Nasty Exit Wound from a Shot to the Knee

Nasty Exit Wound from a Shot to the Knee

Video from Syria shows an FSA rebel who was shot in the knee. The exit would took a good chunk of the tissue with it – I’d say the prospect of him walking normally again is pretty slim. Especially since the rebels readily blow up hospitals with doctors and nurses in it, making the need for medical personnel so much more dire. He’s gonna need a prosthetic knee to be able to use that limb again but given current military tension caused by the rebels themselves, he’s not gonna get it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. FSA really knee’ds to get their shut together…you’d think that with so many battle hardend mercenaries running around the middle east from war to war and battle to battle they’d be able to put their experience to good use but instead they’ve been lowered to making sympathy videos

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