Drunk Girl at Oktoberfest Bites Guy’s Lip Off

Drunk Girl at Oktoberfest Bites Guy's Lip Off

Drunk Girl at Oktoberfest Bites Guys Lip Off

“Get off of him, you fucking dumb bitch!” – LOL @ tourists, they’re the same everywhere.

This year at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, an Australian man got into a scuffle with a drunk, 30 year old woman from Alaska. The woman chomped onto his lip and maintained the bite until a ripped off chunk of his lower lip ended in her mouth. The partier than spat the mouthful to the floor. She was later arrested for assault.

What a way to fuck up guy’s trip to Oktoberfest and disfigure him for life.

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  1. AHHH! HOLY FUCK!!! What a horrible thing to do, regardless of what she thinks he had done to her or how made she was. That is SO fucjed up! What a crazy, dumb fucking cunt. I wish the dude would have punched her in the fucking fave and kneed her right in her fat cunt. Now his lip will forever be deformed and fucked up. God! I don’t know why this video makes me so angry but I just want to kill the bitch and preferbky fuck her up really bad before I do so! Dumb bitch needs her bottom lip savagely bitten off.

    Please oh please karma, fuck this bitches life up worse than anyone you’ve ever fucjed with before. Hang her upside down her upside down by her toenails in the woods from a tree and pull of each one of her teeth with pliers agonizingly slow then cut her nipples off with garden shears and lastly, gowge her eyes out with your thumbnails as she stay hung upside down before rubbing fish guta all over here and in & around her bag as well as rare meat before leaving her there to let the bears, coyotes and other wild life and insects to finish her off and eat her slowly.

    HAHAHAHA @ “get off him you dumb bitch!”

          1. I was thinking the same. I love girls that are straightforward. She can behead me anytime. Cut my cat nuts off first and send them to The BestGore museum. I like it! You sexy girl!

    1. @Sunshine, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt so angry watching this.
      I don’t know why most vids do nothing for me (emotionally), but then something like this just infuriates me while watching!
      I kept thinking maybe he should’ve started choking her but it’s possible he thought if he just calmed down she would too & just let go.

      1. Haha, I know men! I normally don’t give a fuck when I watch videos on here but this! This just made my blood boil for some reason! God I wanted to fuc her up bad lmao.
        See now, choking doesn’t scare or bother me BC it’s someing I am fond of in the bedroom so as much as I agree that this cunt needs to be bitch slap led and man handled, I gotta also say that I like my ideas for her better than choking dear and thats only BC I want her to scream in pin, not pleasure hehehe 😉

  2. Biting, punching, swearing and plenty of beer, sounds like a gypsy wedding to me.

    I’ve been to Oktoberfest a few times and in my experience it is mostly the tourists and immigrants who do this kind of shit, the Germans tend to just enjoy themselves in a more controlled fashion but I have seen a few Germans put the boot into rowdy tourists and immigrants.

    The Germans should rename it Cocktoberfest because in my experience it is a festival where the women get to have more than just a bratwurst inside of them.

  3. Lmao..should have left her drunkass ALONE…now he has to live with his decision for the rest of his life…dumbass….3 things men should NEVER to do to a woman…piss her off when she’s drunk…piss her off on her rag….piss her off…just throw chocolate at em in all these situations…once the growling and or death stare goes away proceed with caution…..

  4. I see a lot of gory shit on this site but for some reason stuff like this seems to make me cringe the most.. maybe it’s cos I’ve been in similar situations and know the exact pain or maybe because you can see it’s a slow and an indescribably ‘stingy’ pain. I’ve had girls bite on my lip in the past and done it a little too hard that it’s killed the sexual tension.. having a girl furiously pissed off with you and doing it with full force knowing she’s got no other intention than ‘Mike Tyson’-ing it off your face, it just makes my balls shrivel!

    1. I saw a video online recently of a girl and a guy getting it on in some public toilets. He kept pushing her hands away when she kept trying to undo his trousers and after a few attempts she slapped him, pushed him against the wall (in what appeared to turn into a ‘sexual’ sense), then they continued to kiss. She tried one more time to get his trousers off before being rejected again, so she punched him, slapped him, threw him to the floor and started kicking the shit out of him. Left him unconscious and walked out. He didn’t lay a finger.

      Not that I agree with hitting women in any way, you DO get some that abuse the knowledge of it being heavily frowned upon to do so, and therefore take advantage by abusing men in some pretty fucked up situations! Some just need telling, others need putting down.

      1. Right…fuck that..if she’d of gotten up swinging she’d get taken down..no questions…I’ve been in very abusive relationships…but one thing I stand by and always say is if a woman steps up to a man like a man..then she should be prepared to get knocked the fuck out like a man…if you don’t agree…sorry..stop trying to act like a man and get the fuck back in the kitchen…yeah yeah I know imma woman…so the fuck what I play both sides…I’m a lady 24/7 but I can hold my own as well……..this bitch obviously can’t…she has to bite..I hate that shit…and scratching hair pulling bitches…k like that shit..but when fucking…not drinking..

        1. It’s somewhere on facebook, I’ll just have a quick scan for it now..

          FOUND IT! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=533984426633091

          Hey, watcha know, someone shared it just two days ago and it’s the second top story, that’s a bit of luck, haha!

