Close-ups of Severe Flesh Wounds

Close-ups of Severe Flesh Wounds

This short video from Syria shows a few pretty severe flesh wounds on a person’s arm. The wounds look very juicy, must be bloody fresh. I don’t have any info on how the victim came by them. Nice close-ups in high definition, though.

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50 thoughts on “Close-ups of Severe Flesh Wounds

      • As oppose to what? Muslims?
        I really hate it when people persecute Christianity over Islam. I’m not even a follower of religion but I can say with 100000% certainty that muslims have done much much worse than any other religion.
        Islam should be a crime against humanity.

          • Can’t we all agree that all religions have contributed to the downfall of man. Why must we fight?

        • If fact, I was raised catholic but I’m an atheist. My comment is about religions in general (but as you can see, his/her nick is JC) but specially in the way in which they were and are practiced. For example, I never saw hatred in the words of Jesus, however, how many crimes have been committed in his name? Do people really follow his teachings? There’s a lot of hypocrisy, I think. And the same goes for muslims, jews, you name it, they’re the same shit or worst as you said.

    • Gentlemen, gentlemen, cant we all agree that anyone who leans on the crutch known as religion is a useless fool and a threat to society/humanity? It really doesnt matter which religious syndicate they spawn from, at the end of the day all of them have the same agenda, and that is to promote their propaganda by any means necessary.

      • @Ashley-Mary, No, I don’t agree that I’m “a useless fool and a threat to society/humanity” because I believe in God. From reading the rest of your post, don’t tell me, let me guess…you’re an Atheist? Stereo type people much? Now it’s my turn, in my opinion, Atheists are the least tolerant people…”and at the end of the day all of them have the same agenda, and that is to promote their propaganda by any means necessary” Please name me one Atheist homeless shelter, or food bank.This last comment is directed to all BG members: I respect your right to what ever it is you believe (or don’t believe) without resorting to name calling.Please respect my right as well.

        • I am not an Atheist. Lmao so Im guessing even the righteous fall victim to the ever dreadful Stereotyping. As far as tolerance goes, I gotta be honest with you not once has an Atheist ever tried to pursued me that their beliefs and way of living are superior to others, they just let me live, unlike most religious people who hound me about their ‘fantastic’ religion and try to convert me till their blue in the face. It has also been my experince that religious people are always fast to ‘correct’ someone for having a difference of opinion. Plus I cannot recall ever hearing of any war being started in the name of Atheism. Im not defending Atheism, Im simply comparing the two as you have done in the above statement. Allow me correct one aspect of your inturpretation of my comment, I did not say ‘your a fool or threat to society/humanity’ for believing in God, I said ‘people who use RELIGION as a crutch’ meaning they cannot survive without it because they are to weak to stand on their own in the world, in my Personal veiw are fools. Hosting homeless shelters and food banks does not demostrate tolerance, nor does it prove that one person is better than an other,it simply displays ones emotional capacity for feeling empathy. When you said it was your turn to state your opinion I thought we were actually going to have a conversation. I didnt know you were just going to paraphrase my idea to express yourself, Im dissapointed. I feel that if you truly respected the rights and views of others then you would respect my right to call whom ever I please a ‘fool’ and ‘a threat to society/humanity’. Besides all the other members are allowed to express themselves in anyway they deem appropriate. Donnot feel threatened because you cannot dictate the responses or views others hold. If you feel that my first observation is incorrect and does not apply to you then dont take offense.

          • lets not fight…i dont discriminate based on religios orientation, if someone treats me with respect then i treat them in kind…that said, i do not buy into the monotheistic religions personally, i’ve studied many religions and the one that comes closest to my own beliefs in Buddhism. I’m not an active practicioner i tend to worship Death itself as it is the only real truth in this world…but we are energy it cannot be created or destroyed…you cannot make something from nothing. we die and become something different.
            then again what do i know, i’m just a mushroom…

          • @Obliterator your peace and sensibility bring me back to my center. Thank you. Your a pretty badass mushroom

          • @Ashley-Mary, Whew, what a lengthy reply! I apologize for “guessing” you were an atheist. It sure seemed like you were from the tone of your post. I wasn’t angry in my reply to your post. I’d say offened and somewhat sarcastic. You said “so Im guessing even the righteous fall victim to the ever dreadfull Stereotyping” – nope, no one is “righteous” we all are sinners, and my comment about stereotyping was sarcasm. As far as atheist tolerance, look at some of the posts above yours for an example. I feel bad about this, but Im unconcerned if Team Atheist or Team Christian has tried ( or not tried) to recruit you.People are always “fast” to correct someone,whether they are religious or not. Wars have been started by Atheists, just not in the NAME of Atheism. Wars started by communists were started by atheists, alot of mass genocides too.(Chinese Cultural Revolution, Cambodia under Pol Pot) As I thought, you didn’t name an Atheist Homeless Shelter, or Food Bank. Yes, it does demonstrate tolerence, but no one is better than anyone else, thats why religious organizations help anyone who needs it.The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Atheism is a religion. Don’t atheists “have an emotional capacity for feeling empathy” too? Im also sorry you were “dissapointed” that we didn’t have a conversation and that I “paraphased” your idea…yes, that was my sarcasm again. I respect others rights and views, as long as they respect mine. I don’t feel threatened by anyone else, nor do I try to dictate what opinions they should have. Your last sentence was ” If you feel that my first obsevation is incorrect and does not apply to you then don’t take offense.” My beloved Mother has an incurable illness and is failing rapidly, I have cared for her everyday for two years. Without religion, I would not be able to survive because I would be too weak to stand on my own in the world. That was your definition of a “useless fool, a threat to humanity / society”,wasn’t it? So yes, I was offended. You can apologize or not, as you see fit. Don’t blame religion, blame the people who don’t live up to its tenents.

