Machete Fight in the Street of Nigua, Dominican Republic

Machete Fight in the Street of Nigua, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is getting scarier with each video. There is no other country where street fights with machetes happen this often. Last month we’ve had a video of a machete fight in the Dominican Republic on Best Gore, there was another one from earlier this year, and of course a whole lot of videos of machete victims barely clinging to life.

Fight in this video happened in the town of San Gregorio de Nigua in the San Cristóbal province. I can’t believe nobody lost a limb in the scuffle. One of the participants used a plastic chair as a shield but it shattered with first blow. If they’re gonna continue fighting with machetes, perhaps they should start walking around with medieval shields. A machete is no protection against a machete unless you get lucky and deliver a disabling blow. But your opponent can get just as lucky.

Plus a bonus video (unrelated to the above fight) of a guy who took a machete blow to the back of his head:

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    1. Nah. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore are pretty safe.

      US is a predominantly White Country, not sure I’d feel safe living in any big city there with the exception of maybe San Jose.

      1. I live in Philadelphia and never have had any issues even though white people are the minority. The city is mostly black and most of the crime is black on black. 25 years and no issues. I even went to Temple University which is in the worst part of the city and it seemed they would rob and shoot each other but leave students alone.

        I guess because they know if you mess with students the cops would come down hard and it would be splashed all over the news til they were caught and locked up with the most severe punishment available.

  1. Talking about medieval warriors I always get pissed off by the Mexican cartel that call themselves the Knights Templer. I’m always fascinated by the Knights Templar and can’t stand to see them take their name.

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