Colombian Soldier Loses Leg to Landmine – Brutal Aftermath Video

Colombian Soldier Loses Leg to Landmine - Brutal Aftermath Video

Colombian soldier stepped on a landmine in the middle of a jungle. The landmine amputated his lower leg and left him with a ripped to shreds stump. Luckily, his mates were with him when the unfortunate happened and tried to help him by cleaning his stump up with water.

I think the worst part about such experience is realizing how your life will never ever be the same, ever. The soldier was probably a healthy and fit individual, but now, whatever he had planned for himself is no longer relevant. All these thoughts and ideas he had had up to this point went out of the window in an instant. Horrible!

Brutal aftermath video of Colombian soldier losing his leg to a landmine is below:

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142 thoughts on “Colombian Soldier Loses Leg to Landmine – Brutal Aftermath Video

  1. ZipTie that hamburgerized foot meat to his fucking bone so it’s not so floppy…….and stick his ass a few times with some nice soothing morphine or at LEAST get him some good hash or opium!

    On a side note, speaking of zipties……how fucked would you be if somebody were to randomly slip one around your head and pull….and just walk away…..unless you have a knife or pair of dikes on you, you’ll be turned into a THING in no time flat!

          • That’s just sad. These were the hard core Students that almost always had something to say that wasn’t stupid. Boatman was responsible for the greatest Best Gore t-shirt slogan “Remains To Be Seen” and Ccoco was, well I’d HOPE as most of you know, responsible for a GREAT deal of content that the newer Students have come to enjoy of the pages past.

            Bottom line is that there once was a group of us, one of which Future Days, Lunatic, Wicked Mama, H.L.A.M, Obnoxious Bitch (is she still here? I think I saw her talkin’ words the other day) myself and a few dozen others of us that made the content of Best Gore our school, the Fleshy Virus our enemy, and one another our family.

            I wonder how much of that lingers now?

  2. Ooooof…that guys taking that shit like a real man…he like moaned a few times unlike those pansyass Syria bitches yesterday…good going Colombian guy…but why the fuck weren’t you paying attention to where you were walking…now your fellow soldiers are talking about how to cut this fine piece of bbq leg meat off so they can have Thanksgiving dinner..ON YOU…

      • I absolutely would, as long as the victim wasn’t killed specifically for their meat. If it’s not harming anyone I see no reason why not!

        @ladywicked666 – land mines are buried underground, so watching where you’re going won’t do ya any good haha! Unless of course the ground is disturbed or you have a metal detector!
        And besides, if he had avoided it there would be no video for us to enjoy! :)

        • There are thousands of landmines buried all over South America, if not tens of thousands. Nobody thought to make a map of them. Now everyday people are killed and/or maimed by forgotten mines.

        • Good point bdbd..i was drunk still when i wrote this…i totally forgot they bury em…my bad…ajays a dumbass sometimes…oops…and you’re right there would be no video had he not…i stand corrected.. ;)

        • I don’t think I could ever human meat just for the hell of it. Actually I remember reading this article about a cannibal serial killer a while back (I don’t remember his name) but anyways, this woman met a man at this local bar one night. They ended up getting wasted and making out all night. The man kept insisting that she come home with him but she had an uneasy feeling about him and the way he was acting so persistent so she declined his offer, got his number and address and then went home for the night. The next day she broke out in this horrid rash all over her face. She went to the doctors and upon examination the doctor told her that the way she could have obtained this rash was if she had consumed raw human flesh. This startled her and she had no idea how she could have obtained such a rash. The doctor then began questioning her about sharing drinks, kissing or having intercourse with someone new in that last day or so & she immediately remembered the man she had made out with at the bar. She told the doctor her story and meh decided that they should puts tip into the police. She remembered that she had his phone number and address still so she forked it over to the cops whom had decided to make an unannounced visit to the man from the bar’s house. Upon arriving the cops quickly noticed suspicious behavior by the owner of the house and because they were possibly dealing with cannibalism they had probable cause to ask to come inside and look around. One of the cops opened the fridge and freezer in the man’s kitchen and found mutilated, half eaten female bodies inside. They arrested the man on the spot and later found out that the cannibalistic man would go to bars and nightclubs to pick up women and bring them back to his house on the premise of sex. When they’d arrive insider he man would kill them and eat their raw human flesh. When he was finished with one meal he would store the rest of the dead woman’s raw fleshy bodies in his freezer to save for a later time.

