Man Splits His Big Toe in Half with an Axe

Man Splits His Big Toe in Half with an Axe

Man Splits His Big Toe in Half with an Axe

This man was wearing tennis shoes while chopping wood with an axe and this is a result. He split his big toe in half right across, revealing the smoothly rounded ball joint which allows the big toe to wiggle.

This type of clumsiness is alien to me cause I spent my childhood in the woods and chopped more wood than most people have seen, but I’ve never drew my own blood with an axe. Clumsy morons capable of hurting themselves with a pencil sharpener should stay the fuck away from axes. This guy would axe himself even if he wore steel toe work boots. Sissy office workers have no business wielding hand tools.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Man Splits His Big Toe in Half with an Axe”

  1. he’s got like alien toes now……actually his foot looked pretty dodgey from the get go…all his toes appeared to be longer than his bigtoe…so right there i think his brain power diminishes quite a few points……

    1. His liver meridian acupressure points are destroyed there in any case.

      Did you know there’s a field of knowledge called ‘foot-reading’, where one’s character can be read from the shape of one’s foot and toes?

  2. With all do respect, I have seen many people cut themselves with axes, a few of them even eagle scouts. That does not mean we should not use axes and knives, we learn from our experiences. I cut my finger open with a knife badly once, never happened ever again.

    On another note, I wonder what surgical procedures go into fixing something like this.

  3. Giving away a pair of RHINO steel toe boots, size 12.
    Just pay for shipping and send me the box to put them in.
    (100% serious)
    Those boots need to go, and i dont wanna waste em by tossing them into a fire or a garbage truck.

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