Girl Stepped on Landmine

Girl Stepped on Landmine

This happened in Iraq if I’m not mistaken. Little girl stepped on a landmine and suffered horrific trauma to her lower body and arms. In spite of severe wounds, the girl survived the blast.

I can’t honestly say her surviving this type of trauma was any blessing at all. I think I’d rather die than live mangled this much. Her both legs likely had to be amputated, right one above the knee. Her genitals, while probably still usable, surely will never deliver any form of pleasure to the woman once fully grown. And if doctors managed to salvage her hands, I can’t imagine her having much feelings in those fingers. Brutal!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Girl Stepped on Landmine”

        1. If it were mine, I can’t tell you I would make a rush opinion whether to let her live or want her dead. Simply because we haven’t been in this position; what you have in you mind that looks and makes judgements pragmatically may not be equal to things you have in your heart, that come from emotions.

          1. I would never want my child to die if she was injured like this, I would still want her to grow up and live a productive life.Who are we to decide as to at what point a person injured will or will not have a quality of life that is satisfactory to the person living it?
            Granted if your living in a third world shit hole to begin with the quality of life measurement would be much different!

          2. How the fuck is someone supposed to lead a “productive” life without the use of their legs and most likely hands, as well as their genitals?

          3. @MissSage I agree with you fully! 100%

            @Death…you can be production no matter what your ailment is. It might not be as great as everyone else, nor the best, but she is still a human being, a very young girl that can learn to adapt and grow into a strong beautiful woman.

  1. had her cherry popped by a fucking land mine…or is that her asshole?
    anywho…hey @Juicy J or @Broke, is there a post i missed where you two hit it off? or did you meet on another site and then Juicy joined here?
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    1. LmMFao! I’m loving JuicyBack! Although BrokeJ is also pretty fitting. Maybe you didn’t see my lil birthday sumthin’ to BB? I changed my avatar for the occasion, last night. Nope, we met here on gore. I don’t know where all you gore lovers have been all my life. All the past dudes wouldn’t ever look at the blood and guts. I feel seriously at home, here. Even my Facebook has become neglected! Got people texting me and asking me where I’ve been.. Haha. Well, I’m in Cali and BB is somewhere else. So until i pop my international travel cherry… I was thinking of catching a flight over that way today after i get zapped up and down with lasers (tattoo removals), BUT he has a real hot date tonight, SOOoooo i guess I’ll just stay home and wait for the deets like everyone else… Sucks ass being second choice!! Haha, I’m not a jealous girl though, so have fun tonight!! Hit it good for me!! 馃檪

      1. Juicy, I’m certain you would not be second choice if BB knew you in person.
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        1. Geez Kill, I’m a gore-lover- this is true! I’m also a sucka for sweet talk or sweet comments in this case. Thank you sweetheart, you made my day. Now, I’m off to take it like a champ! Having your skin slapped with rubber-band sensations while smelling burnt flesh is enough to get me off for a minute! Laser Tattoo removal this morning about an hour away. I’ll be back later to see my favorite guys though!! <3

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  2. I personally knew someone killed in this exact same way ……. BestGore is the best damn website of all the internet. Thank you for the uncensored Truth. Just wondering why most of the earlier videos cant be viewed anymore. Like on the 200th+ pages. Wish I could still watch them. *fingers crossed* ………also I will Never wear flip flops after what i’ve seen on this site ….. those things are cursed!

  3. To plant landmines is the most coward of war acts. Most of the victims are not related to the original conflict and pay the consequences many years after the reasons for the fight have been overtaken.

  4. In Bosnia, there are still places marked as minefields, I never knew whether or not to take the warning signs seriously and would have liked to take a stroll across such a field just for tryout, but now I’m having second thoughts.

    I heard that in Cambodia, landmine accidents still happen a lot too.

  5. I’ve heard a lot of stories of Muslim parents culling disabled or mutilated children, especially girls, due to them bringing “shame” and costing to much to support. Wouldn’t be surprised if her parents did her in.

  6. Damn land mines and ied’s.. do such horrific damage.. I LOVE watching video’s of them planting a device and then they accidentally trigger it blowing themselves to pieces instead of some poor unfortunate unlucky soul. Biggest problem is once their laid they are there forever until some one/thing triggers it… Usually villagers or livestock long after a conflict has ended…

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