos of full term abortion
    killings of pusses and porns best gore

    Truly there are some extremely sick people in this world. How the fuck could anyone want to see “baby pussy gore”? Like what the fuck, are you kidding me? What kind of monster wants to see or create that kind of shit? Fuck that, and fuck who ever searched for that. Those people need to be castrated and prohibited from being able to procreate, those sick fucking fucks!

  23. I saw “samall boy rape samall girl pics” in the Rape and Murder of Elin Krantz thread. I’m almost as appalled by the spelling errors as I am by the pedophilia.

    I can’t, for the life of me, understand these sickos – coming from someone who enjoys looking at dead and dying people. Leave the kids alone 🙁

  24. The “land here” section is something I try to scroll past because to me, it is more disturbing thinking about what kind of sad excuse for a human being could wanna see a child raped etc. Trying to analyze and think of that shit is more diaturbing than the actual content on the page. Of course, curiosity gets the better of me. And these fuck heads have the audacity to point their sausages at the regulars on this websites? Fucking sick fucks.

  25. Thank you Mark for your time and dedication to this wonderful site. You’ve satisfied my craving for the truth of what happens in the world in terms of death, suicide, etc. that I have been searching for since forever! Thank you and thank you to all of the members who share and spread the gory visual evidence that humans are the deadliest weapons on earth known to man.

  26. Thank you Mark for this wonderful site. You’ve satisfied my craving for the truth of the world in terms of death, suicide, etc. Thank you and thank you to all of the members who share and spread the gory visual evidence that humans are the deadliest weapons on earth known to man.

  27. 1 lunatic 1 icepick brought me here (by a well known news-site), it was the first things i noticed, ‘what people looked for’ and sometimes i posted it below, first i though it was a sick joke or something, but it seems to be real which is turning my pizza back up, anyway, i’m gratefull that i found this website, sometimes it’s very educative + all the latest news of the world in details & truth, it cannot be better, keep it up mark

  28. Well said this has opened my eyes to what truly is out there in the world unlike some people who can’t stand to watch these videos, should be watching them because it practically educates you to know what type of people are out there and how sick and twisted they to do this kind of stuff.

    I am happy to say i am new member and will support this site….

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