Old Man Beaten by Lynch Mob Bleeds from Head a Lot

Old Man Beaten by Lynch Mob Bleeds from Head a Lot

Lynch mob delivered beating to an old man in Piateba, north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil having accused him of being a rapist. The man looks pretty old for a rapist – not sure how much truth there is to the accusation.

During the course of the video, the man bleeds a lot from his head. A kick probably ripped a gash near his ear and it kept gushing blood like crazy. After the video, the man was reportedly taken to a hospital by police where he died due to severity of his internal injuries.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Old Man Beaten by Lynch Mob Bleeds from Head a Lot”

  1. Fucking useless assholes. That man looks way to old to get a woody, especially without viagra. Poor old dude, that is somebody,s father, grandfather or uncle. WTF is wrong with these evil animals.

    1. @thedre well don’t start judging a book by its cover until you’ve actually read it. like this poor bastard maybe he those accusations were real or maybe they weren’t c’mon just because he’s old doesn’t mean he can’t harm a living soul ill give you good examples *Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne gacy* no one Ever suspect it was them until they actually found evidence to prove it was them and the human remains.. There was a case similar to this old time where I live he was a child molester trust me no one ever suspected it was him not even his own daughters until one day they found a tape of the old sack of shit having sex with his own granddaughter and the granddaughters friends sure you might call the girl a whore but then again I also heard that he would touch them inappropriately and force them to do it. -.- the only difference was that the old turd didn’t get the living shit beat out of him like this guy did, me I’m not one to judge I’m very opened minded and will believe the evidence that supports the theory.

      1. Oh i hear you , trust me. But comming from a shithole lawless Country like his, people are always looking to blame somebody else for their crimes. And if the old guy was not popular with the local well , your done pal, no judge, no jury, just plain fucked. No solid Proof then do not fuck with the old man is what i say.

      2. The truth is your not going to beat the fuck out someone especially an old ass man unless you have proof or are very certain he did what he shouldn’t have been doing. Another truth is that a kid is going to just accuse someone of touching them in their “bad place” just because.

        1. As far as rapist go well they have test for that kinda shit. I’ll tell you one thing tho you would have to be one sick fucking bitch to claim someone raped you when they didnt. Whether your doing it to get even or your just a fucked up spiteful individual that likes to fuck up people lives, claiming rape when there is none should be punishable by rape the way I see it. Kinda like double jeopardy…someone sets you up and you get convicted for killing them when in reality they’re alive and well. Again the way I see it if you find that person your entitled to kill them…after all you can’t be convicted twice for the same murder.

        1. Does anyone notice that in these darker skinned countries. The victims of these lynchings and the people hit by cars mostly happen to be of the whiter side? So is this genocide against whites?

  2. The new world only consists of crime, because that’s what is being highlighted and kept showing on the medias. Everyone is a criminal/idiot/racist/nazi/etc who opposes anything that hasn’t been learned during childhood and school. Then there are those dumbass youngsters who thinks it’s cool to mock anyone they heard do something, always the “leader” from those groups that have the problem themselves and not the people around them.

    This year will be different. We will rise.

        1. You’re a idiot. I was saying NOTHING will change, because the fuckwit masses are living comfortably and wont “Rise up” like you previously stated. Open your eyes to the scum that surrounds you and ask yourself if a revolution really is possible. That would mean uniting as one, fuck race or creed and fighting back against the scum fucks who are in control, That won’t happen. Not while we got brain-dead zombies roaming the planet.

  3. Ya well i was a victum by a sweet Old man/friend that no one would ever thought he would be capable of molesting children.!. Burn in Fucking Hell Bastards!! Sic fucks.!. Urs the ones you would least exspect! Thank God for thearapy

  4. That guy was a walking skeleton anyway !! Wouldn’t have taken much to do serious damage , especially taking his age into account . That sneaky flip flopper kick near the end sounded like a Rib breaker. Brazilians must have tough toes !!

  5. Should I ever get old by accident, I?ll found a gang “The Decomposed” to kick ass of every dumb youngster who looks for easy prey. Our HQ will be in a crypt, well you gotta think practical and there would be enough willing bitches around. We will make expeditions to the gang areas with our poisoned walking sticks and our sharpened false teeth. Every goddamn jewish gypsyniggercopbitchasscunt will be our target, and to make an example, we will take one of them every night to the HQ, gang rape him with our never-floppy-viagra-cocks and rub him in with feces from our filthy diapers. This will tell the world the truth to never ever fuck with us.

  6. I think his looks are deceiving – I don’t think he is as old as he looks…not a lot of sagging skin and his arms are pretty toned for an ‘old’ guy. I would say he was probably quite capable, and his looks probably stem more from a hard life as opposed to his true age. But that’s just my own opinion 😛

  7. He looks kinda like a white guy. I didn’t see any other people the same shade as him there. Possibly a racist lynching? Fuck, who cares. These fuck wads live to kill and watch people suffer. On another note. I do, unfortunately know of some old men who diddle kids. So maybe he did commit rape.

    As for a comment posted previously by obliterator. If they are shitstains for recording and watching this kind of barbaric shit. Then what does that make us? Choose your words carefully or you will make us all look bad.

        1. actually, I wanted to be a complete asshole about it, but secretly I’m just mad at myself for not noticing that gaff until you pointed it out…perhaps the ladies of gore would be kind enough to give me forty lashes for my stupidity.
          and I’ve been doing so well not posting when i’m in a “mood”, yet some asinine things still slip out from time to time.

  8. I know he appears to be too old to be a rapist, and he may be innocent, it’s not my place to judge nor did I hear about this(tbh, rape cases are very common here in Rio), but if only you knew how old rapists here can be, you wouldn’t be saying he isn’t too quickly.

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