Machete Attack Victim Bleeds All Over Hospital Floor in Santiago, DR

Machete Attack Victim Bleeds All Over Hospital Floor in Santiago, DR

This happened on Calle El Sol Pekin in Santiago, Dominican Republic. A man named Rafael Antonio was attacked with a machete and wounded bloody. He made it to a local hospital but the stress of the attack, the pain of the wounds and the horror induced adrenaline made him rather antsy so he just rubbed himself against the floor, smearing his blood all over it.

Them Dominicans need to ease up on their machetes. The island enjoy healthy tourism industry and many people buy properties there to either retire or use them as vacation homes. But with mounting machete attacks, I’d think twice before making Dominican Republic a long term stay place.

I think this here Rafael Antonio can count himself lucky that he was attacked by a wussy cause if it was a man with a machete that attacked him, he wouldn’t have ended up with just a few scratches and a half ear cut off.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Machete Attack Victim Bleeds All Over Hospital Floor in Santiago, DR”

    1. The whole time I watched this I just kept thinking about the poor nurses and janitors. Yuck. Their jobs are gross enough. Did he really have to smear that shit everywhere? When I gave birth I felt so bad about leaving my blood everywhere. I left blood all over the floor when i tried to use the bathroom and i was embarrassed and tried to clean it up and a nurse saw me and was what the hell?! Are you seriously trying to clean up after yourself after delivering? I just thought of how bad that part of her job must suck that she was the one who was supposed to do it.

  1. Maybe the dumbass will get some kind of nasty infection for acting like an idiot, hospital floors are germ fields no matter where you go, but im betting that somewhere like there they are even worse. Stupid FV.

  2. Thats just shows you how lucky we are living in western countries with free medical care. The hospital would be informed before he got there of the nature of the wounds and there would be a team waiting for him with plastic surgeons notified. His treatment would be followed up with months of physio You wouldn’t see a dog in a vets waiting room left in that condition.

    1. free medical care…you are kidding. its fucking expensive. i paying for insurance every month.and its required. those, who not paying, transmitted to bailiffs. no one does something for free. exept first aid. yeah right.. where is Hippocratic oath?

      1. its free over here for us as well , we dont pay anything ,not even surgeries , if we stay in hospials the stay is free as well as the food .
        we never pay for medicine either
        and we do not need an insurance for this .
        we are lucky i think its disgusting that in some place people have to pay to receive treatments , this is just wrong

        1. this is normal in most euro countries. its already for five years in my country i think. paying for nothing. i can pay when i needed. but not the all year every month, wtf i feel like a retard.

      1. @FV-That worthless Twilight series of books, turned movies that i like [undercover, so shh lol]. Most people are “team Edward”- he’s a vampire guy that wears makeup. I’m just really not in to men that wear makeup. So I’m “team Jacob”. He’s a werewolf but he doesn’t wear makeup. I’m honestly ashamed to say i like this mess of female emotions movie series- but i got caught up. Sigh. I’d rather watch a bloody, gory movie full of ghosts or lots of torture, but sometimes i have to compromise…

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          Juicy thank you so much for that wonderful explanation! It makes so much more sense to me now. And it’s perfectly okay for you to have a weakness for Twilight. Actually I thinks it’s kind of cute for a harcore SOB to be a little girlish xD

          Alas, Juicy, I have learned about your age on the posts of this site of ours. With a broken heart I will say to you that one day you will learn that it is okay for a gorgeous woman like you to date men younger than you *wink* *wink* 馃槢

  3. Am I the only one who feels sorry for this guy? His ear is hanging and bleeding. Why aren’t they helping him? It is unknown to me what they do in the DR when someone needs emergency care. All I know is if I come into an ER in California USA after being attacked with a machete or other weapon, I wouldn’t be ignored, insurance or not.

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