Stabbed in the Neck with Cheap Kitchen Knife

Stabbed in the Neck with Cheap Kitchen Knife

Take a look at the knife in this guy’s neck. It’s the same knife that’s in your kitchen. I have a whole set of those in mine and what’s funnier, I’ve been spreading Happy Cow cheese on Silver Hills bread with one of those as I was getting it ready for publishing. I’m munching on this non Christmasy supper as we speak.

Don’t blame cheap kitchen knives, though. Knives don’t stab dudes in the neck, people stab dudes in the neck. Maybe a girlfriend in this case cause bitches are crazy nowadays. Unless it was one of those odd accidents in which a dude runs around the house and falls on a kitchen knife that goes deep in his neck.

Sometimes when I ask for medium-rare and they bring my shit burnt to shit, I feel like embedding one of those in cook’s neck. Fuckers who don’t do my steaks right should know better.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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