Cop Stabbed with Bike Key and Knocked Out by Drug Dealer in Luton, UK

Cop Stabbed with Bike Key and Knocked Out by Drug Dealer in Luton, UK

There are endless streams of police brutality, usually coupled with some bullshit assaulting a police officer charge. So here’s a video of the tables getting turned for a change with an actual assault on a police officer.

An officer on routine traffic patrol in Luton, UK had just been involved in a pursuit with a moped when he spotted another bike with a dodgy number plate. The guy sped off when he saw the police but thought better of fleeing, and the cops moved in to give him a ticking off and a ticket. All run of the mill stuff.

Turns out the biker was more than an inconsiderate driver, he was a weed dealer. Weed is still as minor as it gets but the cops had a job to do and asked the guy about the cannabis stench wafting from his motorbike. That’s when shit got ugly.

As the cuffs are going on, the dealer makes a break for it, overpowering two cops as he swings punches using his bike key as an improvised shank. The police fight back with CS gas and get their man, but one cop has taken a stab to the face. It’s bloody but it doesn’t look too bad until the officer passes out.

The whole thing was caught on camera by a TV cameraman for the long-running BBC series Traffic Cops, the same people behind the footage of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson hurling themselves under speeding traffic which was captured during filming for an offshoot show called Motorway Cops. No narrow iPhone videos, extra-shaky footage or shots with more grain than a potatoe to be found here.

In the end it turns out the other officer, who tells us he’s hurt his finger, had sustained a fracture in the struggle but he was probably more worried about the shock he was clearly in. Footage not included in this extract, which consists of most of the segments on the incident from the broadcast show, has the guy who ultimately searched the bike holding up a meagre bag of weed and, in disbelief, asking “is that it?”

He’d probably have only got a fine for such little amounts, even dealing, but instead he got his ass hurled in prison. He got off light at 9 months and he’ll only serve half before parole but still, considering he could have been clear with just a fine, it still sucks to be him.

The worst part is the victim was probably that rare breed, an honest cop. If he’s going to be filmed during his every move then rest assured the force will have vetted him very carefully so they could represent the police in the best possible light. These guys were carefully chosen TV-friendly officers. Although, that guy complaining about the public filming instead of helping definitely loses points from me. You’re a public servant, the public have a right to keep an eye on you and a right to expect you to keep them safe from maniacs like this. You can’t expect random passers-by to risk a bust-up with a drug dealer.

Full 11-minute extract of a cop getting stabbed and knocked unconscious is below:

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95 thoughts on “Cop Stabbed with Bike Key and Knocked Out by Drug Dealer in Luton, UK”

    1. Wow, cops in the UK are insanely passive compared to Canada. Here, the cops would be using full on punches and kicks along with batons on that guy. I’m completely shocked they held their cool like that. By the time that guy reached the station he would be in pretty bad shape. I hate cops and love to see a pig bleeding because most of the time its cops(usually in North America) beating or killing some poor guy who hasn’t a chance in hell. thats how pigs operate here. They only has balls when they have all the odds in their favor but the moment things look like a challenge( Columbine school) they cower behind their cars in their body armour with all the weapons in the world and wait 3 hours until its been silent for awhile before attempting to save CHILDREN. Fucking pathetic cowards.

      1. Yeah? Fucking pathetic cowards?

        I take it you will call the exact same fucking pathetic cowards if you are ever unlucky enough to get raped/assaulted looking for them to do everything they can to help you?

        Or will you just leave it since you don’t really value them that highly?

        1. Ah yes, this tired worn out arguement. Why would you call the cops for a crime that’s already happened to you? If I were raped or assaulted the first thing I’d do is call an ambulance, the cops are only useful in “trying” (and I use that word loosely) to prevent the perp from doing the same thing again, other than that they are completely useless when a crime has already been committed.

          Yes they are pathetic cowards, anyone with a gun, tazer, baton, mace and body armour is going to be more cocky regardless of their role in society. So save that old bullshit story for the bleeding hearts.

          1. Haha, are you seriously telling me that your intelligence is at such an inferior level that you believe that the Police merely respond to incidents that are reported by members of the public?


            Then who is responsible for facilitating the investigation, collection of evidence and other matters relating to issues that require investigation deemed to be in the public interest?

            Also, are you telling me that every single Police Officer has even used their protective equipment and that none of them are savvy enough/street wise enough to handle situations simply by communicating?

            General statements like “fuck the Police” by key board gangsters….

            Wise up.
            Get educated

            Shoot yourself.

            That’s all folks.

        2. @CHV

          Your sticking up for people that murder innocent civilians everyday let me guess.. You either are a police officer, were a police officer or you have one in your family?

          Your name seems to suggest their motto!

          And when you say “Who will you be calling if you are a victim of a crime?”… Well duhh the police obviously and do you know why? Cus that’s their FUCKING JOB and WE pay them to do it.

          They are meant to protect you and serve you, to keep you safe. But most of them go against the rules of what they are meant to do and have a completely different agenda.

          If you love them and trust them so much why don’t you spend your time watching the bill instead of trying to stick up for the biggest gang of corrupt, murderous, cowards in the world.

