Colombian Coffee Farmer Shot in Hand with Grenade by Riot Police

Colombian Coffee Farmer Shot in Hand with Grenade by Riot Police

Colombian Coffee Farmer Shot in Hand with Grenade by Riot Police

I don’t quite understand what exactly the protesting coffee farmers are demanding, but they are obviously unhappy about the whole situation of coffee farming in Colombia and want their government to take some form of action. One action that the government quite clearly did take was send riot police in. That’ll teach them…

Coffee farmer in this photo and video was, from what I understand shot in the hand with a grenade. The video doesn’t show much of what lead to his blasted hand, just the aftermath but it’s pretty graphic. It looks like one of those accidents involving homemade firecrackers.

That leads me to a question – was he actually shot in the hand with the grenade or was he perhaps like: “Oh, look… a grenade. I wonder what happens if I pick it up and play with it…”?

Either way I feel for the farmer. His bread involved manual labor and if it was hard for him to make ends meet before, now that his hand is mutilated, it’s gonna be even harder. I don’t know how it works in Colombia, but I hope he had some kind of insurance that will take care of him post accident.

Props to Best Gore member Split you open for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Colombian Coffee Farmer Shot in Hand with Grenade by Riot Police”

  1. At the beginning they say: ” They blew his hand!” and at the end they kept shouting: “they cut his hand… they cut his hand… ” It’s possible that it was blown off with a tear gas gun…It sounded like that…

      1. haha,
        A friend of an ex of mine blew his hand clean off when he was a kid making a homemade bomb in the garden shed. Apparantly he used to boast to all the guys how he used it on his girlfirend.

          1. haha,
            I’ve got to admit the same thing.

            If there’s any one handed men out there, were up for it!

          1. You women are all twisted! Wanting to have sex with a stump when there’s a perfectlygood cock witheringaway here.

          2. @brokes,
            oh, dont feel bad, you don’t have to amputate your hand for us. We’ll settle for your withering dick.

          3. @mama i think spring must be in the air and we are all randy…skipping through fields of melting snow, mounting anything that comes near us…hahaha!!! oh dear…my perverted side is showing..

          4. @Ali&@WM- I woke up the same way!! Its Spring here already! Getting my pedicureright now! Gotta have cute toes for the flip-flops! We change our clocks ahead an hour tomorrow too!! A stump sounds fun today. Maybe I’ll go out and look for one.. 馃槈

          5. @juicy
            get a stumpy that has a foot fetish – you could have a right good time with the toes all purttied up!

    1. Idk something like that could cause a person to go into Shock very quickly reducing the amount of unimaginable pain! I’m sure the morning after would be worse. your adrenaline is gone and mentally you process what had happened. and now hes got to live, trying to work as a farmer…with one hand.

  2. Seemed a fairly peaceful protest to me but I guess the cops knew Colombian farmers are not to be handled lightly, best to give them a hard lesson lest they pull out their machetes.

  3. Caffeine is an important export for Colombia. It throws off the scent of the cocaine so the sniffing narco mutts can’t detect it when going through customs or when crossing the boarder. For every pound of coke being smuggled across, five pounds of coffee is being sent with it. Maybe that’s what the farmers are protesting about…they want to make it six.

  4. Jus like US their getting sick of goverment doing what ever they please for the man with big pockets! Dont like it? Hey let me introduce you to our skull thumpin MIB!

  5. The way his hand got splayed could be because he was holding some explosive. Could be someone had awesome aim as well.

    Either way I suspect that hand will be useless for ever more!

  6. I could use one of those grenade launchers for the next time a pack of Jahova Witnesses come knocking at my door. Have’nt they figured out by now I’m not the kind of person they’d want for their club?

    1. @brokeback
      my family used to put our doberman out when we saw the joho’s in the neighbourhood – worked a charm….that was many years ago and they still avoid the

        1. @brokeback
          hahaha! they need to save you now! i hear their methods of saving one’s soul can be quite pervy at times….answer the door wrapped in saran wrap holding a bowl of cherries and see what happens

      1. @juicy
        yep we cringe when we see the car pull up with all the well dressed individuals file out…usually they will have one or two oldies, some young people, and then the dudes in the suits…with their checklists eyeing the addresses – as soon as we see that its like EVERYONE TO THE FLOOR…dont make any noise and they will go away! (we had alot of big windows in our house)

  7. Wow. Comments are getting crazy. (Spring fever, no doubt! lol ) I’m going have to pass on getting “stumped”. As for the poor farmer, he’s slowed his coffee bean picking output by half. He can’t afford another protest.

      1. Obliterator, since I didn’t end up on here as a post, pretty good!! Plus, legal drugs. I’m feelin’ no pain buddy, thanks for your concern!! 馃槈

  8. Colombian police don’t use grenades against civilians, for obvious reasons, let alone they let others tape them doing so. It’s illogical to think otherwise. the ones that spreaded that rumour were Farc, through their website, Anncol, but that’s not what happened.

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