Man Shot in the Head in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Man Shot in the Head in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Best Gore member jackchan who recently provided us with a photo of a woman run over by a truck in Zwolle, the Netherlands, sent us yet another fresh content from the European country. This time around, it’s a short video of a man who got shot in the head.

The incident took place in Amsterdam. Witness said a fight spilled outside a pub and progressed into a brawl involving participants throwing objects and breaking glass. The owner of the pub came out and told the hot heads to quit it and beat off. A man suddenly pulled out his gun and shot someone non fatally in the head. The victim had to be taken to a hospital. The shooter was chased, shot and arrested by the police. An officer was lightly wounded in the fire exchange.

Thanks a lot jackchan for the video and background info.

BTW, notice how little blonde is not fazed by the man bleeding from a gunshot wound to the head and instead of freaking out, assists him. That is why educational tools like Best Gore are important. Canadian authorities call it obscenity, when it’s nothing less than real life. Gore happens. None of the people seen in the video witnessing the gruesome scene woke up in the morning anticipating to walk upon a gory murder attempt scene. It’s best to be prepared by knowing how often these events happen, and by being desensitized so the sight of blood pouring out of someone’s head doesn’t throw you into a panic mode. One tragedy is enough for you to add to it. Best Gore viewing should be mandatory for everyone from grade 1 onward. Kids would also learn the truth about the Holocaust, instead of being molded into the obedient voting cattle.

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        1. @Acneska,

          My DNA may produce a child much like myself, a depressed drunkard, an armchair philosopher and theorist, a self righteous vainglorious fool with a toned and sexy body, impeccable manners and a fantastic dress sense, do you really want that type of person in your life.

      1. @Luvmed1c – while i’ve never been to a smoke shop, i have witnessed altercations amongst smokers of canabis. they’re mostly verbal and i swear their number may produce the evolutionary advance of psychokenesis: as they will just about lterally stare daggers at each other, provided their passion is strong enough

      1. Forbidden unless you have a firearms license, that is.

        The right to own firearms in the Netherlands isn’t guaranteed by law and firearms can only be possessed for shooting sports, hunting or collecting. The regulations are rather strict unfortunatly.

    1. Firearms are legal to posses in the Netherlands, though only under certain circumstances. You must either be a collector, do shooting sports or hunting and have the appropriate permit.

      The regulations are fairly strict and almost appear to be meant to discourage law abiding citizens from getting their hands on firearms even for legitmate reasons.

      These regulations have been strictened even more as the result of a mall shooting in 2011 due to politicians attempting to create a false sense of security.

      I sincerely doubt that the person in this video was shot by a sport shooter, hunter or firearms collector. Firearms used by criminals are more than likely obtained illegally, which is probably rather easy, and definitly much much faster than taking the legitimate route.

  1. That must have been some fight huh…always some innocent gets hurt…that guy is lucky that the blonde of all people seems to know what she is doing…good show..would have loved to of seen the whole thing but this us awesome as well..thank you jackchan!!!..

  2. did not know you could own a gun in amsterdam, nice to see the girl not freaking out looks as if she is trying help, be calm, bet this would not have had happened had he gone to a pot shop, to mellow for fighting there.

    1. You can own guns in Amsterdam, though the one used here was most likely illegal. Look for my reply to ‘It was me’ if you’re intrested in a very rough summerization of the dutch firearms regulation (rather unintresting, but semi-relevant to this video I guess).

    1. McTreblar, here I am (too late though, because Loebkesman already translated most of it). I heard the same things Loebkesman just translated. Most of the things being said are not really understandable. The guy getting in the way is also not very clear in his talking except for the thing Loebkesman just translated. I don’t know if they knew eachother but he seems to be wanted to be involved with the situation! And McTreblar, no offence taken to me it sounds backwards too in this video lol. 🙂

    1. @fornothing
      you damn right koreans are dangerous .
      you are the bible belt of martial arts!
      –just your hands/feet are enough to snap neck, ribs arms and legs with tai kwon do (ITF ,fuck olympic!!)
      **3 blk belts (1st dans in scholar’s family;-)

  3. It looks way too early in the day for that kind of pub drama. Were they up all night drinking? At least wait until the sun goes down before you start trying to kill each other, idiots. Then, hopefully, there won’t be so many innocents around to catch a possible stray bullet because of your fighting.

    1. thats why if i see an accident but am not involved i will not get involved. i have no medical training, therefore my standing around is nothing but a hindrance to police and paramedics. everyone seems to think that by continuing on your way that you are somehow breaking the law and that is not true…plus a lot of people are just nosy fucks. i came from a place where minding your own business was essential. sadly, others are not so well educated.

  4. There’s a photo of this incident too. This happened quite a long time ago, I think it was around March, 2012. A rapper called ”LexxxusTheDon” (yes he calls himself that, lmao) was at the scene and took a photo with his phone.
    Here’s the news article from a Dutch news webite but it’s (not suprisingly) in Dutch so not really understandable for non-Dutchies:

    Here’s the photo, I hope the link is working 🙂

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