Firecracker Accident Results in Damaged Hand

Firecracker Accident Results in Damaged Hand

Video from Indonesia shows a young man with badly damaged hand. He was injured by a firecracker going off unexpectedly in his hand. The patient was participating in some political party related celebration.

This is the same old story over and over – home made, or mishandled explosives cause severe injuries. That’s how it’s always been and there are many photos and videos to prove it. Pushing your luck is asking for trouble. Don’t do it!

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    1. [email protected] dem, but I have to say some things what I have to say is ,I’m full of hate right now, well that is most of time. Fuck the nsa and fuck any govrt agncy watchin me or any one else here. So basically I’m makin a BIGshout out to the gvmt to suck my dick and the older i get watch out cause you will never know whsat can happen and ya doint scare me you fucin pieces of shit i fuckin hate you and all you sheep dick suckin’ government yes i kiss ass bitches fuckin’ die a horrible natural death not all a ya just the ones thay deaserve it which is most I hope every ovt agency employee goes to hell ‘cept the ones that seen the truth. HaaHaaHaaa IM GONNA BOMB SOMTHIN’ c’mon bitches bring it on,Iknow my rights ads an american …freedom of speech nitch you got nothin on me fuck you!

      1. Though I agree with you on the whole NSA can go fuck themselves thing, but hate to be the buzzkill here, but, freedom of speech in the US is apparently not something you are familiar with at all. Most people are not, actually, familiar at all with it, but they think they know what it is about, but then find themselves in a really bad situation. And considering Mark is not the favorite person at the moment in both Canada and the US, this site (which is watched with eagle eyes) is not the best place to become stupid concerning what you think is your 1st amendment rights.

        The real sheep are the ones that seem to think freedom of speech entitles you to say what you what, where you want and when you want, but in reality, freedom of speech only protects you from speech against the US government (within reason! Not bomb threats) and on your own property or public property. It does not protect what you say, threats or not, anywhere else in the if you are an American citizen.

        1. Freedom of speech excludes running into a crowded theater and shouting “fire”. That’s about all that refers to. It’s called use common sense. Of course the way our country is,we’ll be celebrating Stalins birthday before too much longer. “All” our elected officials are using the constitution to wipe their ass.

        1. I just asked a guy named lunatic if he is crazy.

          And I’m not even drunk yet.

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          1. nope they will watch you lying in wait till you do some crazy shit so unless your serious you have nothing to worry about, they will not do a DAMN thing if you do not act on your comments. I.E you could say a threat all you want, unless you act on it ,you have nothing fear

          2. Though I agree with Lawnking that they probably wouldn’t do anything, the sad thing is though that in the US they have, do and still do arrest people for comments implying as threats.

            That one police officer went to jail for life for threats he made on a fetish website about wanting to cut up and eat some women; women he illegally got their addresses; which should of been the only charge.

            They have also arrested countless people for making bomb threats, saying they had bombs or saying they wanted to bomb shit.

            Though again I agree they probably wouldn’t do anything, but considering this website is on both Canada and the US’s radar, it’s a stupid place to post what he had posted, drunk, sober or joking around.

      2. Yeah I admit that was a stupid drunk thing to say. Truth is I wouldn’t bomb anything or hurt innocent people. I was really in a pissed off mood last night. But then again I’m not the only person who says stupid shit when their pissed off and drunk. Oh well, if anything does become of it I’ll just have to deal with it, but hopefully not!

        1. Just think before you say anything.
          Freedom is in short supply today, even though you have constitutional rights, they are getting more irrelevant every day as the government continually expresses by their actions.

          Constitutional rights were intended to be upheld by real Christians, real Christians are in short fucking supply and thus the moral foundation for America’s constitutional rights is mostly absent, thus there is no moral obligation to give a damn about anyone’s rights especially when most people cannot even differentiate between Good or Evil or even if Good or Evil exists thanks to Secular moral relativism.

    1. I think you’d be surprised what a good surgeon can do. I had an unfortunate accident with a circular saw versing my hand and they were able to put everything back together. I can’t feel the back of my fingers, but can play guitar again. Mind you, I live in a country with doctors trained to do stuff like that.

      1. she’s the only second girl you’ll have on hand though, so you better treat her special if you don’t want to lose her too. on the other hand (literally), your ex might come back at you with some new tricks featuring that deepened groove between thumb and forefinger…
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      2. Forsure zion..I’ve heard sitting on your hand till it goes dead for awhile and then jerking it is fun..i dunno first hand yet..personally i prefer auto erotic each their own right..ehh..i hope he has fun using that claw of a hand thingy..who knows maybe its better with a crevice… =/

      1. I went the other way, Piggy! To me, that still pic is classic Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. You know, like one of the cherubim got in close enough for a bite. Life imitates art indeed. It’s almost the exact angle and pointer, only with our gore.

          1. I’m no art student… but I recognize a quality pointer when I see one even through the Sgt. Hulka blown up part.

            It is possible he mistimed his salute for those about to rock and it went off in his hand.

