Libyan Man with Brutally Split Face

Libyan Man with Brutally Split Face

The “You wanna know how I got these scars?” line from the Dark Knight will probably creep into the minds of some after seeing this video of a Libyan man who took a shot to the face and ended up with a pretty nasty facial gash. He must be doped up on morphine to still keep his cool and do the peace sign (or is that V for Victory?) with his fingers.

Those Allahu Akbar chants never stop in the Islamic societies, do they? A man gets his face split with a bullet, and they still wind up praising Allah for in his divine greatness, he allowed the man to have his face split.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Libyan Man with Brutally Split Face”

  1. Damn, even with an intense amount of morphine, hes still pretty bad ass to keep his cool with a chasm like that through his left cheek, it looks as though it mainly passed through his flesh without hitting any bony mass, i wonder if he had Hydrostatic shock??

  2. uh no. i used to be a dental tech and there is definitely bone damage. he is missing all his upper and lower teeth on left side and by the way his mouth moves when talking he has a broken jaw on left side. that type of damage will most likely require a full rebuild. now on to my opinion of this situation….. fuck em.

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