South Korean Protester Stabs Himself in the Stomach with Kitchen Knife

South Korean Protester Stabs Himself in the Stomach with Kitchen Knife

Diplomatic relationships between South Korea and Japan have been rather shaky lately, fueled by a dispute over rocky outcrop of an island called Dokdo by the South Koreans and Takeshima by the Japanese. Both country claim the ownership of the island with neither willing to give it up. Apparently, South Koreans feel so strongly about it, they organized a demonstration to express disdain with arrival of a Japanese special envoy.

Before Japan’s envoy Fukushiro Nukaga landed in South Korea, a group of demonstrators gathered at Gimpo International Airport with one of them, a man identified as Lim Chang-geun taking the demonstration to a whole new level by stabbing himself in the stomach with a kitchen knife. The act was symbolic of Japanese ritual suicide Hara-Kiri.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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26 thoughts on “South Korean Protester Stabs Himself in the Stomach with Kitchen Knife

  1. dude didn’t even flinch, good for him. i was expecting it to be some college-age douche…but still, its a big fucking rock, is it even habitable? humans are weird

  2. The U.S, by treaty, is obligated to take Japan’s side if war were to break out.

    I swear I read in Times magazine that it was China and Japan about to freak out in war over an island.. Hmm.. When will slant-on-slant crime ever end? They need to chopstick together!

        • @ThaDRIP, well, you might be crazy 😉 but your absolutely right about the conflict! (Japan calls the islands Senkaku, China calls them Diaoyo) I wonder if these small piles of rock, out in the middle of the sea are worth fighting over? Are they just an excuse for conflict, or are they really that important strategically in case of war?

  3. South Koreans are extremely proud and nationalistic people. I have South Koreans friends, and one of them is dating a Japanese chick. My other Korean friends want the guy to argue with his girlfriend about which country really owns Dokdo/Takeshima.

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