Frontal Skull Fracture, Eye OK

Frontal Skull Fracture, Eye OK

Pictures from Pakistan prove the ages old awe-inspirer – no matter what trauma the victim’s head suffered, eyes always seems to make it just fine. I don’t know whether “frontal skull fracture” is a correct term to use, but perhaps our experts can advise on the proper nomenclature here. Pictures came without any info as to what cause this trauma. I wonder if it was boat propeller or some other similar, fast spinning, deadly blades sporting mechanism that sliced this man up. He seems pretty young too, too young to go like that.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Frontal Skull Fracture, Eye OK”

  1. frontal skull fracture appears accurate enough, though there are several other injuries depicted here. I’d say this is an open avulsed fracture of the frontal calvarium and most likely the lateral walls of the left temporal and parietal bones. The teeth also appear to be maloccluded (misaligned) suggesting a maxiallary or mandibular fracture. I’d say this looks like a medium velocity pneumatic tire injury to the head (head run over by damn car or something). the incision shown in one of the pictures doesn’t really show much, is it with the injury or post mortem? When taking pictures for evidence its always a nice rule to include some reference cues like an arm or a leg just so you know what your looking at. At this point the picture could be the victims torso or just a slice of pork sirloin.

  2. Wonder just how many sick people decide to add a few extra cuts to a dead body just to make it seem worse than it really is just so they can get a reaction out of people with the photos?

  3. The cuts on that young boy u could tell that they all wasn’t made by the same blade there had to be at least three that’s what it looked like to me all I can say is that he must have really made the wrong people mad.

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