          Now if I were in a dire situation where I was threatened with starvation and death, that’s a different story. Either way though, it would have to be cooked thoroughly and be fresh meat. Nothing more than day old because then were talking about dead, rotting human flesh.

          Obtaining the notion that I have tried human flesh is definite not on my bucket list! LOL

    • My dad’s a Marine and this reminded me of their ‘marching through the jungle’ song!

      “Truckin’ through the Forrest with my M16, I’m a mean Motha Fucka, I’m a U.S Marine”


      • Cool. I respect the military, I think marines are bad ass even though I’m a Canadian. No masking it straight up trained killer. Which is what you need when its kill or be killed right.

        • Agreed. The Marines have always been my favorite level of the Military and that’s not just because my dad is one. I just had mad respect for most Marines and I think they’re bad ass and the most attractive bunch out of all the military branches :)

  3. oh man!! give the dude some morphine or sumpin….you can see the pain he is in…it must be almost unbearable
    poor dude…you think your day sucks till you see something like this…

    • don’t think these guys are gonna be carrying around bags of morphine. they don’t even have proper way to dress the wound or cut off the dead material….but you speak true, miss Catt. puts things into perspective. not just this entry, but all of them. could always be worse….fuckkk, why am i such a sentimental ass all of a sudden?
      kinda slow here…everyone sleeping off all the alcohol….

  4. Now this guy is going to lose his job. How will he be able to pay his bills? I know, I’ll help hi out. I’ll buy his daughter from him. She can clean my house and make me sandwiches.

  5. If you play the first couple of seconds of the video without looking at it, it sounds like a 16 yr old boy having sex for the first time me busting his nut after a few seconds…. HAHAHA

    • lol. i’ve read your poem. very well done. nothing flows easier than the suffering of one’s own soul. i think many of us wish to let our demons out but are ashamed to reveal our secrets directly to others for fear of judgement. poetry is a great way to connect with others as well as releasing those experiences of ours. a lot of my shit is deep but some of it is just good stupid fun.

      • Thank you, I appreciate it! It’s so nice to talk to someone who se on my level when it comes to writing and poetry & all that Jazz. I definitely agree. When you read the words of someone’s writings you get to know them in a way that most others would feel to vulnerable to show. You reach them in the deepest corners of their mind, heart and soul. It’s quite a beautiful experience to share with someone. I write funny nonsense as well, haha. If you don’t mind, would you care to share some of your favorite writings with me? I appreciate another’s writing in ways words could never be used to comprehend & from some of the stuff I’ve had the pleasure of reading of yours, I have found them to be very good reads. You’re crazy amazing at writing :)

        • How would we go about doing that? I thought they weren’t really allowing info exchange on here at this time. And I’m a little more private about my work. Not just gonna post things here…

  6. That looks horrible, damn.
    He is badass for not screaming like crazy, I would.
    I don’t understand how people are able to stay awake and not faint in a situation like that.. The bone sticking out makes it look so fucked.

  7. Yeah props to him handling it so well but I.m sure shock had somethin’ to do with it but hes also lucky that he was’nt bleedin out. I’d imagine the burn sealed the arterie shut. And yeah Iwould throw that shit on the grill and give it a shot!!!

  8. In school, I had to do a research paper related to soldiers who have lost limbs in the battlefield and my oh my let me tell you that DARPA is doing some amazing things with prosthesis. I am not exactly clear of how things are in Colombia to vets who have lost body parts but I have come to conclusion that soldiers need not worry much, they can turn their disabilities into abilities. Some new synthetic limbs can give a being capabilities that are not achievable with our natural, organic limbs. Truly amazing.

  9. Its not as bad as it looks. His knee seams to be fine, if its just below the kneed and his joint still works, then he will be able to walk on two legs with a simple fake leg or whatever its called.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the ad to the right is anatomically inaccurate. How the hell does a finger go into the SIDE of a sphincter instead of the hole itself? It bothers me immensely.

  11. Nasty IED, Courtesy of the NSAGs. Too bad the HALO mine teams didn’t get out there fast enough with there fucking rats. Columbia needs some more experienced EOD units…

  12. Well, on the bright side, his dreams might have been to be an IT guy after military service, so it’s possible that this won’t actually fuck up his life

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