          Thank you goodnight. – Asshole

    1. Oh Miss Roamer how I agree! Tis too sad.
      But we do have another great written piece by you. So I thank you. Hopefully if chics in cuffs come then you might be the one to write about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. A UK traffic cop, A few simple words and my sympathy completely disappears.

    A UK traffic cop is not like any other traffic cop, they are an extremist group much like the Muslim Brotherhood and they enforce all rules without question.

    If you drive in the UK it is not a matter of if you get caught, it is a matter of when.

    Last year I got fined for driving at 35mph in a 30mph zone whilst going downhill because there was a traffic cop with a speed camera standing at the bottom of the hill pointing the camera at me.

    1. How much was the fine? I copped a $300(aussie$) fine for driving in a bicycle lane for about 5 metres, I look at my driving record over the past 23 years and I look like the equivalent of a fucking serial killer on wheels because of these revenue raising counter fighters

      1. I got fined around ?120.00 which is about $180.00 Aussie dollars but if you add another ?200.00 which is what my insurance premiums went up by the total for that year was $460.00 Aussie dollars.

        The police were nice enough to let my insurance company know about the points hence the higher premiums.

        I am very tempted the next time I see a traffic officer pointing a speed gun at me to just continue on through them.

        Anyway, it seems you Aussies have just as much shit to deal with as us British, how’s your immigration levels over there?

        1. Immigration levels are through the roof, whole suburbs are being taken over in the lower socioeconomic areas. North African Muslims are getting into The country in the thousands, the kids they bring who’ve watched what is acceptable in an Islamic state are forming big gangs, they fight and intimidate with machetes. Rumour has it that the criminal elements of one of the bikie gangs use them as bad debt collectors because they are quick to use excessive violence.
          Then we have the fucking Indians who, have taken over the taxi industry and every second petrol station, but I do like a good curry.
          Then we have a pissweek government who let illegals in after giving them a nice cozy room in a “detention centre”, while the government processes the assylem application, once that is granted they’re given a government owned house, fully loaded with new white goods an LCD screen and everything else, then they can go on the dole. My father paid tax all his life, served the country in Vietnam and contributes to our society, when he retired a couple of years ago at 65 he was given nothing, he collects $180 a fortnight.

          1. Fucking hell, Australia sounds exactly like Britain, Does your government and companies recruit using positive discrimination in that if your a white male you have little to no chance of getting employment but all around you immigrants are given all the jobs even though they cant speak a word of your language.

            In Britain we have doctors who cant read or speak a word of English treating our people, all the companies choose cheap foreign workers over our own, we cant speak to our banks on the phone without being put through to someone in Mumbai and now our companies are calling every other job an apprenticeship even if it is just shelve stacking in a supermarket in order to avoid the minimum wage laws.

            Of course now that half of the indigenous population is unemployed no one is buying anything and our economy is fucked beyond help.

          2. There really is just no escaping it, is there?. The current crop of politics and politicians Countries of the West (Canada, USA, Australia, England, France etc.) are simply killing their own people, and ruining our Countries. Lands our forefathers fought and died for.

            I don’t condone murder.. But I’ll be completely honest – A murdered Western politician wouldn’t bring sadness to my heart. Not anymore.

            Far too much blood is on their hands.

      1. False murakawa…I had a pit for 8 years until she was taken by mamary cancer. She was the best dog. Granted she hasnt killed anything, I think that is a great quality. But it is all in how a dog is raised. My pit was not shitty sir.

        1. You realize that cancer come to animal who eat like we do right? Only animals near or with people die by sicknesses. Of course, they are caused by eating on way like people eat, unhealthy processed food instead of raw.

          1. you are an idiot my friend, yes an unhealthy diet will lower life expectancy but doesn’t mean cancer. Plus if you kept a naked mole rat as a pet you wouldn’t have to worry about cancer they can’t get it. Their genetic code stops cells that start rapidly replicating, plus they can live for over 30 years. (Bio major, and vet student)

  2. This is terrible and disgusting. An awful attack, the guy responsible should be ashamed of himself.
    Why didn’t he make more effort and kill both of those wankers?
    I fucking hate the pigs in this country and have been banged up for fighting with them several times. I don’t mind a fair fight but when it’s 5 on one (Me) and you get one down, it then becomes 10 on one.
    Fuck them all. Cunts.

  3. Ooh those accents!! Tim has some beautiful eyes. I gotta say, the police there seem way more mannered and all around nice. I did lol when Tim mentioned about none of the bystanders helping. Where i live, even trying to help a cop would probably just get you shot! Had the guy tried what he tried over here, we would’ve watched his murder. Cops there seem way lenient. I need this channel. I enjoyed the clip immensely! [email protected]! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks @Roamer for showing how well multiculturalism is working in the UK.
    A British cop gets assaulted by a nigger outside a Polish shop watched by a bunch of smirking stinking muslims.

    1. Fuck you cracka. Without “niggers” being brought to the USA, your white ancestors wold have all starved to death and died of disease, exposure, and starvation.Your bitch ass is is too stupid to know that though. Blacks have shed just as much, if not more blood for the survival of freedom in the USA. Go eat a dick homo.

