Shiite Muslims Hack Their Backs with Swords in Pakistan

Shiite Muslims Hack Their Backs with Swords in Pakistan

I’m guessing the idea behind the way these Pakistani Shiite Muslims express their faith is similar to Afghani Shiite Muslims whipping their backs on the Holy Day of Ashoura. In this case, however there’s much more blood drawn because in Pakistan, the Shiite use actual swords to hack their backs with and they’re actually sharp.

The second guy in the video hacked his back the worst. That’s an insanely huge and deep gash he cut to his back. He also likely sliced his shoulder blade and maybe even went deep into the rear side of his ribcage. If medics were not present, he could have died from this. Bleeding was insane.

So many people sent this video I can’t give individual props cause it would take half a day to read:

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83 thoughts on “Shiite Muslims Hack Their Backs with Swords in Pakistan”

    1. Back cutting isn’t normal (duh). These dudes apparently practice wife-swapping afterwards and to finish off the day, drink milk in which a camel/horse spits in. On the other hand, Sunni muslims just act like gangsters and bad mouth everyone off. Then that just leaves the normal few who get a bad name.

  1. there is a misunderstanding here. Shia/shiite are not Muslims, just as catholic and protestant,. they are of different religions. Shia is a religion which embraced bashar assad, iran state, and the state in the form of dolls by the U.S. in afganistan and Iraq. religion was created by Abdullah ibn Saba ‘the Jew.
    you all guys must know and find out about conspiracy shia and Jews.
    all of you will find that the Shia / Shiite being with Jews.actually.

    1. Interesting.
      I never knew about that abdullah kike but my intuition always told me that the hymies were the creators of Islam.
      Behind every mental desease (christianity, islam, communism, pornography, feminism, etc) there’s a dirt pig jew.

    2. Bullshit alert. Shiite are Muslims, they are just a sect of Islam. They were not created by anyone other than Muslims! In fact it was created by the companions and family of Mohamed himself. When Mohamed died the some of the Muslims thought that leadership should go to Mohamed companions and others said it should stay in the family. So the Shia followed Mohamed son in law Ali and the rest of the Muslims followed Abu Bakre who was one of Mohameds earliest supporters and the father of Mohameds six year old child bride Aisha. But what you get from Muslims is, Its the JEEEEWS! Always with the Jews. Blame the Jews for everything. Sounds familiar doesnt it. And Ahmadinejad is a Shia. Iran is SHai, And I dont see them with the JEEEWS. They call for the death and destruction of JEEEws and Israel nearly every day! But this is the nonsense you get when you talk to a Muslim! Illogical and irrational,. non historical BULLSHIT!

      1. You are retarded Jew. It’s Israel that calls daily for the destruction of Iran, while Iran talks daily about talks to establish peace. Only a Jew would spew bullshit that’s contrary to reality but serves Zionist agendas.

  2. O.,,,,,Kay, just for a minute I was pretending to be god and looking down on my children. I gotta tell you I am not impressed. I’d have to schedule a meeting with the prophet to find out exactly what he told these retards.

    1. @Hal0reverse They’re not doing it to show their love for God, Shi’a Muslims abuse their bodies on the Day of Ashura to commemorate the day Hussein ibn Ali (Prophet Mohammed’s grandson) obtained martyrdom. There’s info on the “Shiite Muslims Whip Their Backs Bloody on the Holy Day of Ashoura” post and you just Google Day of Ashoura, not trying to be a dick/snob. But the more you know 😀

      1. Haha ok ! ^^ Well, however, its still a stupid way to commemorate ……. Hacking up your own bodies. Hell, im a cutter, but that deep gash made me cringe for sure. And my thought is…..if you are a muslim, and respect allah, how can you mutilate the body that was given to you? It doesnt make sense………………at all. But hey, for all i care: let them hack away if that makes them happy 😀

  3. As barbaric and retarded as this is its their own fucking bodies as long as they don’t harm anyone else I say go for it if you want. More gore for us. And if some dumbfuck spectator gets hit by a flying sword lets just call it a bonus. Who know they might be right and while the rest of us burn in hell for not slashing our backs with swords they will enjoy banging whores in heaven, thats what you do in heaven right?

  4. I wonder how often a spectator gets a stray blade to the eye or neck… they stand in a pretty small circle and that one guy didn’t have such great control of his blades. Fuckin great idea guys. Or maybe that’s why they stand so close…

  5. The reasoning behind this is “worship” to show their mourning for the murder of Husayn, the grandson of the “Prophet”.
    No where in the Quran does it say to do this or make any reference to this. Shee’ah being as bat shit crazy as they’re, even compared too “regular” Muslims made this whole thing up themselves to show Allah there devotion to him. It’s fucking stupid and according to the Quran is haraam.

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