          On the downside, I just found out it’s fake – an advertisement to raise awareness on sexual abuse in Denmark! Also doesn’t appear to leave him unconscious either, (distorted memory, I guess).

          Anyway, the video’s there if you still fancy watching it!

          1. @Kjjazw
            It says:
            “This content is currently unavailable”

            -I don’t have Facebook account anyhow but i guess this one was open for watching(they usually allow people out of FB to check just one page) but this one looks deleted.

            Some another link to video or if you remember caption of it?
            I really need to check this out asap!

  5. Id love to see this bitch play sports…I wonder how she would do…hmm…I bet sober this bitch isn’t that badass….she’s probably a librarian or preschool teacher…nun maybe…they always snap…eventually….haha..

  6. i love rough play…getting chased getting caught gettting thrown getting my clothes ripped off being dragged upside dragged upsidedown getting my hair pulled tillmy neck gonna snap my neck bit hard or a mans feet thrusting the headboard of the frame into the wall and shattering the plaster behind it

      1. you’d be surprised how very energetic men can become later,especially when they’ve had one solitary little female toe slowly slide up their leg across their thigh and into their ‘lap’ playfully wiggling everytime his friends at the dinner party addressed him

          1. @reality
            its especially true if the woman being mounted is insatiatiable . extra blood makes kitty kat swollen outside and IN, sheathing her engorged man like a snug warm silky ladies glove

          2. PFFFT.. there is not nor shall there ever be a delicate persian lady saying to her
            man forgive me darliing i have made a fissy in the bed..or “please excuse me i make a tuzd tuzd

      1. @ladywick
        hope your feeling better ya dirty girl 😉 *one.day.at.a.time, that’s how you do it doll xox
        haha thank yu ..Booger’s one crayzeee wiener bucket when he lets loose..we’ll fog some brute NoS burnouts for yu around spring/summer when street salts wont get on his pirelli paws

        1. No problem girly…I am almost 100% just a cough…could be from all the oil I smoke though…lolz…I’ll be patient ma’am…I’m sorry..I love cars..the more torque the more I get.. ummm…I just really like cars hun..my bad…I can’t WAIT for that video scholar the awesome…….hopefully I get a chance to watch em…… 🙂

          1. @imek

            i choose pirelli p zero racing stickies cause cause they channel water off the stickies better, making it esasier to get better speed timestamps on wet track

            really there is no top racing tires..crazy hp speeds and soft treads that can grip for handling means you’ll always be haveing to rob the bank…your lucky to get 18000 km out of stickies…and if you race you lucky if you only have to change the damn things less than four times a year..

    1. There seems to be a lot of strange things going on in the frozen north Harumph my friend.
      At the Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, Yukon you can have a drink called a “Sour Toe Cocktail”… it comes with an actual preserved human toe in it.
      “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow ~ but the lips have gotta touch the toe.”

      1. I’ve heard of that drink, Fiend. Hilarious! A tourist paid the fine to actually swallow the toe! It had been used for a generation in over 100,000 servings of the drink. Because of that, they raised the fine to five times the original amount of $500 and they’re always on the lookout for more amputated toes.

        With more than 100 men to every woman in AK, what could possibly go wrong? lol

        Those poor drunk Aussie kids picked the wrong seated bear to poke!

      2. @ Fiend

        Someone recently swallowed the toe and they are now looking for another one to be donated. True story!

        They may of gotten a frost biten one donated by now due to the popularity of that drink, ritual and bar.

  7. The guys mate shouting ‘get off him’ fuck , drag that bitch away pronto . I suppose though , if a bitches teeth are dug deep in his lip , dragging her away ain’t the best idea . Ouch , that must have been ultra sore after .

      1. I know his lip got ripped off , I’m just saying that the probable initial reaction to pull the bitch off of him would most likely have made it even worse . Sarcasm never did cross the pond and I know this as I worked for a US company …for my sins !

  8. He should have instantly wrapped his arms around her head and neck in a death lock, to minimize ripping. Then, a jackhammer knee kick to the cunt until she releases. then piss on her while she lays there lol

  9. I’ve been to Oktoberfest. A freaking fantastic awesome party. I didn’t see any fights and everyone is drunk. It’s funny, the song the band is playing is ‘ein prosit’ which they sing often and it’s basically a singalong where everyone raises their glasses in toast. Some singalong that guy got. That dude was so drunk though, his buddy should have just pulled him away. the girl sat down and thought it was over be he falls back into her and starts in again. She shouldn’t have bitten his lip off, that’s for sure. But damn, everyone just have fun don’t start maiming people!

  10. Strikes me as that he got everything that he was looking for. They pushed off from whatever altercation that they’d had before the camera started rolling, he came back, started to stick his hand in her face, and for it, he got the cure. Punk.

  11. I was there!! i can’t belevie to found a video here at bestgore! after that accident girl has been captured and ejected from the tent by security and who knows what’s happened to the boy, i was having a nice beer and a juicy “stinco”.

  12. had this been october- fest Beirut , the mentaken hoim outside and broke his right hand and brought the young lady outside and ordered her to remove her shoe and her to slap him in his face and spronounce him an evil kalib (DOG) then all would have returned inside to finish their arak and ooza

  13. She went and sat back down and he followed her and continued to antagonize her at which point he held her hands and left her no weapon left to fight with. I believe that he earned it and personally I am a little jealous.

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