      1. You picked some cotton because a small minority of rich, fat White cunts wanted free labor.

        The only thing your kind has done since the day you set foot in the United States is fuck it up. Hell, your ancestors were sold by your own people.

        Same thing you’re doing in Europe, Canada and other places.

        But meh. This is obviously a satirical account. Probably one of the many Liberal sheep hiding in wolves clothing on this site.

        I have a few people who I think it is in mind.

      2. STFU Leroy, I would gladly take my country back to the stone age if it meant being able to get rid of all of you worthless fucks.. I DETEST my forefathers for bringing your asses here in the first place. I would GLADLY never eat another vegetable if it meant ridding this country of the mexican parasites that have invaded and are bleeding this countrys resources because they all are on welfare, just like you. When the next civil war starts, this silent majority will clean you monkeys out…and the government wont be able to save you either. And learn how to spell, your retard is showing, punk ass bitch!

  5. Aw the Poor wee Coppa ………Fuck him !That fat fuck next to him looks evil.There’s a guy trying to make ends meet and deal a little shit and the Gestapo try and impinge on him.Cops get what they fuckin’ deserve when people get fucked off with their Shit.Free country ? Think again.

  6. Ha ha fucking ha, I hate the police more than anything I’ve been brutally beaten by police for nothing, so when I seen this little worm bleeding it gave me an awesome feeling of happiness unlucky u fucking pig twat, it’s your job and I hope you don’t recover from your wounds, you probably stitched people up half ye working life so suck on that you fucking maggot, well in biker boy, hard lines on the sentence your about too receive ouch buddy ๐Ÿ™

  7. I don’t understand Brit cops. camera turn off, and kick the shit out of the nigger. These dark skinned animals are same all over the world. They immigrate in a rich EU country and what else they do?? rape, rob stab, selling drugs… In Eastern Europe this filth would have been bagged at the end of day IF he had assaulted a cop.. You should learn others and change your mind Brit cops. Multikulturism is the cancer of Europe…

  8. Niggers are forces of nature.
    They take what they want, whatever the consequences. They have no pity.
    They are slightly more intelligent than chimpanzees. Average IQ for black Americans is 85. Check it out.
    I knew the attacker was a nigger. When a pack of niggers fight a white man, they stomp his head and chest until irreversible damages are done and the white guy will never recover.
    Niggers need to be hunted down.

  9. Oh, what a pussy cops in Britain. And these people are supposed to protect me from niggaz? Fat cop could a lot of times lock his hands on niggers neck to strangle him a little.
    And, what, 9 months for stubbing a cop and for drugs? 9 months? 100% sure that nigga will continue selling drugs and stubbing cops.

    1. Cam make them to behave like to soft..
      I will rather die than be a pig but if i was in their place this black thug will be beaten so hard that he will think twice next time.
      Feel sorry for 9 month only, he need to be caged about 3 yrs. Black animal.

  10. Anyone notice that when a drug dealer is caught on the road, it’s always down to something with their car/bike having a fault like a broken light, no tax/insurance and in this case the licence plate was to blame. If ur gonna drive with drugs in your possession then get your transport in order. Or just get the bus. Fuckin idiots. And whatever your feeling on cops are, its a stupid move to stab one in the face cause u have some weed on you. Only hurting yourself and your freedom in the long run.

  11. I watch this show regularly and I’ve seen them stop people, find weed on them, take it off them and write them a warning. He would have got in more trouble for the licence plate thing. It’s fundamentally wrong to stop people from smoking a joint in my opinion. People can get smashed on alchoholic and do stupid things and ruin their lives and it’s all legal, but if ya wanna chill and smoke a joint and laugh with your friends, you get arrested. Backwards bullshit. How many people would ya find in the emergency room on a Friday night cause of something they did while stoned, compared to drunk people. And I agree some cops deserve a beating, but when theres a camera crew filming you and you only have weed on you, you have to be smarter than this guy. Pick your fights a little more carefully for fuck sake…

  12. Loving all the “Yeah, the Police are wankers, fuck them all I wish they got fucking killed.”

    I take it the guys with those opinions will not be calling the Police when they need them? You know, since the Police are worthless pieces of shit you hate so much you won’t call them looking for help will you?

    Will the attitude be the same then? “Yeah, I think you Police are a bunch of fucktards and I love to see you get killed but would you mind helping to find the guy that raped my kids?”

    1. The pigs will do what they’ve always done….nothing.Sorry to avail the truth to you,BTW Santa doesn’t really exist either,but i’ll let your mum give you the details……….uh……Piggy Lover.

  13. Cops should have guns. Even if the guns only fire non-lethal rounds, sandbags or something, they need something to point & threaten people with. Because obviously the “wrestling” tactic does not work very well, even when it’s 2 against 1, and if they’re going to have to do that every time a perpetrator resists, then they should be teaching them a variety of martial arts.

  14. What do they expect when their “bobbies” (so gay) don’t carry guns? England is becoming much more violent yet their faggoty police force continues to act like gentlemen. One big fagdom full of “subjects!”

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