Gunshot Hand Trauma

Gunshot Hand Trauma

Apparently this is an aftermath of trauma by gunshot to the hand, although I’m pretty sure the snackbarist says something fundamentally different in his commentary. The video is form Syria so that’s to be expected.

I won’t lie to you, that looks painful as all fuck. The victim has a very long road to recovery ahead of him, but he can count himself lucky cause it’s his right hand that took the shot. As such, he can still give himself a stranger.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Gunshot Hand Trauma”

  1. I’m pretty sure that Islam forbids Muslims to choke the chicken and therefore such hand damage will not cause them too much pain.

    How then does a Muslim react to stimulus without being able to touch, much like the guys in that hilarious music video “Jizz in my pants” I would expect.

  2. I know a man we call Three finger Dave, he shot hiMself in the hand with a .40 caliber hydra shock hollow point. This seems to be consistent with a gun shot, notice there are no burns to his remaining digits, so I don’t think it was a bomb gone wrong. We make fun of Dave a lot because it looks like he’s rocking devil horns at a pantera concert.

  3. religion of peace….religion of pieces? how can you expect me to respect a religion that tells its women that they are nothing but property? how can you expect me to respect a religion that tells its followers to behead me because I refuse to convert? I take that as a death threat my friend. every practicing muslim believes I should die and therefor I believe that all practicing muslims should die. its as simple as that.

    1. you know, the Christians actually tried the whole “convert or die” thing as well during the middle ages. however those white Europeans have evolved mentally over the last 800 years or so. while I still find them a bit weird they are no real threat to anyones way of life. muslims are stagnant in ancient times. they cannot progress. without first world medicine, technology and weapons your people would have died off by now…same with the niggers, another mentally stagnant group.

      1. In my opinion its their teachings which is at fault here. Most of the teachings is barbaric which only suitable in ancient times but not for modern era. Maybe they interpreted the contents of their holy quran narrowly without taking into account what benefit or detriment it will bring.

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