Guy Shows Off Broken Jaw Received In Two on One Beat Down

Guy Shows Off Broken Jaw Received In Two on One Beat Down

This guy was attacked by two guys who broke his jaw. He filmed the video of the aftermath in a hospital where he had checked in to have it looked at and hopefully fixed. It looks like part of the bone structure from which the teeth protrude was cracked and separated from the rest of the jaw by a series of blows to the face. I’ve never seen what doctors use to fix broken jaws, but I think this dude’s gonna have metal in his mouth for a few weeks.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Guy Shows Off Broken Jaw Received In Two on One Beat Down”

  1. I don’t see any swelling to the face or any abrasions or blood. I’m thinking that he probably got hit only once and most likely underneath the jaw, an uppercut, or he could have fell when drunk and hit his chin on something.

    I’ll go with a drunken fall because it is very unusual to only be hit once in a fight, you might say he could have been a good fighter and that would account for it, but a shot that breaks your jaw would also stun you quite badly if not knock you out and when stunned your attacker is going to try to finish you off.

    1. Plus if it was a two on one his face seems pretty decent. No swelling nor brusing. Doesn’t really look like he was fighting, unless the two guys weren’t “manly”and fought like girlies. Either way his jaw is broken in a weird spot and I bet it hurts!

    2. In 80’s when i was kiddo and when older guys start fight they call it “Fair Fight”.
      There is one rule-if you are down nobody kick your ass while you are down.
      I never used knife in fight, that was meant that you are coward and pussie but that times are changed…

      1. A yeah there @iamlekoala great idea, then you could entertain all your little friends at parties. Just stand still a minute and I’m sure @Oblit would be more then happy to help you out!!!

        **dumb ass (sarcasam)**

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