Israeli Sniper Shoots at Palestinians, Gets Shot by Palestinian Sniper

Wanted Terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu

My government is a supporter of extremism, terrorism, racism and bigotry. My government recognizes Israel as a state. But then again, my government also directly engaged in the acts of terrorism – use of war planes to bomb civilians in Libya and use of money of Canadian taxpayers to hire mercenaries to further the genocide in Syria are just two examples from recent years.

As a citizen of Canada, I live in a faux free society. My freedoms are limited and my big bully government with their big bully sheep dogs are actively looking for a way to further violate them. I’m a small speck against the big bully enterprise and they know it. Still, I refuse to be an accessory to extremism so I hereby publically declare that I do NOT recognize Israel as a state. I recognize Israel for what it is – a terrorist organization.

To all you aware individuals – when big bully enterprise comes to silence me, it will be your duty to pick up the torch and carry it forward. Truth will in the end conquer – fight for it. My time is running out, but when they come knocking, I’ll tell them I’m ready to go.

Palestinian Loss of Land Between 1947 and 2005
Palestinian Loss of Land Between 1947 and 2005

The terrorist organization of Israel has been raping children and killing man and women, stripping the remainder of land, food, medical care and access to other life sustaining needs for decades. Their unprovoked aggression and systematic ethnic cleansing lead up to a few brave men standing up and facing the oppressor despite bleak odds. Any man and woman, regardless of their religious affiliation or ethnic background, who stands up to a big bully with superior firepower and more financial resources is a noble warrior.

Hamas exists because Zionists are systematically raping Palestinians. Hamas are a response of a nation faced with systematic genocide and that makes their struggle righteous and noble. Zionists are the aggressors in the conflict. They are the conflict initiators and forerunning human rights violators. They are the terrorist organisation of Israel. Hamas is merely a group of noble people who could no longer stand idly by while the terrorists raped their children and incinerated their parents.

Israeli Sniper vs Palestinian Sniper Video

In the video below, a member of the terrorist organization of Israel shoots at Palestinians. As a response, a Palestinian sniper shoots back at him and hits him. Unfortunately, I think the terrorist was only hit in the hand. He whines like a little bitch that he is, though it would have been better if he was sent to the hell’s sewer cause they need more rat poison bags there.

The Jews like to think that they’re chosen people. Yeah they’re chosen all right. They don’t even have a special place in hell for this level of filth but since their sole presence is toxic even to rabid zombie rats, my sources tell me they’ve been chosen to act as rat poison in hell’s sewers.

There is one more video under the one with the sniper hit – hear it from the horse’s mouth about how Israeli snipers deliberately shoot at US troops in Iraq to make it look like Americans were dying because of Muslims:

IDF snipers shooting to kill American soldiers in Iraq in 2006:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Israeli Sniper Shoots at Palestinians, Gets Shot by Palestinian Sniper”

    1. They are almost done squeezing now-between the Jew bankers, Wall Street financiers, Hollywood & all media outlets & the fact that almost every corporation is run by Jews, we are almost there. Look it up on the web on their own site!!!!! It states, “Jews are 2% of the population of the US but own 55% of the wealth!!!!!!!!!!!” I found this on a Jewish website when I Google “Percent of Jewish population in the US”. I wish I could remember the exact site but it’s easy enough information to find because the Jews like to brag about it.

  1. Very interesting topic in my Nature in Literature class last semester was about whether or not we though the United States would go Into a third world war. I sat back and listened to all the predictable answers. The future graduates at university are all sheep. I then emailed my teacher with my response after class and he and I ended up having a very long discussion. Very wise man, reminds me of Future Days and the usual suspects. This post just reminded me of that day.

