Lawnmower Injury – Ugly Lacerations on Hand

Lawnmower Injury - Ugly Lacerations on Hand

Did you know that lawnmower injuries are among the leading causes of amputations in children in western countries? Or that injuries caused by the lawnmowers are more severe than injuries caused by any other tool or device commonly used around the house?

In North America, aside from countless lacerations, fractures, burns and amputations of the fingers, hands, toes, feet and legs caused by the lawnmowers, people also get run over by riding lawnmowers. Oftentimes it’s parents or grandparents running over their kids or grandkids when reversing their riding mowers.

I once listened to a program on AM radio about lawnmower injuries and was bloody glad I didn’t own one. They are not the type of injury which you have in your face often, but apparently they’re more common than most people realize, especially in spring time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Lawnmower Injury – Ugly Lacerations on Hand”

        1. I completely agree @Corpse…
          But what is my excuse for almost cutting off the end of my left thumb on a table saw?
          I was tired and wanted to get the job finished…
          Sometimes we gotta learn the hard way.

          Come on by my friend… the first visit to my favorite Japanese Cafe is always on me.

      1. True that. I mean we’re all just normal Fleshy Virus and shit could happen to anyone of us.
        I just want to take a moment thank bestgore for reminding us of the everyday dangers around us …for just that little reminder to “Look both ways before crossing the street”.

        … And also for great and fantastic coverage of the events such at Libya and Syria, and with article/infomation/ commentarys attached. Fantastic News coverage for a gore site.

        I mean look at Libya now… Bestgore has no shame of its coverage during the invasion, but now all the MSM are Backpedaling back pedaling backpedaling. And when they start back pedaling on the Syrian issue, Bestgore will once again stand tall, knowing it has never compromised the truth or reality, and with gorey videos of reality to back it up.

  1. My favorite sushi chef (and good friend) cut off his index finger and half of his thumb (right hand) by lawnmower.
    If you didn’t know you probably wouldn’t notice… he still makes the best darn sushi in town!

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          Todays pic looks like a blow up doll with head lights for tits. Eeeeewwwww, nasty.

          I do hear ya on not being into womens bits though.

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        1. Great description. I noticed the meat punching bag too.

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  2. Im not sure how a grow man would end up molesting a running lawn-mower, but I guess thats another story.
    Right, thats my ice breaker…best I can do.
    I wont bore yas, with details, Ive been coming to best-gore for couple years, just never signed up…I have no idea why.
    Im a 31yo male, from western australia, and have been into gore since I was old enough to have nightmares ha ha.
    That is all.

  3. In our family, if the riding lawn mower is running, children must be in the house or on the porch – no exceptions. And if your adult self is too stupid to shut down a machine before tinkering with it, you deserve whatever dumbass thing you’ve done to yourself.

    1. In my house, we advice two days before that we are going to ride the lownmower. All the children must go out half an hour before the beggining. Noone can start if there’s a child nearer than 200 ft. The operator must scream all the time ‘I’m coming! I’m coming!’ and if he sees that anybody approximates to him must turn the machine off, disconect all the wires and take off the plugs.
      Did I say that in my family the average death age is 115 years?

    1. I can agree with you to a point @Trooper.
      A simple push one is fine if you have a small yard. But on the other hand, if you had say, five acres of lawn to mow a riding one would be more economical.

    2. @Trooper, gonna have to disagree with ya on this one. My gas mower died a couple months ago and I’ve always wanted to try the motorless version so I went out and got one. I have a small yard so I thought even though it’ll take a bit more effort it’s worth it not to have to buy oil and gas for the damn thing. After an hour of going over and over my front yard and still having grass that refused to be conquered, I gave up. Returned that fucker a couple hours after I bought it. Maybe the model I got was worthless, I don’t know, but I ended up buying a gas mower anyway. It’s topping out around 105-110 degrees here so I need a mower with balls to get it done in one pass

        1. @TheBoat, yep, Ace Hardware sells them. I can’t even remember the brand name. It cut the short stuff like a pro but anything over half a foot just got folded over. You’d think with all the years those things have been around they could improve the design. That’s what I get for trying to help the environment

  4. Why the fuck would you stick your hand under a lawn mower while its still on…injuries like this are totally preventable if you just use common sense but I guess all injuries would be preventable if people just used common sense, I’m sure if blenders didn’t have lids morons like this would’ve mangled up their shit long ago by sticking their hands in there to see if their fruit smoothie is smooth enough…fucking tards, I guess not everyone can be a S.O.B, I’m also curious to find out how many people since they’ve started to visit best gore have had somthing this stupid and severe happen to them, I would imagine being a S.O.B would make you more aware and way more cautious around anything and everything that can kill, mangle, or mame

          1. @Fiend, wtf indeed! JennaPalin has some issues. Mr. Days has been nothing but cool as fuck to everyone here so who knows what her/his/tranny’s problem is

          2. Hey, thanks a lot Ug. I rent an apartment because I don’t know if I want to live in my hometown for the rest of my life, so I don’t want to commit to buying a house. Renting makes me feel free. Like I can just go anytime my lease is up. I won’t have to worry about selling, and all that stuff.

          3. Fuck yeah, ain’t a damn thing wrong with renting. I’ve lived in apartments for a good chunk of the last 10 years. The only way I will buy a house is if it’s in a state other than oklahoma. I refuse to get stuck here for the rest of my life, which will hopefully only be another 5 years or so.

          1. @Razor, I’d love to have a home of my own but unfortunately the shit economy killed those plans for now.
            Question, is the council part of the Irish government?

          2. A good way to go Pam.

            It is actually a lot cheaper in the long run as well.

            Imagine if your Boiler packs in… Or the house lies on a fault line…

            If you have a council house. The council will pay for it for you. Problem solved.

            However, if you own your own house. It is your responsibility to maintain it. Expensive!


            Yessir. Around these parts (England, Ireland, etc…) the local governments are known as ‘Councils’.

            Generally divided into:

            County Councils (Responsible for rural areas, sone education and transport across a county).

            Borough Councils (Responsible for middle sized towns and London Boroughs)

            City Councils (Responsible for… You guessed it. Cities.)

        1. I don’t want to be beheaded by fellow BG member’s, but maybe @Jenna was trying to joke… my Father used to say he was “vehicle poor” he had a truck and two car’s at that time. At least I hope that’s what she meant… @Future Days, if she WAS being a smart ass, I’ll run her over with a lawn mower for you. haha. I enjoy reading your posts!

    1. i feel like professor Aschenbach watching that renaissance-like image. If the Medicis have had femjoy in their times, they would had cut their expenditures in art and just limit themselves to beating off in front of their computers

  5. when i worked on Ortho we ha a woman come in with her entire foot mangled from a lawn mower accident. everyone pittied her. as did i, until i found out she was mowing her lawn after it had rained, on a hill, and in flip flops…. genius! i wish i had a pic of it. i think they could only save her big toe, it was the most insane dressing to change ever!

  6. lawnmowers sometimes catch small stones in their blades and expell them propelled at incredible speeds. I saw once one pierce a glass, leaving a bullet-like round orifice….. everyone was looking for a guy with a silenced pistol, but at the end, it was a friigin little stone….

    1. Whenever I mow my lawn I think of the warning my Dad gave me about walking backwards with the lawnmower.
      He said never to do that cause if you fall you could pull the mower up over your legs.
      That image is enough to keep me cautious.

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