  1. Our biology are allopoietic and we are not in the center of the universe we are not special we are simply evolved animals and not incorporeal beings. There are not enough myelinated plasticity nerve connections in our brain to conceive the universe and invent faster than light drive as we cannot conceive sophisticated things due to our limitation of our biology. There is something called “normalcworld nation and it always happens in the “other py bias” when you are inside your sheltered home withand nothing going to happen to you because I am in some first lace”.
    Why do people feel the need to see gore videos, there is no point to it. It should be a lesson and a warning for others, but not for entertainment. I see alot of sick senseless comments on bestgore showing disregard for the sanctity of life. How would you feel if you had your hands blown up and your genitals mutilated and got posted on the internet. I think any females viewing this site wouldn’t want to get violently gang raped while filmed and posted on the internet so some sicko can masturbate it. Show some decency. Society isn’t declining because society always been mentally ill. There are no innocent people are Earth, and everybody has sinned, the armageddon is coming (economic collapse,nuclear war). When humans are extinct then there is world peace and the biosphere will restore itself back into equilibrium then will create an autopoiesis to evolve into a new form a sentient life vastly superior to homo sapiens. We have reached civilization to early and need more time to evolve.

    1. Gee, you must be a lot of fun at parties. Ever heard of Gallows humor? It’s how some people cope. We are more aware than most, that horrible things happen to people every minute of every day. Welcome to Best Gore.

    2. @AntiEvil

      You are being quite contradictory in the way that you think and that is why you have difficulty understanding the world, here’s a few examples.

      “we are not special we are simply evolved animals and not incorporeal beings.”

      “Why do people feel the need to see gore videos, there is no point to it.”

      On one hand you are saying that we are just evolved animals inferring that we act on instinct and without considered thought and/or judgement from a reasoned perspective and on the other hand you are saying that we are creatures of reason and judgement who should have a point to all of our actions.

      “I see alot of sick senseless comments on bestgore showing disregard for the sanctity of life. How would you feel if you had your hands blown up and your genitals mutilated and got posted on the internet”

      Again, the above comes under empathy and animals do not possess empathy and if you have concluded that we are not special and that we are just another animal, the same as them all then why are you shocked at the lack of empathy.

      My conclusion, just because you see no point in an action does not mean that there is no point, it just means that you personally feel no point to it, everybody on this website feels and experiences the world in an individualistic manner because ultimately we are all born alone and will eventually die alone and that is life, sure, we can connect with others on an emotional level however we cannot feel what another person feels we can only try to understand through our own past experiences, that is what empathy is.

      How then can a person possess empathy when they themselves have no experience of the issue at hand, they can not, and it is for this reason that the born rich care nothing for the poor and suffering and it is the reason why the well fed feel nothing towards the starving.

      To summarise, people come here for many different reasons and not just to laugh at gore videos, for some it’s about coping with reality by viewing reality and for others, like myself, come here to interact with others on a given subject without being attacked because our thoughts and opinions are deemed to be politically incorrect and yes, others come here to laugh at gore and I personally have no problem with that.

      If you find the above to be dreadful then you will struggle to survive in this world because the reality is that life is dreadful, this world is full of pain and misery and bad people and nice people and they all exist in the same place, even more so now because of uncontrolled immigration, and you are stuck right in the middle of it just as we all are and none of your ideologies or semi religious morality based musings will change that fact.

      The entire world is based upon consumption of life, the herbivore eats vegetables and the carnivore eats other animals however that is where the difference ends, every living thing consumes something else to survival and if they did not they would die, that is the cycle of life, what can I say, life is shit and then you die, the end.

      1. Yeah and I was just gonna say ” you are full of shit” hahah thanks for pointing out his fallacies bud. I come here to see reality and have discussions and debates on topics most wish to ignore and see others viewpoints and also the humour and wit lighten things up for some who may have a shittier existence than myself. So yeah long live free speech and all you best gorians!

      2. Damn antievil you awoke the beast is empty soul. I highly doubt you can match wits with him antievil. Dont come on.our site and belittle us. If you wasnt here you wouldnt be able to see.gore or comments hugs and kisses bitch.

    3. @AntiEvil. You ask why? Here’s your answer in one simple word. Freedom. That’s why. The freedom to watch what we wish without censorship. The freedom to evoke thought and conversation. The freedom to have an opinion even if it’s not the same as others. The freedom to learn and grow with others. The freedom to belong to a community that listens regardless of their opinions. The freedom to basically understand this world and its no holds barred nature. If your seeking fame as a crusader against what you presume as evil, you will have an empty purse once your futile quest is finished. All you have to do is open your eyes to see it. Or continue on and go nowhere. I leave it to you.

    4. Short answer: If humans cannot view whether in real thought and understanding and/or with a laugh, then I would be worried.

      This site, many people see these horrible things as a wake up call, understanding and in some cases, a laugh. This one is worthy of a laugh actually.

      Hell, many parents should find a couple choice videos and pictures on this site and show their brats the dangers of driving drunk or recklessly. I email my 17-year-old nephew a few aftermath photos of driving incidents. He and I am grateful, let me tell you!

      And besides, if you cannot laugh at your own fuck ups, or someone else’s for that matter, then fuck, you might as well confine yourself to your bedroom watching carebear cartoon reruns.

  2. Wow, he’s having a fucked up day! Shouldn’t have been so careless with fire works, amateur. I wont make the same mistake, non of us will, we’ve seen the results, not just with fireworks, but reckless drivers etc. The burden of knowledge, I’ve become so cautious these days

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