    1. @LadyLazuras -that’s why I feel such affection for you. You’re a sweet young lady, by your appearance, but you engage w/your Mind. You ask questions, seek answers & keep an open mind. You keep at it, though, even beyond college -ok? It gives me hope to hear from people like you. 🙂

      1. @ antivirus: Sometimes, I just come on here to read the comments. The ones that have substance and facts, yet are injected with really strong opinion. Your comment made me happy. Sometimes, I don’t really comment because I am not certain that I know enough, and don’t want to splatter everyone with word vomit.
        I want to hug you or be pet by your. I don’t know which one.

        1. @LadyLazuras-it’s only natural to feel unsure of ones self, especially when we’re young. So much fear of judgement by our peers, or by others we consider educated & wise. In spite of your insecurities (which we All have), you forge ahead to expand your own understanding. Splatter me w/all you’ve got, Lady, & I’ll give you all the hugs & pets you can bear! (now, how exactly do I make a “hugs & pets” emoticon…?)

  2. Israel, do we need to say more, only if you believe the Jew mentality. If you hate all the current world has to offer then you will hate the Jews. Research, process of information and conclusion are needed to make assumptions. Today we believe everything that our so called leaders say, how about learning to understand how our leaders control us through lack of information. In other words the Jews’s
    are scum.

  3. Man, that whole Mid East situation is a mess, huh? Like I’ve said before, I don’t sympathize with either the jew or the muslim. I honestly wish the US and Europe would get out of there and let those people sort themselves out. North America and Europe both need to halt immigration from this area and actually start deporting the current non conforming populations it already has. That will never happen it seems. The bolshevik ideology has buried itself deep in the western world. Capitalism is dead.

        1. Have to agree with piggy on this one,all the individuals mentioned below are worthy for sure,
          but numbers of kills alone do not enter the equation………the reds engaged at much closer ranges than hathcock,often with their fall of shot into groups,even out to 300 yards many with
          proper training will attain reasonable consistancy,but to shoot to the extreme ranges that
          he did was beyond outstanding,if the reds tried those ranges with their 7.62?54R moisan-
          nagants they would get the maggie drawers every time,plus he could pick up virtually any rifle and by instinct get the same result,and the reds were well used to overstating and make
          heroic propaganda to inspire their cannon fodder.

        1. Zaitsev is possibly the most well known sniper thanks to ‘Enemy At The Gates’ but Russia had many more snipers, notably Lyudmila Pavlichenko whose confirmed kill count of 309 beats Zaitsevs by 67. It’s hard to declare one overall best sniper because there are so many variants, ie: kill count, longest shot, Quigleys etc. but if i have to choose then I’d have to agree with Haamiah and go with Simo Hayha, this guy racked up 705 confirmed kills against the Russians over a 3 month period during the Winter War between Finland and Russia, 505 rifle kills and 200 attributed to a machine gun. This guy was a true lethal killing machine.

  4. Mark, I will never let you drop the torch. I will create a SOB Task Force. We will have guards strategically placed around your place of dwelling to show those Zionist pigs how responsible we are with our guns 😉

  5. When I was young my dad always hated Jews and he taught me to hate them also.. And when I have a son I will teach him to hate them as well… If all of the world did this maybe just maybe we can spark up the stoves and have a good old Jew bake off…

  6. Everytime I see these Israeli sniper videos I just want to go there and start shooting the fuck out of these assholes.
    God if I am EVER able to catch one of these terrorist motherfuckers alive, he’s gonna wish he was dead LONG before he actually dies.

    I like that blowtorch idea. Burn the motherfucker’s hands and feet to nubs and torture ’em for as long as it takes for the motherfucker to die.

    The more of them I can kill the better. I like when I see sniper lens caps decorated with smiley faces that have bulletholes in the brains, or skull and crossbones. My favorite was a sniper rifle that had an engraving on it reading “God forgive me for what I am about to do, but these motherfuckers must die.”

  7. @ Senor Piggy

    Yea Hathcock kicked ass in Vietnam with his 93 confirmed kills. Hathcock will go down as US #1 sniper..

