Chainsaw to the Face

Chainsaw to the Face

Chainsaw to the Face

What kind of gross incompetence can lead to a chainsaw getting embedded in a guy’s face? Unless the victim slipped and fell face first on a running chainsaw, there’s some serious rethinking of competences to do.

Good thing about this – if the pic is real, the wound is gonna leave a sick facial scar with great story attached to it. Not many people can brag about having their face scarred with a chainsaw. Damn…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “Chainsaw to the Face”

      1. Agreed, no ragged edges around the “cut” either. I have seen real chain saw injuries and there is nothing neat or clean about it. (unless of course you’re talking about how smoothly they float through flesh and bone) >=)

  1. i would think if someone was to take a chainsaw to the face it would sorta grip and rip in a way, so it would have had to have happened really fast for the poor bloke and the chainsaw would need to be revved really high ……… i say he was walking with it and fell and in the process he must have triggered the belt to accelerate when he was falling until he hit it

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ well that is my prediction anyways ….. fuck it if im wrong

  2. Interesting the guy looks so calm and no feeling of pain can be deduced from his facial expression. There is got to be a secret to severe trauma like this, maybe God is not so bad after all, he could have created us with a innate ability to withstand such situations by instilling a kind of a hormonal/pathological mechanism inside our body that is triggered in this type of situation in order to help us cope with the pain.

  3. That is right where it would hit you if you were cutting down a tree making the wedge cut and the saw kicked back. The chain being cut also makes it look real as they would probably do that to get the bar off the powerhead with as little movement as possible. They would then also be able to take the bar out of his face, then they could work on getting the chain out. so it all makes sense for being real.

  4. His girlfriend told him that he was too wimpy and to come back when he had a few more scars on his face. Sadly this fellow took it in a literal sense, when his girlfriend found out she told him that his mind and his body no longer share a room, this fuckwit sadly took it in a metaphorical sense to mean that he thinks outside the box.

  5. Chainsaws are a hard out tool if you dont know how to use one. Im a bushman here in New Zealand and this happens more than you think even to guys who have been in the game thier whole lives. This probably happened when the top quater of the bar struck somthing when he was reving the motr and the chain was going round and came flying up at him and he didn’t react quick enough, this is called Kickback. it just about got me once real good but I was using a Sthil 076 with a 48inch bar. I have seen sum preety mean scars on old dudes faces as a result of kickback

    1. Agreed Lazer, my dad has a logging company and although noone on one of his crews has ever had an accident this severe, we know of plenty of people who have. Sadly, i have never been able to get any good ppics though. But anyone who doesnt know what they’re doing should NEVER be allowed to use one!

  6. A great uncle of mine was killed by chainsaw to the top of his skull when it bucked in the tree he was cutting and hit him in the head. Family members found him later with the saw still idling in his skull. He was dead. Happened 55 years ago.

  7. Definitely fake. Look at the expression on his fake, he gives NO shits. Casual chainsaw to the face. Blood is too light, blood dries and goes dark. And it would not of made that pattern of blood, it would be a spray pattern along the chainsaw. Looks cool though.

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