Dying Man with Cracked Forehead Takes His Last Breaths

Dying Man with Cracked Forehead Takes His Last Breaths

Mislead Sunni mercenary fighting alongside the Fake Syrian Army terrorist organization got one step closer to learning that there is no Allah and that he died for nothing. He spent his last seconds alive grasping for the air with massive crack across his forehead. I’m guessing this is a shrapnel wound from an explosion? Not sure.

The video was recorded on February 9, 2013. By now he’s already cursing in the afterlife seeing what fool he was by the Islamic extremism. Go Syria, more dead Sunnis pls. With each dead or dying terrorist, the world becomes a better place. Bashar al Assad should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his service to humanity and the sacrifices his people are making for the betterment of the world as a whole, but seeing that the institution is Zionists controlled, it’s never gonna happen.

Props to Best Gore member koc and drccoco for the video:

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72 thoughts on “Dying Man with Cracked Forehead Takes His Last Breaths

  1. That’s pretty close to the bodies that gasp for air even 30 seconds after their neck is halved but the spinal cord is attached.
    Is it just jiggling meat or is his brain pan detached from the lower face?

    • A “few staples” more like a few hundred…they put 28 staples in the back of my head last week when I crashed my bike they also put 14 stiches on my forehead right around the same area as this guy but my gashes were babies compared to his…they also put even smaller stiches inside both gashes before they stiched and stapled them closed so that the larger outside stiches and staples would hold..I guess you could say my stiches need stiches, after that they put some special super glue type shit on the staples which amazingly is still holding strong…I would imagine they would need a whole tube of that shit for this poor dude

  2. It sounded like I desperitly tried to get out the last drops of coke out of a McDonalds drinking cup with a broken straw. Anyway… throw some fries and cheese above the forehead and it could look like chillie cheese fries.

  3. Should have recorded until the fucker really took his last breath. People who kill baby’s and small kids deserve something like this to happen to them..

  4. I’m a long time lurker. In fact, I just made my account a few days earlier. But I’d have to say that’s a mean gash on his forehead! This is probably one f my favourite facial wounds I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t begain to imagine the pain he had to go through. But like in the description, one less terrorist is always beneficial. Then again, this is no humane way to die.

  5. Thanks Transylvania! Greetings to you as well my friend. I look forward to becoming a new member of the BG community along with all you good folks. Already it seems awesome (: . Which I new it’d be of course :p!

  6. like a fish out of the water… the video should’ve been shot through his end like what they do in the movies when they over-dramatically draw their last breaths. then cue piano music etc…

  7. [email protected] on said:

    Awww. Hes snoring

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