Man Stabs His Ex-Girlfriend and Her Mother in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Man Stabs His Ex-Girlfriend and Her Mother in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

A 30 year old woman and her 19 year old daughter Erikarla are reportedly in serious conditions after being beaten and stabbed by the girl’s ex-boyfriend who did not take lightly to her breaking up with him. The incident happened last Saturday night, March 18, 2017 at around 10pm in the Vila Lobos alley, San Francisco neighborhood, in the southern zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

According to the authorities, the assailant broke in the house armed with a knife and proceeded to beat the ex-girlfriend. Her mother came to her aid so he struck her too.

The police tried to locate the assailant after his escape from the house but so far have not been successful.

BTW – did anyone pick up on the fact that the mother had Erikarla at the age of 11? Makes you wonder what the hell is Erikarla doing with a boyfriend? Shouldn’t she follow suit and have a 10 year old kid now that she’s 19? Riding Chad’s cock carousel must make up for it, I guess.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Man Stabs His Ex-Girlfriend and Her Mother in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil”

    1. “She popped it out a pube free minge,
      After a good drinking binge,
      Chad got a bit unhinged,
      He wasn’t one to get sad,
      If you saw his girl you’d have cringed,
      But he loved the love they had,
      Breaking up got him mad,
      Because he’s a stupid lad,
      Who likely never saw his dad,
      All this mayhem over this,
      Saggy titties that’s ludicrous,
      Her twat smelled of lutefisk.”

      1. Be that as it may,
        The dude was sick,
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        Chad don’t care who it is,
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        Until she threw the switch,
        Had him losing his temper like she was his exclusive gift,

        Ooh, it’s time to bruise a chin,
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        Mom and daughter on the floor,
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        The way he penetrates this whore,
        But switches entryways to score,
        two inches through the skin

        you rhymed “ludicrous” with “lutefisk” which I thought was brilliant. So I hope you don’t mind me taking the challenge

    1. @der-kopfsammler

      You have to take the mortality rate into consideration Kopsfsammler. In medieval Europe for example it was very common for people to get married and have children by the age of fourteen because deadly diseases were rife and life was a violent struggle for the most part.

      It makes sense then that Brazilians would be giving birth at the age of 11 considering their mortality rates. Those constantly increasing mortality rates however may mean that in 50 years time they may have to start popping those children out by age 6.

      The above adds another potential problem for any would be tourists travelling to Brazil in that having an attraction towards MILFs would automatically make you a paedophile over there.

      1. Increasing mortality rates, what shit are you talking about, they continue to be high as they’ve been for at least a decade and a half (as a matter of fact they went down before the economic crisis, but now have increased a bit), nevertheless, life expectancy has been going progressively up here, not at the level of developed countries, but over 70, which is a way up from less than 60 years old, 50 years ago…

  1. I am getting a lot of pleasure out of seeing this stupid woman bleed and suffer. I sure would like to kidnap her and just torture her until she dies along with any children she might have. But I would prolong her suffering as long as I could before she would die away. I just hate humans, especially women and children and I greatly enjoy and am addicted to their suffering.

    I come to this website because I enjoy watching the suffering of others, but I fantasize about actually inflicting sever suffering on others.

    1. So you fantasize about it.. lots of people on this site fantasize similar things, you aren’t any more special because you don’t have a valid reason to want to do it. Example being I want to kidnap and prolong torture to those who want to hurt others for no good reason and only because the person fits your murder criteria. If that particular person did something wrong or directly upset you then that is fine but that obviously can’t be the case here.

  2. Every time that i hear Mark mention the “Cock Carousel” lol, lol, i fucking cannot help myself, and laugh like a retard, lol. I guess it will take a couple more times to get use to it, fuck, he,he. Also, 11 years old Spawning out Da-Silva,s??? Fuck guys,,, her cunt must be busier than a drunk virgin on Prom Night by now. Only 19 and a Cunt streched-out like a Limo i,m sure.

    1. I’ve been hearing it forever on YouTube. All the MGTOW channels say it. I guess “cunt carousel” could be said but the more rides you take on that, the more pats on the back you get. Double standard type shit. Oh well.

  3. Fat girl? Eh. She could lose that pretty quick. Not like some obese person. And I think Mark also considers anybody not bone-thin to be fat. He’s called a few normal looking chicks fat. Like the chick in the slut shoes. She was totally normal. I guess everybody has different views on too big or too small, etc. I can’t talk because I like muscles on a guy.

  4. Well, you have to feel sorry for the woman because she actually made a mistake the mistake was ended up with a piece of shit like that. Well, you guys take care now and be careful who you date now a days because they’re all fucking pieces of shit people equals shit by.

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