    The #1 sniper of any war..ever..has to be “The White Death” finnish soldier Simo Hayha in 1939-1940 during the “Winter War” (in less than 100 days) he had 705 confirmed kills (505 w/ iron-sight bolt action ; 200 w/ sub-machine gun)

    1. You are correct, I have to say I never heard of Simo Hayha until he was mentioned by Haamiah above. I found some info about Simo and the White Death has to be the best of the best. Not bad for a little guy at 5 foot 3 inches tall. He also did not use a scope only the iron site on his rifle. I’m going to have to get some more of his history.

  8. Thanks for the audio regarding all these Kikes killing American troops.
    Also, guess who shot down ( or sabotaged) those choppers in recent months? You think a sand nigger in a cave can take down the Seals?
    Who has access to all the transponder codes for all aircraft & vehicles?
    Guess who took down so-called Seal Team 6? (Hint: they have big noses & are greedy. They pimp your white daughters too)
    All the people who can’t guess are a bunch of fucking retarded idiots & I would love to gut all you Kenyan ass lickers.

  9. Stupid asses, they’re fucking stupid for not putting up a blind to conceal themselves and for that they deserve to get fucked…Intresting tho that camera on the sniper rifle appears to be mounted on it, now there’s been talk that juba the Iraqi super sniper that’s killed hundreds of American soldiers is actually a Jewish mossad agent that is killing Americans to put the blaim on Iraqi people, now why do some people think this? because of a special little camera that juba has mounted on his sniper rifle in most Iraqi sniper videos you can see the soldiers being shot the only thing is that in some video the camera recoil with the rifle and the range of the camera is very good now most would think well anyone can do that by taping a camera to their rifle the problem with this is it wouldn’t work very well, it takes a special camera to record what the sniper can see try his scope and the people who have pioneered that technology of recordable rifle scopes is Israel not only that but it is very true that Israeli agents have been caught sniping Americans and making lEDs in Iraq to attack the Americans with and let’s not forget they’ve have deliberately attacked the U.S before during the u.s.s liberty incident and got caught but claimed a bull shit lie that it was an accident but just so happens that the uss liberty was an american spy ship used by the NSA and CIA to spy on Israel and the countrys Israel was fighting during the 6 year war…those Jews are a sneak bunch of bastards

  10. NATO is a certified slaves for Mother Israel. Israel enslaves NATO and UN to enslave the entire world. Wonder why these NATO slaves would fight and die for the sake of Israel while the Israeli government and her citizen just watch everything like a movie or something. ZERO casualties for Israel. Millions die for supporting and opposing Israel….

    1. I appreciate your politeness, but I must tell you that I only give what’s duly deserved. When Israelis stop with their genocidal ethnic cleansing and Jews stop with their racism filled, bigoted Jewish supremacism, you won’t have to ask me for a break. I will take that initiative myself.

      1. That will be never then. Keep on posting the truth man, peoples attitudes will never change until they see the truth with their own eyes, even then there will be those that still won’t want to change.

        On the vid: listening to that fucker squealing like a dirty fucking pig made me happy, you reap what you sow I’m afraid, just a shame he didn’t take a bullet to the head instead.

  11. Ich lebe in Deutschland, bin deutscher. Ich bin Antifaschist und wei? mit der Vergangenheit um zu gehen. Aber das Israelische Volk, welches sich seit Jahrzehnten als Opfer des Holocaust w?hnt, macht es nicht besser. Ein Volk das seit dem Ende des WW2 immer wieder die Opferrolle einnimmt mordet heute genauso wie viele andere V?lker auch. Welches Recht nehmen sie sich raus, sich als Gott erw?hltes Volk zu preisen, einen ungleichen Krieg zu f?hren und heute zu tage die neuen Nazis darstellen. Heil Netanyahu !

    1. W?rtlich sind sie Nazis. Siehe: Revisionist Zionism. Jedoch sind die schlechtesten unter den Israelis eher die Orthodox-Rabbiner, die aber Netanyahu usw. finanziell unterst?tzen, wovon er total abh?ngig ist.

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