FSA Cannibal Abu Sekar Who Ate Heart of Syrian Soldier Was Wounded

FSA Cannibal Abu Saggar Who Ate Heart of Syrian Soldier Was Wounded

FSA mercenary who gained worldwide notoriety after his cannibalism involving stunt was wounded in al-Qussair as Syrian forces continue to cleanse their country from the terrorist scum. His name is Abu Sekar (sometimes spelled Abu Seggar), nicknamed Old Hawk. Halid All Hamad, leader of the Omar Al Farouk group published the photo to silence rumors that the cannibal who ate the Syrian soldier’s heart was dead.

Props to Best Gore member Manofwar for the photo.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “FSA Cannibal Abu Sekar Who Ate Heart of Syrian Soldier Was Wounded”

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          2. @Obli- thank you kind friend! I loved the “juuuiiiiccccey” reference! Very cute!

            @FD- lol, I only use my galaxy phone and I have the biggest memory card made! I’m constantly running out of space and having to delete! I guess I’m a “camera whore” so to speak..which considering isn’t that bad. Better than being a whore in other ways I guess. Lol. You think I take lots of pics of myself?! I’ve got thousands of my kids!!! I make really cool slideshow DVDs with music- really nice.. On my phone right now, I’ve got about 3500 pics. Only about half are of me. 😉 just kidding! Lol. Not half!

          3. *sorry if this ends up as a double post- the other one just didn’t show up at all.

            @Obli- thank you friend! I had no idea that you even thought so! 🙂

            @FD- I take all these with my phone. I’ve got the biggest memory card made and even with that I’m always running low! Right now there’s about 3500 pics in my phone but only about half are of me. Lol. Jk. I take tons of my kids and fur babies too. I make really neat slideshows with music and put them on DVDs. I’m creative in that sense. I’m a total “camera whore” but I guess of all the kinds of whores I could be- this isn’t so bad. Lol

          1. Lol- no idea! He used to be here more than me and that’s a lot but I have never talked to him outside of BG. Lol- that’s funny that you asked me! Lol. He seemed like a cool kid but I don’t know about fake accounts and such..

    1. actually the V-sign means “victory” and not peace. I think that’s a big difference, isn’t it? Although it has become a sign for kinda everything… In this case i’d say it’s a sign for “Look I am on a photo” 😀

  1. I had a dream that I had a daughter who was high in colors, a bright yellow mist, 2 eyes, 2 ears 2 mouths. she was killed by a sheik in the desert, he ate her heart… Looking down on her colorless body, her heartless body… That day I too lost my heart… my poor yellow,heartless offspring left to die under the burning persian sun… rip..

  2. Aha, my favourite bearded Akbar and yours too I know.

    It will take more than a few flesh wounds to stop this Old Hawk, a bullet to the heart is useless considering he has many more hearts, in his digestive tract.

    This man has a mission, he will feast upon the hearts of the Syrian government and then he will feast upon your social security system for a blood sucking parasite always needs a blood rich host.

    Please make sure that the citizens of the country he chooses next thank their government, for allowing such a wonderful man, a prince among princes, a king of hearts, a paragon of virtue, an ubermensch, a hero among heroes, and any other overblown terms of endearment that you can think of, properly.

    Many virgins await his arrival in the afterlife and why not, what a guy.

    1. thank you for taking a similar stance with me, Empty I appreciate it because today I am tired…and may be tired again tomorrow. i’m weak from hatred. there is no more use or gain for me to say the same shit over and over and over again. all on this site know my views on islam. I know they are not THE ENEMY. but I say they are MY enemy and YOUR enemy. but I digress…too tired today to say this same shit. the time has come for action, my friends. my brothers and sisters. words mean nothing anymore, only action now remains. only action.
      I joined this site for gore, I never intended to get involved in the politics, it is not my forte. I am no an eloquent speaker and my knowledge is limited. all I could ever do was give my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced. all I am achieving is alienating myself by spreading hatred in all the wrong places…*sigh*.

      1. @Obliterator,

        A reasonable amount of hatred is good and realistic, it is the nonchalant kindness that I despise.

        ” all I could ever do was give my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced”

        You are already one step ahead of the usual shit mouth orators in our societies in that you speak from experience and not from taught knowledge.

        1. thanks, but I always feel kind of stupid trying to join in on political discussions. as I mentioned i’m very limited in knowledge of these topics and just resort to the same diatribes. I should just stick with the gore aspect. although I really enjoy the Holohoax series.

    1. No shit. I feel sorry for Europe being invaded by them. Then again, we have our own scum over here in North America. Blacks in the States. Rabid Moose up in your neck of the woods. We must be cautious. (Obi-Wan voice.)

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