Afghanistan Combat Video – Soldier Steps on IED

Afghanistan Combat Video - Soldier Steps on IED

This helmet cam video shows the realism of war in Afghanistan. The victim gets blown by an IED and suffers from severe trauma to his face and limbs. I don’t think any vital organs were mortally wounded by the explosion so the soldier would have likely survived, though the video doesn’t show what exactly happened to him after medivac. Even if he survived, he’s gonna need facial transplant, his eye sight will suffer severely and at least one of his legs will have to be amputated.

It would appear that it was an Afghan man who got blown by that IED, not an American soldier (interpreter is needed to ask the wounded soldier to sit still), which would explain why despite sustaining severe wounds, he’s taking it like a true champ, without whining and crying like a wimp. The explosion quite likely busted out his ear drums rendering him temporarily (if not permanently) deaf – not to mention the utmost pain this type of ear bust involves. Facial muscles are also full of fine nerve endings so large scale facial trauma also quite likely induced severe pain. It’s probably only high levels of adrenaline that prevented him from experiencing unbearable pain but the day(s) after must have been excruciating.

10 years of occupying the country with unmanned drones, satellite guided missiles and billion dollar intelligence fighting a force that doesn’t even have tanks or any other advanced weaponry, nevermind remote controlled drones or satellite guided missiles and this is where it got them. And then you have this big eared fool who escalated this war instead of ending it like he promised to fool the sheep with. The video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Afghanistan Combat Video – Soldier Steps on IED”

  1. Good to see the aMERICAN’Ts getting as good as they give.
    Don’t think I am being uncompassionate to my brother human being.
    Of course I feel for the guy & his family.
    But I’m sick of the yanks gung-ho arrogance & “Team america, World Police” attitude.
    Not even Alexander the Great defeated the proud Afghani people.
    It makes me laugh to see this buffoons fucking it up so royally.
    Well there goes another few million tax dollars for this guy’s surgery & re-habilitation.
    GLUG, GLUG, GLUG hear the sound of these demons pouring the resources of our planet down a bottomless pit!
    By the way, I think the Taliban are arseholes too.
    They have taken a forward thinking reason-centered religion & twisted it to their own ends for their own desires, & allowed greedy, ignorant pigs use THEM as a symbol for the way of PEACE through SUBMISSION (to the universal law, call it Allah, the Tao or whatever you will).
    Their punishment will be all the greater in the hereafter.
    I spit upon all of these self righteous fools who miss the message that although the Great Spirit’s Messanger had to be involved in bloodshed as was his fate. He cried for the suffering of humanity & much like The Buddah, emphasisised compassion.
    But also brought NEW knowledge that was not required at the time that the Great Spirit sent The Buddah.
    “Do not waste water, even when you are at the riverside” From Tradition of Muhammad upon whom (along with ALL of mankind’s revered spiritual leaders, saints & shamans down through the mists of time) be PEACE.
    Peace, Submission to Eternal law & CONSERVATION of our environment & ourselves!
    Still like others before them, people will maybe wander through some enduring monuments left by these arrogant dogs & wonder much as we do at the pyramids today.
    Pharoah, LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!

  2. while i appreciate the attempt at making a political jab, you could have came up with something better than the big ear comment. maybe if the former administration would have committed the proper amount of soldiers in the first place it wouldnt have become the longest war in american history.

  3. Hey fleshripper

    In your blind hatred of America, you obviously didn’t realize that the person who was injured was actually an Afghani soldier, and not an American.

    God your ignorance is funny.

    1. Do you think he could be that stupid???If in that 30min vid,he did not realised that the injured man was an Afghan…I have no word.The US soldier was even asking someone to make the translation!!!
      One thing is sure he (fleshripper) is a patronizing demagogue.

      And NO,I am not an American.

  4. I feel sorry for that guy. No matter where he comes from he was injured for no good reason…Did I mention that I hate weapons like those “step on it and BOOM”-things?

    I’m getting more and more misantrophic through pages like BG 😀 Some Alien should throw a fucking huge bomb on this damn planet ._. (saving the animals before maybe)

  5. For 1, if u look at my comment the word ear is not even mentioned.
    2, the nationality of the soldier is of no impotance, he is fighting a lost cause.
    3, I do not hate america, or its ppl.
    I DO hate the sponsors of ignorance & along with its master, israel, the financiers of evil & destruction.
    Our planet is a living being of which we are an integral part.
    When YOUR body catches a disease, which in & of itself is merely an imbalance, how then does it respond?
    How long do u think our Sacred Mother Earth will tolerate us ripping out HER flesh before She responds in a simillar manner?

  6. Bottom line is we the people of the US need to get out of there. Our kids are dieing and nothing is happening. I don’t see any freedom. Hay another Vietnam. We need to stop fighting for everyone else and do more for our people. We are where we should not be. Bring our Troops home now!!!!!

  7. The worst enemy is boredom. You get paid to sit on your ass watching a patch of desert week after week, and nothing happens. Not all the training in the world can defeat boredom. You know not to make mistakes, like using the obvious path or picking up some box full of papers left in a house, but when you’re bored witless, the training goes to shit.

    And there’s nothing to do. Literally. You can go eat with the locals and talk a bit (if you know some of the language), even drop by a party, but it’s never good. You know most there resent the fact that you’re there. That if you lower your guard, something bad’s going to happen. So the whole thing feels fake, forced, and eventually you stop trying.