    • @itwasme
      -First and foremost I would like to send to you and your family my most sincere and deepest sympathies in reference to hearing of your mothers illness. I hope you accept. In addition, I set my disagreements and opposing views aside inorder to let you know that if you need/would like to express your thoughts and feelings concerning your current circumstances, feel free to do so… I know a thing or two about pain.
      -Thank you for the history lesson. I had a suspicion that I would be wrong about my statement on war. I will not apologize, not because I am narrow minded (at least in my opinion), the reason being that you decided to read my comment and you decided to take offense. I will not apologize for the decisions you make. You may not be concerned with the following statement but I feel it necessary to add. There are a plethora of posts made here on BG that can be considered, by some, to be offensive. I am not bothered by these posts because none of the comments made have an affect on who I am or what I do. Plus negative stereotypes do not upset me because they are not an accurate depiction of how I represent myself.
      -With that being said there are a few things I would like to clarify with you, if I may? The first being that your sarcasm is noted. Just be advised that at times it is hard for me to accept some of your arguments/points of view when you make jokes throughout your response. Secondly, I did not once say that Atheists are not capable of feeling empathy. So I do not understand why you stated in somewhat rhetoric form “dont Atheists ‘have an emotinal capacity for feeling empathy’ too?” Of cousre they do. Any human being could feel empathy if they wanted. Lastly, I am utterly perplexed by your closing sentance. You wrote “Dont blame religion, blame the people who dont live up to its tenents” but in your post you also wrote “As far as Atheists tolerence, look at some of the posts above yours for an example” honestly that seems hypocritical to me. You stated that “the 7th circuit court of appeals ruled that Atheism is a religion” so why is it that you dont not have a problem holding the views of some within the Atheist religion (the ppl who left comments above mine) as the views of all Atheists, yet you are bothered when I do the same towards other religions?

      • @Ashley-Mary, Of course I accept your deepest sympathy!! Thank you, that is so kind of you and I appreciate it more than you can imagine!!I didn’t know you had replied to my post above until tonight, rather this morning. I’m afraid further discussion will not be possible, as we have hijacked this post, and I would not want Vincit to kick both of us off of BG! There is no free speech on BG. He dislikes his posts being hijacked. Period. He knows we all occasionally slightly veer off topic, but you and I have posts way too long to be considered ” slightly veering ” !! If he posts an open topic post again, we can take it up there! OK? It also is frowned upon to post on past posts. Im not angry nor do I hold a grudge, I just don’t like to see myself refered to as a useless fool for deeply held and cheerished rituals. If you don’t want to apologize, thats fine. I freely apologize to you if any of my views or opinions offended you. It was not my intent to hurt anyones feelings. Now, friends? :)

    • I’m going to have to go with a wild animal, no, not sexually, I mean the perpetrator of this heinous crime. The wounds are only to the arm otherwise the cameraman would have showed more, shrapnel would have hit all over, an assault rifle would have torn of the arm if it had hit that many times going by the biggest wound therefore I say it was a beast, you can also see some puncture marks in some of the cuts..

      • Personally, I’m seeing gunshot wounds. That arm would be partially eaten if it was an animal, secondly those are some odds spots for an animal to bite, a beast would have likely gone for the throat( or wrist, depends though) to start. I’m thinking the first wound we see is an exit for a large calibur bullet, which could explain the missing meat. However the other wound closer to his hand does not resemble a gun shot, nor a animal bite. It looks very clean so maybe he got cut by something. In the event it’s an animal it could be claws, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if it was someone cutting this dude up, then shot him in the arm which rendered the arm virtually useless. But hey, I’ve been wrong before!!!

  1. They almost look like bites…I’m with braincruser, what could have caused these? Shapnel? By the way, glad you posted these Vincit, at least we know you’re ok.

  2. I’m going to have to go with a wild animal, no, not sexually, I mean the perpetrator of this heinous crime. The wounds are only to the arm otherwise the cameraman would have showed more, shrapnel would have hit all over, an assault rifle would have torn of the arm if it had hit that many times going by the biggest wound therefore I say it was a beast, you can also see some puncture marks in some of the cuts.

  3. I’m confused too. One def looks like a gash but the other is missing a chunk. I don’t know. But it looks like he just got irrigated to clean it..

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