Bloodied Lynching Survivor Attended by Medics in Mexico

Bloodied Lynching Survivor Attended by Medics in Mexico

Video from the city of Miraflores, in the municipality of Chalco in the eastern part of Estado de México shows medics attended to a bloodied victim of lynching. The video was filmed in late January 2013 but no info on why the man was lynched was provided. As is the case of lynching survivors, the victim barely clings to life. He appears bruised and bloodied on all exposed areas of skin, including face and hands. Medics are not particularly gentle with him but I guess they got to do what they got to do.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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13 thoughts on “Bloodied Lynching Survivor Attended by Medics in Mexico”

  1. It is nice to see somebody in so much pain & beat to the brink of death getting help. This guy looked as helpless as a little boy. Kinda sad to see this type of violence. To want to kill a fellow human for, i d,ont know, steeling your bicycle or something stupid. You do not know what made him steal that bike. Maybe he has not eaten in 4 days, who knows. But to almost kill him is in my opinion taking it way too far.

    1. Completely agree. We’ve had quite a few lynch related posts this week and like I said in the other posts, I just won’t be able to be a part of something like that whatever the guy did to me or someone I know. If I want to kill someone I would do it fast.

      1. Ivan, agree. I personally wouldn’t kill anyone over a material possession, thing’s can always be replaced. But if someone were to threaten my son’s life or mine, I’d shoot them without any hesitation or remorse.

        1. Well, you say that right now but if someone stole something from you you would want to beat the shit out of them so they would learn their lesson. Now group lynching someone is different. Some people just want any excuse to beat anyone to death.

    1. I guess, that him being so bloody & dirty, they wanted to make sure no Arterial bleeding was going on and no other serious issue like a blocked airway would kill him on route to the hospital .

  2. Fucking chilangos and their disrespect for bodies and injured people. I head this line in the vid: “Limpienle la carita para que salga guapo.” tr. “clean his little face so that he will look handsome (on camera)”.

    1. I would fucking hate to get help from these asshole paramedics. Cant imagine being nearly beat to death and lynched then have these assholes crack jokes about me while they’re helping me out. Gotta love Mexico and it’s amazing work ethics.

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