  8. As fucked up as this shit is and all, I’m American but I really hate America, it’s military, and what the country has become. This is just my opinion so if people want to flame me about it, go right ahead, I could give a fuck less. If you want to feel sorry for ‘Americans’, why don’t you feel sorrow and sympathy for the REAL Americans, those who lived in America long before the invading horde of filth who turned the country into what it is today. The Native Americans who died, were killed off, and had their own damn land ripped from their hands, and are stuck on small patches of their own damn land, living in extreme poverty, constantly being lied to and tricked by these savage Caucasian fucktards. THOSE are the REAL Americans. Look at the greedy government, and these wealthy faggot fuckers supporting the wars and spending money that we don’t even fucking have to begin with (due to being trillions and trillions of dollars in fucking debt and owing all this money to various countries like China and Japan etc) on weapons and armor and stupid shit for the soldiers who are so-called ‘fighting for our freedom and the rights to be Americans’ and all that bullshit in a war overseas, fighting in some desert fuckhole of a country. Haven’t we fucked up enough of the world in the past wars (Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc)? Fuck America. I spit on the fucking flag of a land ruled by a bunch of greedy corrupted savage and dirty fucking stinking pigs.

    1. If it’s so fucked up, leave and move to your mecca…………oh that’s right, you’re the type of guy who could have it all and still bitch, but to fucking lazy to do anything about it. I’ve been all over the world and there is no place better than America………it aint perfect………but spit on our flag in front of me and i’ll wrap it around your throat and crank it until your fucking eyes pop out.

      Continue to have a fucked up day

  9. Well said, fleshripper. Definitely agree with you.

    These cowardly Americans probably only employ Afghan soldiers as front line pawns. This fellow was ordered by an American to move forward through potentially dangerous territory to help them see if the path is cleared.

  10. My god…I just. I’ve always know how horrible war is..but to see that…first hand. I have such a new respect for soldiers. This the the only video..ever, to leave me speechless. I’m just…in awe. It’s not the gore, that was very tame, nothing like that shocks me or affects me. It was just..the situation, and the realism, and the first hand view and..I don’t know how they have the courage to do that. And I’ve seen the worst of the worst. The fact that these guys do this everyday…this is their lives. My god. Idk why but this video effected me really deeply. I am curious why they were trying to save him since he was an Afgan doesn’t really matter why. And this is just one incident, in one war..out of the millions through history…I seriously have such a new and massive respect for soldiers.

    Q-1 Why was the one soldier in view kneeling on the ground digging?
    (maybe he was looking for something Or maybe he was trying to look busy)
    Q-2 What stop the two soldiers from walking through that choke point?(maybe something they seen like unnatural terrain, loose dirt or a pile of loose rocks like the ones I could see in the video)
    Q-3 is there a longer version of this video? (even a few minutes before the blast, the video starts 50 seconds before the action VERY SUSPICIOUS)

    Note- the camera mans focus on that corner and the afgan soldier even when the afgan soldier is out of view
    Note- the camera man catches the blast turns away and looks back before the body could touch the ground (almost like he expected it)
    Note- the camera mans body language/head movement.

    Now pretend you are the camera man and you know what is about to happen.
    You can see his thoughts in his movements (video starts 00:01 This is going to be sweet!, can wait to show all my buddies, this is going to be sweet 00:15 oh here he comes!, 00:17 I should take a step back, this is going to be sweet!, 00:24 I shouldn’t stare i’ll give it away I’ll look down, 00:33 don’t act suspicious look normal , 00:39 oh shit here he come this will be good,00:43 did he go yet, 00:46, 00:47 can wait getting ancy, 00:49 there he goes!

    then the soldier walks up to the afgan doesn’t run and is not concerned about the american soldier other than “u good sarg” same goes for the other american, sarg was not concerned about his soldier ether because
    they both knew what was about to happen.


  12. Ugh how frustrating!! I hate the term “medic”. Most of the so called medics are nothing but high school drop out, barely passed the GED, have no skill to claim so guess it’s military for me soldiers who get basic CPR & life saving training and this mf’er has a scalpel in his hand?! WTF? Only specialized paratroopers and actual licensed medical prof’s are trained for a tracheotomy. But the most frustrating is listening to that fool yell at the victim for 10 mins to stop fighting & moving when the poor guy has a damaged airway which probably has blood & small bones frags sliding down his throat & judging from the bruise on his chest that got increasingly darker at a rapid rate he most likely has a punctured lung. Hey Moron!!! He’s not fighting you, he needs to sit up or at least be on his side to breathe better. His body is forcing him to adjust to breathe! And your holding him down making it worse while your insecurities rage on keeping you from putting a tube down his throat! Yes he needs it!!! That is not normal breathing & again:: all the shit going down his throat is going to obstruct it if you don’t. Don’t listen to your buddy who sounds just as insecure as you but thinks it doesn’t show in his “I’m so tough” failed voice. Jesus. How many soldiers died from lack of care like this before medivacs could come & save them??? I tried to reach through the screen & stab this dude “Dr Dipshit” in the throat a few times, sadly even my yelling obscenities at him didn’t do anything. Sorry ass dicks.

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