Finger Cut on a Test Tube in School

Finger Cut on a Test Tube in School

Finger Cut on a Test Tube in School

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member GaryDroBro from Ireland. It’s a picture of a school kid with a little finger trauma. In Gary’s own words:

This somewhat minor injury happened in my school a few weeks back. Teacher told a student to break a test tube (no idea why). As he did… you get the idea.

Injuries include severed tendons and nerves. The lad is doing grand now after plastic surgery but he can’t feel it at all. Might be useful for masturbation I suppose.

I only got one pic, I’m afraid. Ambulance arrived within minutes and took him to a hospital about 80 miles away from the school.

Thanks a lot Gary for the exclusive photo. Hope your friend’s finger fully recovers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Finger Cut on a Test Tube in School”

  1. Fuck all the beheading, burning alive, and vehicular carnage videos…I come here for the hard stuff, like a photo of a kid’s cut finger.


    Seriously, though, I’m starting to feel a little like Wolverine, as I’ve gotten far worse than that during my life with no nerve or tendon damage to speak of. If I start growing adamantium claws out of my knuckles, I promise to post footage on here.

      1. I thought it was too cruel for few BG members specially the “girls/women who are mothers” that’s why i haven’t worked on it yet i only need to render the videos with Sony Vegas & add a soundtrack plus a BG watermark but i’m not convinced yet because my internet is so slow i dunno how big the rendered file would be

  2. I had a cut on my finger about the same laceration length from glass too, my luck was the laceration was on top of the finger, it opened up a semi circle around my joint so I can see the joint and tendons, lucky no nerves were cut and I think I just nicked the tendon… lucky the finger was good enough to pass military physical and inspection.

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