Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen

Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen

I couldn’t tell you for certain whether the stabbed person is a girl or a boy so I’m just gonna assume it was a boy cause who would stab a girl in the gut? But then again, anything goes in the Da Silva land…

The incident happened after a concert. The band had just left the stage and this young concert goer was stabbed in the abdomen. The stab wound was severe enough to result in spilled guts and it cause pain and agony so vile, the victim started to vomit. It’s something awful when you throw up while your intestines are out of the abdomen. Brutal!

That Brazilian cop was like… “Yeah, whatevah!”

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72 thoughts on “Stabbed Concert Goer Vomits As His Intestines Spill Out of Abdomen

  1. It was probably a reggaeton concert so I’m glad he was stabbed. Actually everyone who likes and listens to reggaeton should be skinned alive.

      • I would play with them.It looks like something you’d just have to touch and see what it feels like.

        Imagine what it would feel like.All warm and squishy.

        • @Sagemoon, I’m like you i would touch my intestine’s and find out if they’re squishy. Then again i might not be so inquisitive at that time when my inside’s are flopping around on the outside of my body. I would like to see how they stuff you back together and sew you up after this happens.

          • They stuff everything back in, 2 sets of stitches inner/outer layers both sewed, then they staple it shut and tell ya not to move much for 2 weeks. I will post my crime photos some day, promise.

          • Then you get MRIs to find internal bleeding, though I’m sure they made sure to sew up any noticeable cuts to his intestines before.

    • When it was me like that, though on my back and not even close to that gape, I held it together until I got to da hospital. Some people just go into shock though.

    • Bullets do more internal damage, when I got stabbed the knife slid around my kidney and only nicked my intestines, pick a knife, you gotta good chance of living.

  2. I can’t wait to be a paramedic, we learned how to manage/contain a spill out like this, all you need is tape and plastic to cover/protect the intestines from spilling out.

  3. this definitely is fucking brutal. But i had to laugh at ur description, when u made mention of how: ” Anything goes in the DA SILVA land”….lmao! so true man!

  4. 1- Lay down the patient.
    2- Put a clean towel on the stuff
    3- Enlarge the wound with your hands in order to help the intestines go back into abdomen.
    3- Another person- push the towel down and shake the body left and right.

    This way intestines will go back to its position easily, I have witnessed this alive, this will work if he does not have cuts in the intestines.

  5. What a fucking nightmare. I wonder if the people who stab other people like this ever experienced their guts being spilled would they fucking do it to somebody else.

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