Intense Machete Fight in the Street in Dominican Republic

Intense Machete Fight in the Street in Dominican Republic

WTF? I’ve never seen anything like this. Two dudes have a machete fight in the street in the Dominican Republic. It looks like some medieval sword fight and it’s pretty mind-boggling that things like this still happen in this day and age. Watching a real sword fight on video – hellz yeah!

The machetes must have been rather dull, though. I expected all sorts of blood squirts happening but nada. Not even after a blow into the leg.

I’m not sure what prompted the fight, but there seem to be some dick grabbing in the beginning. The guy on the motorcycle gives an impression of not paying for goods collected.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Intense Machete Fight in the Street in Dominican Republic”

    1. In rural Michoacan, Mexico you see a lot of white folk walking arround with missing fingers, arms, etc. European immigrants who took on machete fighting… That and also most of the world is non white and do not own firearms. Lol

    1. you`re mistaken these aren`t niggers, niggers are cowards who hit ans then run for their lives like little bitches to their other bitches friends these people are latinos who fight with everything they got until defeat is visible, believe me if they were alone and there were no Machetes around they would fuck the shit out of each other with their fists.

  1. Dropping your tool? Fucken schoolboy error…
    And what’s with all the others trying to stop them fighting, instead of filming it on their phones??
    He should have buried that blade in his chops, instead of letting him come at him like a chimp

  2. I saw this how where they tested three ancient swords against eachother, the Japanese Katana, the Roman Gladius, and the European long sword. They tested each of them against coconuts to simulate a human skull, a dead pig to simulate a human torso, a large block of ice to test the cutting power of an over head draw, a full piece of metal armour to test a pointed stabbing thrust and a full piece of leather armour to test slashing, in each test there was one sword that beat every other one with flying colors, and that was the Japanese Katana. I was surprised that it even beat the European long sword in the over head draw against the ice block the Katana went right thru it like a hot knife thru butter, even in the full metal armour pointed stabbing thrust it went in farther than both the Roman Gladius coming in second after watching that there was no doubt that there isn’t anything the Katana can’t do or take on in the right hands.

    1. Also it crazy to imagine people actually use to fight battles to the death this way in ancient times…they really must’ve been something brutal, nothing like todays battles where someone is hiding more than a 100 yards away while they shoot at you with a gun…it seems that just like everything in modern times that even the act of killing has become impersonal.

  3. Damn!!! These monkeys actually broke the fight up?! I’m very disappointed. I wanted to see at least one death… by decapitation would have made my entire month. Those blades looked blunt as a cunt. Definitely a few blows exchanged… and no blood? Shmeh.

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